Thank you @innerpeanutyouth for the request! :D
I’m sorry that I waited so much to draw it …but better late than never! :DD

Have a nice day Bros!
Christmas is coming.. and the love is in the air.. :P

PS: there’s a little easter egg in this drawing… look closer ..Have you found it? :P

I know that I’m like 3 weeks late with the drawing, but shhhh, let’s pretend I’m not xD
I’ve been having some troubles with saving the drawing as a transparent png file for a week, so that’s one of the reasons why I’m so late with it :P
but none of you gives a shit so why am I telling you this xD

anyway… enjoy this hot af looking @therealjacksepticeye in a suit from the SXSW Gaming Awards three weeks ago along with a little Sam with a tie (;