Make Me Choose: Theodore x Blaise or Dean x Seamus - for anonymous

And for the @hprarepairnet Be Mine Challenge!

“Since Dean could not return to Hogwarts for his final year, the two did not see each other for some time, and they missed each other greatly.”

Slytherin Princess

Request from anon: please can you do an imagine where Draco and the reader are like the king and queen of Slytherin or whatever and they’re like the coolest couple ever and one day someone crosses her path and she makes sure he pays for it

Thanks for requesting anon! I’m sorry if this is really bad, I wrote this in one sitting :/


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You had been dating Draco for a good two years - you were both in sixth year and had structured a pretty notorious reputation; everyone always referred to the two of you as the ‘King and Queen of Slytherin’. Ever since people had found out about the two of you, they noticed how perfectly you fit together - Draco was a respectable, almost despotic character yet you were oddly kind, though everyone warned “Get on the wrong side of Y/N Y/L/N and you’re dead meat.” You knew how to defend yourself, having come from a similar family as Draco, it came naturally to the two of you. 

You were surprisingly clever (one of the top in your year, actually) and you were proud of it. If you didn’t put those extra hours in at the library, you probably wouldn’t have passed your O.W.L.S; it came as a shock to your parents when you were placed in Slytherin (your mother was a Ravenclaw and so was your father) yet you supposed your house destined who you were meant to be. You were a Slytherin and you were proud of it. 

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Witchy Real Talk: Storebought, Man-Made, and “Not Powerful”

This topic comes up a lot in the witchy community. You’ll be browsing through articles about crystals and you’ll see something to the effect of “this citrine is laboratory grown! It doesn’t have any magickal properties! It has to be naturally grown for it to be worth anything in witchcraft!” And it’s not just citrine. I’ve seen this with amethyst, quartz (and not just clear quartz - the same arguments keep being made in regards to titanium quartz, aura quartz, et cetera), and even resin castings. Resin castings!

So… why am I writing this article? Because I’m a witch who attempts to live frugally who uses crystals and herbs and spices on a regular basis in my magics. And honestly, when it comes to magic, the most important part of what makes your spells tick is the relationship between intuition and intent. To see many witches bashing lab-grown crystals or spices kept in plastic containers honestly irks me just a little, and for a couple of reasons.

First, there’s the fact that there’s just a little bit of hypocrisy involved. Glass is man-made. Sure, it can happen naturally in the wild, but glass jars don’t form where lightning strikes silica rich sand. However, a good point can be made when it comes to the fact that plastic is more harmful to the environment. I can understand and relate to that. But what makes glass such an ideal container is that it is magically neutral, like clear quartz. You can cleanse it and charge it without any worry of it affecting your energy. Plastic, for many witches, has no magical significance. It’s not going to influence your magic, and honestly it can be cleansed just like glass.

So if you’re a new witch browsing through spices and herbs, feeling a bit dejected because the glass jar herbs are two to three times more expensive than the plastic containers, go for the plastic. Remember to recycle the containers, of course, but there is no reason magic should require you to spend an arm and a leg.

Sorry, couldn’t resist the pic after that… FMA fans get what I mean…

Crystals are even more of a source for contention when it comes to man-made objects. But what bothers me here is the fact that some crystals - especially citrine - are lab grown a good majority of the time. This is because the citrine we often find in crystal shops and metaphysical stores are vibrantly colored when naturally occurring citrine crystals are a lot less vibrant most of the time. Many witches also warn against dyed crystals for the same reason that “it has less power.”

Honestly, lab-grown crystals have many of the same properties as their natural counterparts. The only thing they lack (aside from the high prices of natural crystal) is the thousands of years worth of growing time in the earth’s crust. But I personally don’t see this as too much of a problem because this gives you a crystal which is a little more flexible and can be nurtured by the witch to realize its potential.

Where I see the danger in lab-grown and dyed crystals is if the witch is being scammed. Seeing that lovely piece of turquoise and buying it only to realize that it’s a different stone entirely, dyed to look like turquoise. Or when the witch is told that a crystal is naturally vibrant in color when it has been dyed, forcing her to spend her other arm and leg just to buy it.

What I’m getting at in this rant is that if you’re a new witch or a witch who’s trying not to spend all of her money, you should not feel railroaded into buying expensive materials. I have on my altar a citrine crystal that I know is most certainly dyed. I spent less than $5 on him because I felt that was a reasonable price for him. I have a piece of amethyst whose coloration is a bit drab and brown. That natural coloration makes her rather beautiful, but doesn’t make her any more powerful than the other amethyst I have whose color is a deep purple which I know to be enhanced by dyes.

In my pantry and cupboard, I keep a lot of spices in plastic containers and tins. Yes, some of them are in glass, but only when I know I can afford them or if there aren’t any alternatives. I use these spices in spells and cooking both, and feel no difference in energy between the two.

One of my coworkers who has an interest in crystal healing once said it rather perfectly. “It’s just a rock. It’s not going to do anything by itself. You have to give it the energy. You have to program it and direct it. So it doesn’t matter if it’s natural or not.”

Our crystals do have voices. They do interact with us. But it is up to us to direct energy into, through and from them.

Now, am I bashing the more expensive alternatives? Not at all. I have a lot of glass jars that I’ve collected over the years, and I have quite a few crystals that are a bit higher up on the price range than I usually spend. I’d be quite the hypocrite if I were bashing them. My ultimate point is that if you can’t drop that much money, then don’t. Work with what you have, or with alternatives which speak to you. I’d love to work with peridot, but because I don’t have the money to drop on it, I’ll stick to quartz, moonstone, and salt. There are always options. Don’t let yourself be limited!

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Just wanted to say a thank you to these men for giving me the best 6 years of entertainment. I couldnt have asked for funnier guys to laugh at when my depression episodes kicked in , or people i felt trusthworthy to to send messages or @ when i felt completley anxious during an anxiety attack and get positivity or advice from while dying from laughter the next second. Thank you guys , so much.

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Can you do Dean and Seamus cannons?❤❤❤

this is for the @hprarepairnet trope challenge! this is for the “grand romantic gesture” trope from this list

  • dean was mad at seamus, and seamus didn’t know why.
  • until ron set him straight.
  • “you went on a date with padma patil, seamus. that’s why he is bloody pissed,” he told him, “i can’t believe you haven’t figured it out yet.”
  • seamus paced around the common room and waved his hands around in an exasperated fashion, “why the hell would he be upset about that?”
  • “because he obviously likes you, seamus. are you that daft?”
  • seamus stopped in his tracks and blushed.
  • he rubbed the back of his neck.
  • “he-you think he likes me?”
  • “and you like him, right?”
  • seamus gulped and muttered, “maybe.”
  • “then why did you go on a date with padma?”
  • “because he dated your sister for all those months! how was i supposed to know?”
  • “oh, i don’t know, by paying attention?”
  • “shut up, weasley.”
  • ron smirked.
  • “just do something to make up for it,” ron told him.
  • “like what?”
  • “i don’t know! something romantic. something big.”
  • “dean is a shy guy.”
  • “yeah, but everyone loves romantic gestures.”
  • seamus nodded in agreement.
  • “okay, fine.”
  • “good, i’m going down for dinner,” ron said as he rolled off his bed, “do you want to come down with me?”
  • “i’ll be down in a bit,” seamus told him, “i have to think of something.”
  • ron grinned as he walked out of the room leaving seamus alone.
  • after awhile, he knew what to do.
  • seamus gave himself a pep talk in the mirror before going down to the common room and straightened out his shirt.
  • he took a deep breath as he entered the great hall and yelled, “may i have everyone’s attention?”
  • all the students turned around to face him, and the professors at the end of the hall glanced up from their plates.
  • “i just want everyone to know that i’m in love with dean thomas!”
  • it was so quiet that seamus heard someone drop a fork, and he saw that that person was dean.
  • seamus gave ron a frantic look and saw that ron was shaking with silent laughter and gave him a thumbs up, and suddenly, padma patil started clapping.
  • and then the whole great hall started clapping, including professor mcgonagall.
  • seamus took a deep breath and walked toward a blushing dean, and he bent down and kissed him.
  • dean kissed him back.
  • as soon as they pulled away and applause died down, dean whispered in his ear, “did you really have to announce it across the great hall at dinner time? not that i mind, but that was a little dramatic.
  • “i am a dramatic person, dean. and you love it.”
  • dean smirked, “you’re right, i do.”
  • and before seamus could reply, dean’s lips were pressed against his once again.

Someone come talk to me about Seamus and Luna speaking as Gaeilge to each other, & Seamus speaks in the wesht dialect obviously & Luna’s is more standardised/East cause that’s where Evana is from, and sometimes they just recite the “An bhuil cead agam…” cause maybe they’re not both fluent but they know the basics from primary school, and they’ve got the daitheanna and the “Is/Ni maith liom..” stuff and okay I can see them going out to bars and Luna pointing out guys to Seamus like “Buachaill deas?” “Seá, buachaill deas.”
& Yeah just these two Irish cuties keeping the Gaeilge alive and confusing the Sasnachs