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can you do deamus + headcanon :)

Sure thing love! Sorry it took me a while! 

  • their first kiss? It was winter, they were fulling around with fellow Gryffindors in Hogsmeade, Dean pushed Seamus into the snow. Seamus felt so hot and accidentally made the snow melt around them. They kissed.
  • asked out first: There was no asking out, they just spent so much time together it’s hard to tell when friendship became love.
  • first date? no actual first date but they love to go for a beer together or play qudditch but they fave thing are long wanderings in the mountains
  • said ‘I love you’ first: Seamus
  • can’t stop touching another: Dean is so touchy, merlin
  • pays for dinner: both
  • cooks: Seamus wants to but Dean got tired with being forced to put out fire each and every day so he cooks himself.
  • is always jealous: they know they are meant for each other, no jealousy
  • takes things too seriously: Dean
  • is hopeless romantic: Seamus
  • proposed: Dean
  • pet names: ‘seammy” “D” “babe”


During the war when Dean had to hide, Seamus would send him letters which unless being kissed by Deans lips before opening, would immediately ignite. They were both romantic and they helped Dean survive. Sometimes there were small parcels with things he needed to survive. 

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"Were you ever going to tell me?" (18) + deamus, of course

18. “Were you ever going to tell me?”

“You don’t understand, Parvati. I can’t just tell him.”

“Oh, but it’s supposed to be so easy for me to just come out and tell Lavender?”

“Well, yeah,” said Seamus, rubbing the back of his head. They were sitting in the common room, their potions essays forgotten on the table between them. “Girls talk about emotional crap like that all the time.”

“When it’s about other people, Seamus. It’s one thing for me to tell Lavender I have a crush on a cute girl from Ravenclaw and entirely different thing for me to say I have a crush on her.”

“At least Lavender knows you’re gay!”

“Dean would know too if you told him.”

“I can’t just– I’m rooming with a bunch of blokes, Parvati! What are they going to think if they find out they’re rooming with a poof? Let alone a poof that’s in love with one of them.”

“Well, I doubt Harry or Neville would mind! Ron I’m not so sure about but he’s always been a bit of a wanker.”

Seamus rolled his eyes. “Yeh just think that because he was dating Lavender.”

“Yeah, well he didn’t treat her very well did he?”

“Let me guess: yeh’d treat her better?”

“Well, I would,” Parvati said sourly, crossing her arms.

“Face it, Parvati,” said Seamus with a sigh. “We’re both helpless.”

“Well,” said Parvati thoughtfully. Seamus didn’t trust the look on her face. “We don’t have to be.”

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James asks Aleks to be his boyfriend, because they’re little kids and that’s what little kids do. For some reason, the two never break up.

When the recess bell finally rings, James is one of the first kids out on the playground, desperately wanting to play after an hour of boring maths. He runs over to the usual hang-out spot, Seamus and Sly hot on his heels, and the three wait for the rest of their friendship group to join them.

James soon spots his best friend amongst the other children, and he waves his arms to grab his attention. It works, and Aleks runs over to join him, bringing the rest of their friends with him.

“What are we playing today Jordan?” Seamus asks as he munches his apple, looking at their group leader. Jordan is the popular kid, the one in charge of their group, and James thinks he’s pretty cool.

Not as cool as Aleks though.

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Since people are wanting to check out the Creatures now that they are apart of Rooster Teeth, I thought I would make this post to help you all familiarize yourself with the group.

Under the cut you will find all the beginner info and the videos you need, along with neat fun facts! I made this really newcomer friendly and only put videos and series that could benefit you now. Doesn’t mean you are able to graze back more, but personalities change and people come and go! This is also very short and sweet!

I hope you grow to love them as much as the current fans do. And it’s okay if you don’t, or even just like watching one of their singular channels! Enjoy! :D

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For the deamus prompt, I saw this headline (I would put a screenshot, but I can't attach pictures), the headline read "Straight guy worries he's being homophobic to gay roommate, realizes he's fallen in love with him."

I saw that before, it’s a very good prompt! I hope you like it anon! I’m exhausted rn so I apologise if there are any mistakes!

For @hpshipweeks

One of the things that Dean values most in the world is his friendship with Seamus Finnegan.

Ever since their first day at Hogwarts the two boys had been inseparable.

They didn’t always agree on things. Like when Seamus turned his back on Harry in 5th year or when Dean got chosen for the quiddich team and Seamus didn’t. 

But they never let trivial things like that get in the way of their friendship; both of them cared too much about the other to let that happen.

However that was before Dean walked into their dormitory one day to find his best friend in a heavy make out session with Ernie Macmillan and instantly Dean had felt his heart plummet in his chest and felt an undeniable twist of pain in his stomach.

Two weeks have gone by since that day and Dean still hasn’t talked to Seamus and to be honest it’s killing him.

Sure Dean always had a feeling that Seamus fancied blokes. He never outright said it but he had never shown any interest in girls so Dean wasn’t all that surprised.

What confused him was why he felt so sick and hurt by the image of Seamus with someone else. He just couldn’t understand why the memory of Seamus with his tongue down that blonde hufflepuff’s throat infuriated him so much.

Dean never considered himself to be homophobic but seeing Seamus with Ernie just…just felt so wrong. 

And he hates himself for feeling this way. Because it’s Seamus, his best friend and why should it matter who he wants to snog? 

Seamus never complained when Dean dated Ginny a few months ago and Dean always had a feeling that Seamus never fully approved of that relationship; so what gave Dean the right to be annoyed at Seamus for being with Ernie?

Dean was so lost in his own thoughts that he didn’t notice the person walking towards him until he literally bumped right into them. 

“Oh I’m so sorry” Dean exclaims, scrambling to regain his composer.

He steps back, blinking rapidly and then he realises just who he has run into. 


Dean takes a minute just taking in his friend, who he has been so careful to avoid these past few weeks. 

His hair is a mess (Dean feels anger bubble in his chest at the thought of Ernie tugging Seamus’s sandy hair to make it that way), his soft Irish skin seems paler than normal and his eyes that are usually bright with happiness have dulled and lack their natural spark. 

Dean feels his throat tighten because Seamus looks so tired. 

“Dean.” Seamus breathes 

In that moment all the frustration, anger and confusion flees Dean’s body and all he’s left with is guilt. Ever since that evening, Seamus has been trying to catch Dean on his own but he has refused to talk to him. 

He began waking up earlier, ignoring Seamus in class under the pretence of taking notes, sitting with Harry at meals in the Great Hall and pretending to have to go to quidditch practice whenever Seamus tried to talk to him. 

That’s when Dean realises that this has been hurting Seamus just as much as it’s been hurting him and the overwhelming guilt almost crushes him.

Dean manages a small smile, “Hey Shay”

Seamus’s eyes flit across Dean’s face rapidly, trying to gauge what his intentions are.

“Can we…can we talk?” Seamus asks tentatively 

Dean hesitates for a second then nods

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