Dean and Seamus sharing clothes without even noticing. Everyone saying stuff like “wait, isn’t that Dean’s shirt?” and them just being all “is it????” Snape making really snide comments in class and them not getting it at all because wait?? This is Seamus’ tie? It was in my bed though. Huh. Their moms being all OMFG THATS WHERE THAT COAT WENT?? THAT T-SHIRT?? THESE TROUSERS??? OH MY GOD NO WONDER HIS SOCKS ARE TWO SIZES TOO BIG FOR HIM. UGH.

To add to that answer I just gave

If anyone ever wants me to draw a thing, your URL, your face, your ship(provided I don’t think that ship is nasty, ex: drarry, ronxharry, snamione and wincest) or any random thing, I WILL DO IT AND BE HAPPY ABOUT IT AND LINK YOU TO IT.

Message me if you have any drawing you would like to see.