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Highlander is getting a 30th anniversary edition Blu-ray and DVD on September 27 from Lionsgate. The release will include several new extras, detailed below.

The 1986 action/fantasy cult classic is directed by Russell Mulcahy (Resident Evil: Extinction) and stars Christopher Lambert, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown, and Roxanne Hart.

Read on for the special features.

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“Ten Things You Do and You Know You’re Irish” - by Sean Clancy (I’ve been spelling his name wrong.)

Yes, I blogged about Sean earlier, the guy from the bus ride to Dublin. Kreach and I were out and about and ran into him just a couple of days ago! (So crazy how much that happens in the city!) Spent the afternoon with him today, and when Kreach left to go skype a friend, Sean and I ended up in this adorable little park and he came up with this gem of a video. I think it’s the first of many hangouts to come, he kinda loves us. xx