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You and Your Stupid Fucking Rope [Teaser #2]

Connor pulled out a long black bundle of rope and held it up victoriously, wiggling his eyebrow at his brother.

Murphy just scoffed and rolled his eyes, “And what do we need that for, Connor? Are we going to be scaling a building tonight?” Murphy chuckled again to himself, staring at his brother ridiculously.

Connor rolled his eyes at Murphy and swiftly walked over to the two of you, he stared at his brother in disappointment, before turning all of his attention to you.

“Ya know sometimes my little brother needs remindin’ of a thing called ingenuity…” Connor stares into your eyes harshly and then looks your body up and down, before tightening the rope in his hands. “Sometimes the lad just doesn’t see the full picture…” Connor ignores Murphy’s glare and leans over to the other side of your face, putting his lips as close as he could to your ear, without touching and whispered, “Sometimes…” He nuzzles your ear ever so slightly, causing you to whimper and shivers to explode over your body. He smiles to himself and continues, “Sometimes darlin, it isn’t about what you’re doin’, it’s about what’s bein’ done to you… Understand?”

Connor steps back and stares into your needy eyes as your body tries to arch toward him, but Murphy’s arms wrap instinctually around you, pulling you closer to him, behind you.

Connor stares into your lust filled eyes and smirks, licking his lips, and leans in aiming at your lips.

Your breath hitches nervous for a few different reasons, the biggest one being that Connor was turning you on, but you wanted more than anything to be only Murphy’s. The thoughts that raced through your mind as he slowly approached were those of confusion, as you thought rapidly what you would do when his lips touched yours.

He made it but a few inches away, when you felt Murphy’s left hand swiftly come up and smack his brother on the back of the head a few times, “What the fuck!? Get the fuck off her!”  Murphy said angrily, his neck veins now popping with anger.

You stared over at Connor nervously and watched him begin to laugh with gusto, his eyes gleeful. He raised his hands in surrender and backed away, smirking at you and then over to his brother, standing again in line.

“You better knock that shit off! You said you wanted a taste? That’s all you get!” Murphy’s voice breathed fire.

His brother came over and faced him, putting his hand on his shoulder, smiling in reassurance, “It’s all in good fun brother! What kind of big brother would I be if I didn’t have a go at ya every once in a while?” Connor said happily, making Murphy drop his anger and roll his eyes.

Murphy huffed a deep breath in and out and smiled cockily at Connor, “The kind of little brother that doesn’t know his place.” Murphy said with a grin and pushed Connor’s shoulder back harshly.

They both smiled at each other, laughing, silently making up. Murphy nodded his nose over to his brother and the rope in his hands, “So what did ya plan on doin’ with that then?” He asked curiously.

Connor smiled and tightened it again, “Let me show ya a thing or to, little brother…” Connor smirks at Murphy and then looks at you again, running his eyes down south and lingering a moment before turning around and walking over to the side of the bed, furthest from the door. He taps the rope onto the bed and waves you over.

Murphy’s hands grip around you territorially as you both walk over to the bed.

Your stomach was on fire with nervous energy as you let Murphy guide you over to the bed, you had never done anything like this before, and you were frankly nervous as to what was to be expected of you.

Murphy sensed your body tense and his hands rubbed gently around your bare stomach, under your shirt, as he leaned in to whisper in your ear, “Don’t worry darlin… anything you don’t like, you just say the word… This is all about pleasing you, not the other way around.” He bit your neck and stared harshly back into his brothers eyes as you both made you way to the edge of the bed.

Connor nodded to his brother and then nodded toward the bed, “Well what ya waitin’ for lad?? Undress your sweet lady so we can get this show goin’.” He smiled giddily at his brother, instructing him to strip you.

Murphy smirked and turned his eyes and full attention back to you, putting his hips squarely on your hips and turning your body back toward the bed behind you.

He stared so deeply into your eyes you thought you might fall over, but you stood your ground, knees trembling, as his hands slowly came up under your shirt. You stared into those dark blue eyes and sighed a little as you reached your arms slowly into the air.

He smiled softly at your assistance and pulled the shirt quickly off, throwing it behind him in the office. His hands returned to your hips and pushed his clothed cock into your core as his eyes scanned your newly unveiled stomach and black bra with a tiny hot pink bow in the middle.

You watch as he stares at your bra, imagining what was underneath, you smile lustfully and bring your hands to the back of your bra and unclasp it. You slowly pull down each strap, one by one, and bring your hand to the front to fling the bra off of you and toward your shirt; a bold smirk coming to your face for the first time.

Murphy stood back, detaching his body from yours a minute, as he took in your beautiful naked breasts, his legs shift uncomfortably his eyes go as dark as night, as they scan back to your proud smile. He quickly steps back toward you and grabs your ass with both of his big, firm hands, pulling it up and down and groaning to himself at the feel. After a moment appreciating your ass, his hands trail up it to your lower back and around to your sides again. He rubs his hands over them a few more times before slowly plunging both of his index fingers down into the hem of your denim jeans.

He stares into you and slowly traces them around your hips, across your stomach; meeting in the middle, just above the button that kept you from heaven.

“Murphy…” You sigh as you pull your hands to his hips and arch your body to his, closing your eyes and smiling in anticipation.

Murphy smiled and sweetly plunged his tongue onto the side of your neck as his hands came swiftly to your button, at your reaction. He popped it open, staring at you as he unzipped you and his tongue sucked and swirled on your neck.

You arch further toward him and almost fall back onto the bed behind you as how good he fucking felt everywhere on you, in every way.

Murphy smiled to himself on your skin as his right hand came around and held you up against your body’s will.

His lips swirled up to your ear and his tongue slowly drug up your earlobe into your ear, breathing heavily for a minute before he licked it swiftly and spoke, “Had I known ya felt this way Y/N, I’d already be lovin’ ya every night there, lass.”

You shudder at his words and run your hands up to his sides and push them under his shirt, standing up again, determined to love this man in all his glory and needing to feel his bare skin under your hands.

Murphy mimicked you and raised both of his arms in the air with a big grin on his face as he watches you lovingly pull it up and over his head.

You look over at him and smile when you see his adoring eyes, you cup the shirt in your right hand and purposefully throw it over by your clothes across the room. You bring your hands down to your sides and begin to tug your jeans down, wanting to help him undress you quicker; it seemed your tongues already had a, ‘problem,’ not being able to let go of each other.

Suddenly, Connor’s throat clears and you and Murphy both snap your eyes over to him.

Connor looks seriously at his brother and walks over to him, patting his shoulder, looking at you as if you were a lesson, “Brother trust me, it is much better for her when the lad takes control.”

Murphy tilted his head up and stroked his neck, thinking about the words spoken, as he stared into your needy eyes.

You watched as Murphy’s head snapped down and his hand reached up to your sternum and pushed you back. You closed your eyes and smiled as you felt the mattress catch you, as you knew it would; you heard the loving loud squeak of the metal coils that supported you as you looked up seeing the two beautiful men discussing the best way to please you. You bite your lip and swiftly crawl up the bed and lay down, starting to get used to the two pairs of eyes staring you down, with only one thing on each of their minds, you. Your senses were driving you wild as your imagination started running away with itself as you thought of all the ways these two could make you scream.

Connor patted his brother on the back in praise and pushed him suddenly to the side, “Now, for that taste…” He said, focusing on the open button of your jeans as he pushed the rope into Murphy’s stomach.

“Tie her up.” He said elusively, testing Murphy.


FULL FIC WILL BE OUT BY SATURDAY, TOMORROW NIGHT IF I FEEL AMBITIOUS… P.S. If you don’t want to be tagged in teasers, let me know, otherwise I’m just gonna tag everyone. I love writing the competitive side of the brothers. Enjoy! Off to try and finish, this piece is like just one long smut piece I think BDS fans will be happy! :D

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Meeting Norman Reedus. (Long Post)

This weekend, I got to have an experience that I’ve been waiting on for years. Norman Reedus is the reason that I started watching The Walking Dead after The Boondock Saints had been my favorite movie for a long time. We drove the 3 hours from Fort Wayne to Chicago on Friday night. My little sister (Grace) and I were buzzing with excitement (she’s only 10, and she knows more about TWD than I do, and loves Norman with all her heart). 


We woke up Saturday morning, and took the shuttle from our hotel to the convention center. Grace and I had to run 3 blocks in the pouring rain from where the shuttle dropped us off. As soon as we had our VIP passes and were let onto the show floor, we took off for Norman’s booth. Of course, he was running about an hour late, so we waited about two hours for him to show up.

But when he did, it was worth it.

Grace and I were in tears at this moment. It is one of the best feelings in the world when you realize that someone you are truly inspired by is not just pixels on a screen. He was flesh and bone, and right in front of my eyes. Waiting in line at this point was fun, because watching him interact with fans is so entertaining. He truly loves all of us. 

We got up to Sean Clark, Norman’s manager, to redeem the autographs. If you get the chance to talk to Sean, please do. He’s a sweetheart. And he has a completely badass Twilight Zone tattoo sleeve. And then the moment arrived like that; Grace and I were face to face with Norman Reedus himself. As soon as he saw the Caryl keepsake box my cousin made me, his face LIT UP. He loved it so much, and he had to take pictures of all four sides of it. He also said he wanted to show it to Melissa?!?!?! 

Then, I handed him the drawing I did for him to sign. He actually really looked at it, and told me that I was “so talented.” I blushed and stuttered, and thanked him as best as I could.

When I was finally able to gather my wits, I actually introduced myself to him and shook his hand (he has really soft hands). When he went to shake Grace’s hand, she kinda spazzed out and threw the beaded necklace she made into his hand. Fortunately, he found it hilarious. I also gave him a box of doughnut holes from the bakery I work at. At first he was sort of confused as to what they were, and I told him they were doughnut holes. Then he looked at me very sassily, and said “You’re a doughnut hole.” I laughed, and then he gave me and Grace huge, warm squishy hugs, and gave Grace like 3 high fives.He also kinda held my hand off and on through the whole encounter. After that, we walked away in stunned awe, only to realize that I had walked away with the doughnut holes. I had to run back to the exit and throw them on his table lol. He laughed at me.

Right after that encounter, we had to speed away to the Danai Gurira photo ops. She is a beautiful, kind soul and a huge inspiration to me. I feel super blessed to have met her. (Sorry for the quality, i had to take a pic of my pic)

We killed a few hours after that just perusing the vendor hall. Our photo ops with Norm came next. I was lucky enough to get two of them, and that he didn’t have his sunglasses on (didn’t wear them all weekend).

I fell in love with our ops instantly, and am still currently staring at them. My hand was on his chest and tummy. Also, he’s really warm. I was on cloud 9 for all of Saturday night.


I decided that I needed to see Norman at his autograph table again, so again that’s the first thing we did when we got there. I felt bad that Grace didn’t have his autograph, so I wanted him to sign one of the wings on her vest. While we were in line, we met Norman’s doppelganger

It was funny watching Norman interact with him, and pretend he was looking in a mirror. When we got to Norm again, he gave me and Grace at least 4 high fives each. Then I told him that I had 2 questions for him. One was the question I’ve wanted to ask him for forever: “Did Daryl read the ‘Survivors of Childhood Abuse’ book he found in Atlanta?” Norman grabbed my hand in both of his, looked me in the eyes, and said “Yes. Yes, he did.” *swoon* After that, I asked him if he would give me the best hug he could possibly give me across a table, due to my birthday being 4 days away. Without hesitation, he pulled me in, my face buried in his neck and hair, and held me tight for like 7 whole seconds. He smells heavenly. I blushed again, said thank you, and we had to move on. 

We killed like an hour before the Boondock Saints photo op. We barely had to wait for that one. Grace and I walked into the op, and I simply asked for an awkward group hug. I never thought I’d see the day when my sister and I were crushed by the MacManus brothers.

After we untangled ourselves, I got one final glance into Norman’s eyes. I said, “Bye Norm! Thank you for everything this weekend.” He gave a little wave, and winked at me. I proceeded to tear up, until I saw this picture. It made me laugh out loud.

I had an unforgettable time this weekend. Norman Reedus is a total sweetheart, and I hope all of you get the chance to meet him. He’s very warm and kind, and makes you feel special.