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SBUK3: Sunday - Sean and Bex Panel


  • Sean says there’s no trick to gcses, you just have to practice (x)
  • “study with your friends and work your arse off” (x)
  • Being well read and smart is it’s own reward (x)
  • “That’s why you’re so sexy, cos your clever” Bex to Sean (x)
  • If they could choose be in any musical: Bex would be in wicked Sean would be in Hamilton (x)
  • Sean gets really emotional over “dear theodosia” from Hamilton (x)
  • Sean fanboying about Hamilton and not being able to listen to Dear Theodosia without crying (x)
  • Bex’s mum fangirled over Sean and Bobby when bex joined the show (x)
  • “We are each others best audience.” (x)
  • If Sean would describe himself as the dwarf Grumpy (when he’s hungry) (x)
    • Oh he just changed it to Happy haha (x)
  • They just sang Beyoncé (x)
    • Sean: “to the left to the left”
    • Bex: “everything you own in a box to the left” (x)
  • Sean remembers all the fans names who’s he’s met (x)
  • Sean noticed the piegeon and said ‘there is no expense spared in this con, we even have live animals (x)
  • @sean_m_maguire “Bird!!!! We’re building an ark and shipping off to Toronto!” (x)
  • “I wanna go shopping with Rachel. I love the fact that Monica is really tidy.” about Friends @bexmader (x)
  • Sean was nearly Tag from friends (x)
  • Rebecca is Gryffindor. Zelena Slytherin (x)
  • Bex is Gryfindor, Zelena is Slytherin, Sean and Robin are Gryfindor (x)
  • Sean doesn’t know about the cinnamon challenge (x)
  • Bex’s fav YouTube video is the cinnamon challenge (x)
  • Bex educating Sean about YouTube and cinnamon challenge. Sean wants to do it and Bex promised to film it. (x)
  • Sean stole his scarf from OUAT. Tries to take something from each acting job as a momento (x)
  • Bex and Sean say they’d take baby Robyn to Central Park. To the petting zoo and the castle (x)
    • Sean: “I’d like the park because it’s forest-y”
    • Bex: “I’d be at home because it’s green” (x)

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Calm Cali Nights by Sean S


Everything the Light Touches is Our Kingdom by Sean S

The Dark One’s Plight- Part Six

The Dark One, however, does not like Schneep helping.

“No! No! You’re c̣̭̜͝h͟e̖̳̥̻̪̫̪͟at͏͔i̵̥̣̭̞n̴̼͔̻̭̫͕̙g͖͖͓͉̗̀!” Schneep smiles to himself, but then he is being lifted over the edge of the spire by an icy, invisible hand. He claws at it, but to no avail. The hand grips tighter on his throat, “N̥͇̩̹͚̖͈o̭ ̴̭͓͇͈̱̖̮o̘̙͡ne̷͎̞̘ ̴̳̬͕͖̞c̸͕̲̫͔̤h̛͇̭̮̮̠ȩ͔̖̝̘̠̮̫a̗̝̗͜t̶̟͍͕s̬͠ ̶̭m̛̺͔̮̘e͍̱!”

Schneep reaches toward the face, “Please.”

The Dark One sighs, “And I had so many more fun plans for the two of us.”

And then Schneep is falling.

Marvin is the first one to notice their falling friend, “Sean!”

Sean looks to Marvin, and follows his line of vision. When his eyes set their sets on Schneep, he is diving like a missile toward his blue friend, “Schneep!”

Marvin is pulled from the battle just long enough to drop his guard. This would prove to be disastrous.

Five or so soldiers catch on to Marvin’s lack of attention, and come at him from all sides. Chase is fighting his own group of soldiers, mind far too focused to notice the growing problem for his new elven friend. Then the soldiers grab Marvin. They rip his wand from his hand, and as he struggles, they carry him toward the dark pit surrounding the castle. Sean is close to their blue friend, far away now.

They drop Marvin in.

As he’s falling, Marvin grabs hold of a root, and hangs on for dear life, “Chase!” He calls to the only friend close enough to hear him. He looks down for a moment and regrets it, his too big helmet almost slipping from his head, “Chase!” Finally, his red-hooded friend appears.

Marvin looks visibly relieved, “Help me, Master Bro!” Chase is about to reach down, but he stops.

Don’t do it, A voice says in his ear, You could die. And you’re far too valuable for that.

Chase wants to shake the feeling, shake the voice, but he can’t seem to.

If you join me, I’ll make you all powerful, the voice says. Chase knows who it is, but he can’t fight the voice in his head, I’ll give you everything you desire. The dragonborn will never reach the good healer in time. And this one could slip, and no one would ever know. Just let him fall. Then we can finish the leader off together, and I’ll give you all you want.

Chase looks down at Marvin, who seems to be hearing everything the voice is saying.

“Please,” Marvin says, “Don’t listen to him. I’m your friend! We’re going to beat him!”

Chase takes another look at his confidant dangling over certain death, and he turns away, disappearing from the young wizard’s view.