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Part 1: Patterning Estelle's Dress

Just a little write up with pictures on how I made my Estelle Cosplay from Tales of Vesperia! I’m not very good with tutorials and am by no means good at sewing, but perhaps someone will find this helpful. It was a lot of trial and error, and my methods are hardly an exact science, so there is much that could be improved on.

Write up under the cut cause it is long! 

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Burning Desire

Summary: In which Seb can’t keep his hands off you at the civil war premiere

Word Count: 1620

Warnings: smut bc i need some more seb smut in my life

Originally posted by bbuchanann

“Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?” Sebastian whispered into your ear. His hands were on your waist and you couldn’t help but bite your lip as his touch sent chills down your spine.

“Once or twice.” You teased as he left sweet but sensual kisses on your earlobe. You had to try your hardest to suppress a moan as he lightly nibbled on your earlobe.

“Maybe I should show you.” Sebastian replied, his hands on your waist getting lower and lower with each word that fell from his plump lips. The way he licked his lips and whispered sweet nothings in your ear as he subtly ground his hips against yours - subtly of course because there were hundreds of other people in the room if not thousands. People were talking faintly in the background but it was all just white noise to you. You two were at the Civil War premiere and after the two of you went inside Seb couldn’t keep his hands and eyes off of you. You didn’t mind of course because his touch was euphoric. The two of you were outside the movie screen waiting and subtly lusting after each other.

“This dress needs to go before I go crazy,” Seb whispered in your ear as he gripped your hips tightly before slowly almost painfully ground into you. You couldn’t stifle the moan that came out as he did so, luckily the sound of Chris calling Robert’s name muffled the sound. To the outside world, it looked as if the Sebastian was simply holding you close and whispering sweet nothings in your ear that was definitely not the case. His hands were on your hips and his name on your lips, you couldn’t help but moan each time you felt him touch you.

“Fuck you’re so hot I need this dress gone now before I rip it off in front of everyone.” Sebastian said his voice getting rougher and sexier as he spoke. Each word murmured against your neck sent vibrations down your body and straight to your core. You couldn’t help but feel aroused Sebastian was more enticing than he looked. You sucked in a breath before turning around and grabbing Seb’s hand. He looked at you with arched brows.

“Let’s go home so you can rip this dress off.” You said and Sebastian smirked. You pulled him into the waiting car.

“Thank god we’re home I nearly pounced on you ten times in the car.” You confessed smirking at Seb who simply licked his lips in a way that made it suddenly hot.

You didn’t want to waste no time and neither did Sebastian so swiftly you removed his belt and then undid his trousers. His trousers fell to his ankles and soon enough his boxers fell with them, his hard member slapping against his stomach making your mouth water. Sebastian smirked as he followed the direction of your eyes. He didn’t even care if he ripped your dress because he took your dress off forcefully by the time he was done you were left in your just your sexiest lingerie and the dress was strewn across on the floor with multiple rips at the seam. You didn’t care because desire was flooding your senses and all you wanted was Sebastian.

“I need you Y/N, I need you right now,” Seb said almost pleading as he kissed along your collarbone.

“Then take me right now.” You replied biting your lips as you felt him nip at your neck.

“Against this wall?” Sebastian asked.

“Just fuck me.” You replied and you could have sworn you heard a growl come from Sebastian

Instant Sebastian had you against the wall wasting no time on ripping the underwear off your body. Once your bra was off your nipples hardened almost immediately as they were exposed to the cold air, your whole body was prepared and waiting for what was about to happen next. Seb’s hand came up to your hair, he planted a trail of kisses along the stripe of your neck. The anticipation was killing you, you couldn’t wait any longer all you wanted was Sebastian but he was taking his time which you didn’t appreciate.

“Please, Seb I need you.” You begged because you needed him inside of you.

“I know baby and I need you too,” Seb said planting a kiss on your lips. You wrapped your arms around his neck waiting for his next move.

“Jump!” Sebastian said and you obeyed jumping so that you were in position with his member. Your back pushed into the wall as you arched back against it in anticipation. Sebastian made sure that he was fully aligned at your entrance before thrusting his hips forwards entering you. He stayed still allowing you time to adjust to him before he started moving. Your back against the wall, your hands wrapped around his neck as slowly thrusted into you to make sure you were comfortable. He was always loving especially during sex.

You couldn’t help the moans that spewed from your plump pink lips as you felt him thrust for the first time since he entered you. You always loved the way he left you time to adjust instead of thrusting without warning it was just Seb being his usual sweet self. You, of course, had to give him a nod of reassurance so he knew he could start moving because that was all you wanted.

His thrusts were rhythmic and everytime he thrusted his hips forwards into yours you were pushed further back into the wall. One of his hands gripped your hips and his other hand layed flat against the wall for support as Seb thrusted into you making you moan his name over and over like a mantra.

“Fuck you’re so goddamn tight!” Sebastian exclaimed and his dirty words only made you moan more as he thrusted into you harder making you want to scream his name out. Luckily for you, your house was quite a distance from your neighbours so you could be as loud as you wanted. You couldn’t help the scream that erupted from your throat as he thrusted into harder and faster making your arch back, your head hitting the wall as he did so. Every thrust was getting you closer to the edge and making you moan like it was a reflex to his him thrusting into you.

You were clinging on to him for dear life as he fucked you up against the wall. It was even better than you imagined it on the car ride home, you were guilty for leaving so soon but the delicious feeling that spread through out you each time he thrusted into you made that guilt wash away. You whimpered as he started pounding into your mercilessly, you couldn’t even process anything because you were too focused on the feeling of having him inside of you. You could hear his low and lustful groans as he watched your breasts bounce up and down each time he thrusted into you, he adored the position you were in because he could watch you come undone easily.

The way your back was arched and the way you moaned constantly was turning Sebastian on. He didn’t need anything more than the sight of you to keep thrusting into you faster than he had ever done during sex. He wasn’t really rough in bed but here the two of you were fucking against the wall in your hallway right by your door. Sebastian was impatient all he wanted was to be buried deep inside of you and give you heights of pleasure. You were just as impatient as him, you both wanted the same and that was how you two landed up fucking against the wall.

He was slamming into you each thrust was pure bliss and you knew you couldn’t last long with each euphoric thrust of his. The grip on your thighs tightened as he used all of his strength he had left to thrust into you. Your body moved upwards as he thrusted into, your hair now a mess from being dragged up and down the wall. Nothing else mattered than the sound of your skin slapping against each other, your moans and Sebastian’s deep throaty groans. The two of you were experiencing the most of amount of pleasure you could have and you loved the sensation that flooded your senses.

Sebastian pulled your legs further up his torso allowing him to thrust into you at a new angle, this new angle allowing him to hit your g-spot with each blissful thrust. You knew you wouldn’t last long especially with this new position and neither would Sebastian. Because of the new position you were moaning even louder practically screaming his name and it was driving him closer to his orgasm, he could feel himself coming.

“I-i’m close.” You exclaimed and Sebastian didn’t hear you at first still focused on getting both of you to your orgasm. Once he had snapped out of it he looked at you nodding. In seconds his the pace of his thrusts had quickened and you were moaning like it was the only thing you knew how to do. He didn’t stop and you didn’t understand how he was still keeping it going because you were exhausted and if it wasn’t for your hands wrapped around his neck you would have collapsed.

You couldn’t take it any longer everything Sebastian was doing was driving you over the edge. You bit your lip to suppress a scream as you came. Sebastian didn’t last long after witnessing you succumb to your orgasm, you were taken over by it and he loved the way your small moans and whimpers as you experienced your high.

Sebastian pulled out of you and carried you upstairs. He ran a bath and the two of you got in and once out and changed you fell asleep in his arms almost immediately.

Aries Sun +___ Moon =

Aries Sun + Aries Moon = 

This combo makes for a surprisingly family-oriented one! This person is all or nothing and generally isn’t much of a partygoer. Filled with passion, the double Aries somehow comes to keep it under wraps while others can feel it radiating, brimming with fire. It can give people an almost self-fabricated assumption of anger when its really just a piercing energy that unsettles them. They handle emotions with the knowledge of knowing their capabilities while hardly realizing it may be insensitive to others, they’ll often need their privacy, and overall want everything to be on their own terms at all times.  

Celebrities with this combo: Marlon Brando, Celine Dion, Lucy Lawless, Gary Oldman, Leighton Meester 

Aries Sun + Taurus Moon =

So modest!! These people have their wavering doubts, as we all do, but they never consider themselves anything more than a human being doing something they love/living their lives. Their ambitious nature is of one that we should all strive for, it is dauntless. Their Taurus Moon can ball up the restlessness with their emotions into this bowl of hunger that’s just dying to be filled with something, they’ll find that something and typically overindulge (i.e., the arts, substances, sex, violence). No worries though, they’ll tame it eventually, but their roar stays. 

Celebrities with this combo: Robert Downey Jr, Keira Knightley, Quentin Tarantino, Elton John, Pharrell Williams. 

Aries Sun + Gemini Moon = 

Connection plays a HUGE role in the lives of Aries-Geminis, relating to people is of most importance. They tend to have a true sense of purpose within themselves that they must express even with their fear of failure, they try and try and try. Their emotions often conjure their way into anxiety, an anxiety that’s not evident because they feed off of it and truly makes their interactions painfully genuine. Their emotions are flexible, if they’re around a certain tension then their relatable nature will kick in and they’ll be there empathizing with you. At times their blunt nature can be abrasive but they speak their truth! 

Celebrities with this combo: Ewan McGregor, Jennifer Garner, Jackie Chan, Bette Davis, Jessica Chastain

Aries Sun + Cancer Moon = 

This combo makes for someone who goes through their bouts of humility but comes to embrace every thing about themselves, they loosen up more and more as time goes on. In the moment is the way to go for these people, they have many emotions and they want to act on them and feel they’re free enough to do so. Although, they do act with such confidence, they are highly sensitive to their surroundings and though they act out their emotions instinctively, they still have others they repress. Build up of emotions is likely!

Celebrities with this combo: Heath Ledger, Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Paris Jackson, Emma Thompson

Aries Sun + Leo Moon =

Self-care conscious and in need of others to be the same. They question themselves often, believe in the possibility of change, and if something doesn’t make them happy then they’re surely not going to do it! Being around them may give you a sense for them that they’re too self-involved and they are to an extent, they want to spread love but the self-awareness is strong in this one. When they’re upset, they need time to sulk and wallow quietly to themselves but their pity party won’t last long. 

Celebrities with this combo: Jesse McCartney, Jessie J, Mandy Moore, Vivienne Westwood, Andrew Lloyd Webber

Aries Sun + Virgo Moon = 

This person will find their work to be their home away from home and the darker side of things engulfs them, they get a bit of a rush from it. This is probably the most restless Aries+Moon combo, maybe…, their attentiveness to the reality of things and need for improvement can drive them into insomnia often. Most of their emotions stem from such; feeling that they’re not enough. These are some tough people to know and even if you feel you do, do you really?

Celebrities with this combo: James Franco, Leona Lewis, Adrien Brody, Marvin Gaye, Leslie Mann

Aries Sun + Libra Moon = 

Oh boy…how others perceive them is where their thoughts wander off to, always. They’re deeply afraid of getting older, settling down and aging??? What??? They acknowledge their blessings but emphasize the importance of getting over the obstacles life will put in your way. Concentration isn’t much of a strong suit for them but loyalty is. All of their emotions linger and make separate appearances every now and then, sometimes bursting at the seams or desiring for that explosion of insecurity they’ve built up.

Celebrities with this combo: Kristen Stewart, Fergie, Alec Baldwin, Maya Angelou, Akon 

Aries Sun + Scorpio Moon =

Eccentricity is either blatantly obvious in this combo or a subtle discrepancy that will rear its head when hearing their thoughts. It’s almost a coping method for them to be ruthless to disguise the intense emotions that lie underneath the in-your-face-courage. Emotions for them get channeled into bundles of creativity and they put on the best of facades. There’s much to mask and Aries is known for their overcompensating ways but these people are honest in what they speak. 

Celebrities with this combo: Lady Gaga, Mariah Carey, Charlie Chaplin, Linda Goodman, Steven Tyler

Aries Sun + Sagittarius Moon =

NEVA SAY NEVA is the motto for this combo. Their dreams are possible, each and every one, and that’s the thought process they stick with. Opportunities will naturally come to them because they live and breathe these possibilities. Risks for them are second nature, if they want to do it then they will, for some it may take a bit longer for the courage to build but once they put their mind to it, its a sealed deal! They want their emotions to be expressed and at times the fear of not living up to expectations can be their downfall. 

Celebrities with this combo: Emma Watson, Paul Rudd, Jim Parsons, Selena Quintanilla, Tim Curry

Aries Sun + Capricorn Moon =

This combo is independent but their support system gets all of the credit; those that are close to them are necessities in their decision process. These people don’t conceal what they’ve done, they boast of it all. They understand their emotions need to be dealt with so being honest with themselves is the first step when handling them. Indecisiveness and overly critical people especially bother this combo.

Celebrities with this combo: Kourtney Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon, David Tennant, Kate Hudson, Billie Holiday

Aries Sun + Aquarius Moon = 

Strong opinions, focused, and challenges are attractive to these people. The insincerity of the world gets under their skin, they want to work their way to the top and be authentic the whole way through. Their work is what they want to speak, their personality is bland to themselves but being pure, creative, and composed is far from such. Their emotions are kept private but a debate with them will feel like a reveal of all of what they feel, but more towards the world than themselves. 

Celebrities with this combo: Russell Crowe, Victoria Beckham, Steve McQueen, Conan O’Brien, Amanda Bynes

Aries Sun + Pisces Moon =

Another indulgent Moon, but paired with Aries Sun it makes for a person who pursues their indulgences without any inhibitions. Loneliness is a deep fear for this combination, they treat themselves well but disregard the toxicity of others and find therapy in giving to whoever they please. Moody, impulsive actions that result in them wanting to escape their emotions through a hobby.

Celebrities with this combo: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Hugh Hefner, Kenny Chesney, Abigail Breslin, Jamie Chung

Pokemon Go (Female) Trainer Cosplay Tutorial Part 2: The Jacket

Yesterday we went over Part 1: The Romper! Today we go over the next big piece to this cosplay: The Jacket! (Click the title above to visit the first post.)

For this piece of the cosplay I altered a jacket pattern I bought, you are welcome to use this pattern or get your own preferred pattern and use the tips I outline below to help you in altering it to fit the cosplay.

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anonymous asked:

Hey there! So I'm kind of sloppy with my pattern making and I play it by eye and I know it's not really good to do that, so I was wondering if you guys have any tips on drafting patterns? Your patterns look so neat and clean and you guys do a very nice job of figuring out what needs to go where

There’s a lot to say here and I’m slowly working on a master post for drafting patterns, so for this ask I’m just going to start with the right tools for the job, because that tends to make a huge difference. When Christine taught me how to draft this way, my cosplay game surged. Having the right drafting toolkit is invaluable.

A typical draft for us includes the following tools:

White drawing/sketch paper. We buy this in a 50 yard roll, generally around 36″ wide. You can probably expect to pay about $50 for this, which is a decent start-up cost, but Christine and I have both been working on the same roll for about a year and a half now and we’ve done probably 25+ costumes on it and we’re barely halfway through.

This is the paper you’ll use to draw all your patterns on, flat, without seam allowances. All your patterns should exist primarily on this paper, because they are the foundations of your drafts: if you want to make changes to the pattern, this is where you make them. If you want to add decorative seams on the pattern, this is where you make them. Making your patterns without seam allowance here also means you can “pull” pieces onto the tracing paper with different seam allowances as you so desire.

We also keep these and label ‘em and pull them out again from time to time. Shazz’s Lucina tunic, for example, was initially traced and pulled from a 60s dress pattern that Christine had made for Shazz, and then I refined it down into its own pattern. More recently, I pulled Anna’s sleeves from Say’ri’s sleeves – Emmy and Syd are the same size and the characters have the same style sleeves, so why not? If you’re making costumes primarily for yourself, you might do this a lot, coming back to re-use old drafts or adapt old drafts. If you know they already fit you, might as well!

Tracing paper, typically Borden & Riley #41 tracing paper, bought in 20 yard rolls, 36″ wide. These cost about $15 CND from Curry’s and generally get a good number of costumes out of them; the current roll I’m working on has done almost all of Tiki, Anna, Libra, Say’ri, Ike and Emmeryn. (Not including Tiki or Anna’s capes, including Emmeryn’s cape.) (These also make great gifts for cosplayers, given their functionality and price point.) This paper is what your final patterns are on, traced from the drafts you’ve drawn on the sketch paper – you trace them and add seam allowance as you desire. 

Various quilting rulers. I believe these are called 8th rulers, but I’ve encountered so many names for them that I’m not sure what to call them beyond the quilting umbrella. We like quilting rulers because they typically have a lot of demarkations we use a lot, and they measure across the entire surface of the ruler, rather than just down one edge. I can measure 3/8ths away from an edge (looking through the clear ruler) and then draw a straight line that is exactly 3/8ths away – that kind of thing. Something like these Westcott ones in 18″ and 26″ are great.

A french curve. With enough practice you can draw curves like a beast with a straight quilting ruler, but a french curve will help you get all those angles. Plastic three-piece kits like this one are cheap but invaluable; I think I’ve been using the same $3 ruler set for like ten years now.

A large eraser. You’ll make changes. You will. Standard Staedtler white erasers are my favourite.

Mechanical pencils. Don’t use regular pencils. A 0.5mm mechanical pencil will prevent you from constantly running to the sharpener and your lines will be neater, thinner and hopefully smudge less. Regular pencils will get you dull lines as they lose their sharpness.

A big surface to work on. Currently it’s the kitchen table for us, but when necessary we will spread out on the hard floor; try to avoid this whenever possible because it will hurt your back and knees over time. You may want to acquire a large folding worktable or find some sort of dedicated surface to work on that isn’t your kitchen table, too; my table is 10+ years old and looks like hell already so I don’t mind working on it, but lots of craft work will eventually damage the surface. The poor thing gets wiped down from graphite and pencil nicks and whatever all the time. 

Good lighting. We don’t have this and it is slowly killing me.

Scotch tape. Sometimes we use the tracing paper to trace an element, mirror it (flip the paper over) and then tape it to another part of the pattern to repeat something. Alternately, we sometimes use it to trace and element and then MOVE it in the pattern. Notice how in that image I wasn’t using scotch tape? That’s because I was out of scotch tape. Scotch tape is neater and thinner, and while harder to reposition than masking tape, a lot less distracting/ugly.

A flexible tape measure. Need to make sure two seams are the same length? This guy. Need to do a long distance your quilting ruler can’t cover? Make notches along the way with this guy. Need to figure out a measurement on yourself and transfer it to paper? This guy.

Paper scissors. Sing it with me: you never, ever, ever cut paper with your fabric scissors. Keep dedicated paper scissors and dedicated fabric scissors and never, ever cross over. In this household, we mark the handles of paper scissors with white electrical tape. You know there are commercial locks on the market specifically to lock your sewing scissors together to prevent the ignorant from using your sewing scissors to hack into cardboard? I’m serious. They’re wonderful.

Some sort of filing system. Patterns are very easy to lose. We use standard 8x11.5″ envelopes for our patterns, sometimes larger/thicker for bigger projects. If a pattern is not in use, it goes in envelope – no excuses, don’t lose pieces. (But hey, if you do… you can trace another off your draft!)

Some sort of labelling system. Nothing sucks more than unfolding a dozen drafting papers trying to find so-and-so’s shirt or so-and-so’s pants ‘cause later down the line you realized you could use it again… if you could find it. 

Anyway, them’s the basics :) I’ll try to follow up soonish with more on this subject, because I honestly think it’s the most helpful thing I’ve learned in this hobby, hands down.

- Jenn


By Seams for a Desire

This post originally appeared on Seams of Desire. Follow her on Instagram now!

This is one of my favorite outfits lately! I love that even though it’s a very simple outfit composed by basic items, it’s transformed into a beautiful outfit thanks to the right accessories. Now that I’m pregnant, I feel that I’m giving a lot more use to each piece of my closet and the reason is that getting ready every day is more difficult… That’s why my closet is so basic right now and I look for accessories to give the final touch! I love the contrast between this long white dress and this militar jacket in black with some golden boho details… Just flawless! You know I love this kind of jackets because they are perfect&easy to add a layer without dying in the attempt and they are great piece not only in the first and last hours of the day, but they turn out to be a good tool to combat air conditioning! 

Lots of love and have a nice week!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

¡Este es uno de mis últimos looks favoritos! Me encanta que con lo sencillo que es, gracias a los complementos indicados se convierta en un super look. Creo que ahora embarazada estoy explotando cada prenda de mi armario más que nunca y es que cada vez se va complicando más la cosa… Es por eso que la mayoría de mis looks son a base de prendas muy básicas donde los complementos añaden el toque final! Adoro la unión entre este vestido largo blanco con la cazadora tipo militar en negro y unos complementos dorados muy boho. ¡Un contraste de 10! Y es que las cazadoras finitas como ésta vienen genial para añadir alguna capa a los looks sin morir de calor y es que no sólo las agradezco a primera y última hora, si no también para cuando voy a revisiones o tiendas donde el aire acondicionado está a mil!!

Muchos besitos y feliz comienzo de semana!

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