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ok I want your thoughts: fave songs the mutant boys like to fuck to? very important

OHHHH SHIT (sorry this took so long i basically made mini playlists for the boys)


two weeks///fka twigs, you can///body language, rasberry beret///prince, urgent///foreigner


lovers and friends///lil jon and the east side boyz, all i want///rossi, dangerous woman///ariana grande, freak like me///adina howard


lullaby///the cure, supermassive black hole///muse, bang a gong (get it on)///t. rex, kiss it better///rihanna


the morning///the weeknd, desire///meg myers, bad woman///arctic monekys, the thrill///miguel, do you wanna touch me///joan jett


TOUCH///troye sivan, flesh///simon curtis, primetime///janelle monae feat. miguel, motivation/// kelly rowland, fallingforyou///the 1975


verse///rhye, pull me down///mikky ekko, closer///kings of leon, simple things///miguel


get on your knees///nicki minaj feat. ariana grande, million///tink, dim all the lights///donna summer


worship///brandyn burnette, earned it///the weeknd, crazy in love (remix)///beyonce, sex calls///harrison brome


cherry pie///warrant, pour some sugar on me///def leppard, closer///nine inch nails, whole lotta love///led zepplin,


Which are you? Round 2!

The fact that this is one of my most popular surprises me for 3 reasons: 1) the art isn’t that gr8, 2) I don’t drink, and 3) I accidentally made a tag yourself meme months before that began  haha These are gonna be on redbubble soon! You’ll find them here when they go up!


Dating Alex Summers Moodboard.

None of these gifs are mine, credits to their respective owners (if you see your gif here and want me to give you credit just tell me).


Imagine: Peter, Sean and Alex fighting over you…

“Hey (Y/N), you’re looking incredibly sexy today…” Peter winked, zipping into the room, a small whoosh of wind following. Sean and Alex’s heads raised slightly, eyeing the silver haired mutant curiously, watching his - rapidly - failing attempt at trying to win you over. 

“She’s always been beautiful - keep up, Maximoff,” Alex quipped, smirking as Peter turned his head slightly, glaring through his goggles. The tension started to build, to the point where you could cut the air with a knife; what made it more awkward was that all three of the men in this room had feelings for you. From day one it was obvious; the glares they sent each other; the snippy comments and showing off whenever you were around, all in attempt to get your attention - which was the case here,“ You know, for someone who goes by Quicksilver, you’re actually really slow…is it supposed to be ironic or?”

After that, the pair began to bicker, exchanging insults and bitchy remarks. Sean cleared his throat awkwardly. Turning to the side, you stared into the mutant’s vibrant blue eyes, as he stood no more than two feet away,“ Uh - yeah, this - this is for you…” He handed you a white rose, gulping slightly,“ I heard that girls like flowers, so I - you know - got you one…it’s pretty, like you.” You smiled, pressing a kiss to his cheek; his face tinted pink at the gesture, eyes sparkling slightly.

Hey! That was my idea, Banshee!” Peter whined, arms crossed like a five year old ready for a tantrum.

Your idea?!” Alex sassed. Here we go again…


Not my gifs.

A/N: I was thinking about writing a one shot from this imagine, what do you think?

Update: You can find the one shot I did here: x