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SBUK3: Sunday - Sean and Bex Panel


  • Sean says there’s no trick to gcses, you just have to practice (x)
  • “study with your friends and work your arse off” (x)
  • Being well read and smart is it’s own reward (x)
  • “That’s why you’re so sexy, cos your clever” Bex to Sean (x)
  • If they could choose be in any musical: Bex would be in wicked Sean would be in Hamilton (x)
  • Sean gets really emotional over “dear theodosia” from Hamilton (x)
  • Sean fanboying about Hamilton and not being able to listen to Dear Theodosia without crying (x)
  • Bex’s mum fangirled over Sean and Bobby when bex joined the show (x)
  • “We are each others best audience.” (x)
  • If Sean would describe himself as the dwarf Grumpy (when he’s hungry) (x)
    • Oh he just changed it to Happy haha (x)
  • They just sang Beyoncé (x)
    • Sean: “to the left to the left”
    • Bex: “everything you own in a box to the left” (x)
  • Sean remembers all the fans names who’s he’s met (x)
  • Sean noticed the piegeon and said ‘there is no expense spared in this con, we even have live animals (x)
  • @sean_m_maguire “Bird!!!! We’re building an ark and shipping off to Toronto!” (x)
  • “I wanna go shopping with Rachel. I love the fact that Monica is really tidy.” about Friends @bexmader (x)
  • Sean was nearly Tag from friends (x)
  • Rebecca is Gryffindor. Zelena Slytherin (x)
  • Bex is Gryfindor, Zelena is Slytherin, Sean and Robin are Gryfindor (x)
  • Sean doesn’t know about the cinnamon challenge (x)
  • Bex’s fav YouTube video is the cinnamon challenge (x)
  • Bex educating Sean about YouTube and cinnamon challenge. Sean wants to do it and Bex promised to film it. (x)
  • Sean stole his scarf from OUAT. Tries to take something from each acting job as a momento (x)
  • Bex and Sean say they’d take baby Robyn to Central Park. To the petting zoo and the castle (x)
    • Sean: “I’d like the park because it’s forest-y”
    • Bex: “I’d be at home because it’s green” (x)

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Everything the Light Touches is Our Kingdom by Sean S

In the middle of its biggest battle since Season Two’s carnage at Blackwater, Game of Thrones takes us on a tour, via tonight’s episode, of Castle Black. Our guides just happen to be busy killing people.

We start with Jon Snow. He’s just brought reinforcements to the castle’s courtyard from the top of the Wall, and after killing his way through half a dozen wildlings, he pauses to survey the carnage. As he runs down the stairs to resume the fight, the camera leaves him, swooping across the chaos of the courtyard until it finds Jon’s former lover and would-be killer — the archer Ygritte. She draws and looses, and the camera moves on again to the axe-wielding, bald-headed barbarian Styr, leader of the cannibal Thenns. The camera moves again, and it’s back up another flight of stairs with Tormund Giantsbane, the red-headed ringleader of the raiding party. Then we take one last pass across the courtyard and its countless killings until the camera at last finds Sam Tarly, on a mission to free the great white wolf Ghost and even the fight.

It takes 43 seconds to make the circuit of Castle Black – 43 seconds involving dozens of performers and stuntmen arrayed across a multi-level set, shot without a single cut. Like all great action filmmaking, that shot rooted us in a specific environment, and did so clearly enough that you could practically give a tour of it yourself now if you were paying close attention. The stakes of every sword stroke were crystal clear – kill your man or you lose this patch of ground, and this one, and so on until there’s no more left to lose. It’s not just a choppily edited jumble of indistinguishable hacking and slashing; it’s the battle for Castle Black, and you are there.


‘Game of Thrones’ Recap: A Song of Ice and Fire | Rolling Stone

My review of tonight’s Game of Thrones for Rolling Stone also doubles as a sort of “How to Make Action Cinema and Why” manifesto. I hope you like it.