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Call You Mine || Min Yoongi

Originally posted by queen-of-suburbiaa

Word Count: 1.5k

Genre: Fluff

There was a glimpse of light from behind the curtains as the morning light fluttered in through the open window. Cold autumn air swept in, stirring the sheets around you, rousing you from the comfortable sleep you had found yourself in.

Bright sunlight flittered across the room, bringing your attention to the body next to yours. He was stretched out, his body shifting slightly as he tried to find the missing warmth from when you had moved.

The light seemed to glow, highlighting the expanse of pale skin that laid next to you. Yoongi’s back was exposed to you, reminding you of what you were now able to call yours.

It was nice to finally be able to see Yoongi like this. For him to finally have a day off to be with you.

He usually spent most of his days at the studio, forgetting to come home and do things with you, but he had booked off this specific day to help you out.

The two of you had just recently moved in together and you were supposed to spend the day putting away boxes and setting things up. The living room still needed to be painted and you thought about conquering that.

He stirred softly beside you and you held your breath as he let out a little huff of breath. One eye seemed to peel itself open and he looked at you, just staring down at him.

The gummy smile you had found yourself becoming more and more familiar with came across his face and the both of you just stared at each other.

“Good morning sleepy head.” You whispered quietly. Yoongi’s arm came up, without saying another word, and he pulled you close just hugging your bottom half. You didn’t say a word as your hand found it’s way into his mop of grey hair.

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DIY: the Poppet Edition

Since people apparently really liked Ada, my joy poppet, I thought that maybe some of you would like a tutorial… So here goes!

Disclaimer: Since I’m in the broom closet and that I’m a real life dollmaker, I tend to make my poppets as complex and “clean looking” as possible so that people assume it’s just yet another of my dolls. You definitely don’t have to do it the way I do it, or even to follow a remotely similar aesthetic.

You’ll need:

• some paper
• a pen
• scissors
• fabric (stretchy is best for beginners)
• a sewing needle and some thread
• herbs
• crystals
• small items
• a taglock (since I only do these poppets for my own use, I use a small lock of my hair)
• stuffing
• something blunt and long, like a screwdriver.

First, draw the body’s silhouette on paper. I try to make mine fairly symmetrical because it makes creating the clothes easier but it’s not necessary. Also, you should think about what you’re planning to use your poppet for. For example, Ada’s job is to bring more happiness in my life and help me fight off anxiety, so she’s shaped like a cat because cats make me happy. Lucia, which I’ll be building in this tutorial, is a mourning poppet: her job is to help me mourn my father, dull the pain and help me accept that everything must end, so she’ll be shaped like a skeleton. Think about what your poppet is for, choose its body accordingly.

Then do an arm and a leg the same way. As you can see, I tried giving her a little hand and curved the foott, but a simple rectangle will do the job just as well. Her leg here is super short because I’m going to make her boots out of polymer clay. I don’t need it to be as long as it should since I’ll glue the boots on later.

Now pick a fabric and draw each part twice. Chose the color accordingly to your poppet’s purpose and your personal taste. Also, if your poppet is going to be small like Ada and/or you’re a beginner… Pick some stretchy fabric, like an old t-shirt! Afterward you’ll have to turn it inside out and the stiffer the fabric, the more you’ll cry. Trust me.

Using an old t-shirt you don’t wear anymore makes your poppet even more personal! Yet another side benefit of loving yourself instead of keeping on using linen because you love the feel of it, but your poppets are pretty much drenched by tears of frustration by the time you’re done. Why do I keep doing that.

Now cut the silhouettes off, leaving some wiggle room. If you use a fabric that doesn’t fray, like an old t-shirt hint hint, you don’t have to leave a huge amount of fabric on the side. If you picked something that was probably weaved in hell, like satin, get your pinking shears out. if you don’t have pinking shears, use some fabric glue to stop the fraying. If you don’t have fabric glue, well. Good luck.

I sorta forgot to take pictures of the in-between stage, sorry. So uh. Just sew the two body silhouettes together, and each limbs, folding them on themselves. Remember to leave a hole big enough so that you can turn everything inside out.

Don’t worry too much about it being perfect: as long as it’s tight enough to not spill the stuffing, it’s good enough. While I try to make my seam lines as discreet as possible (to be more discreet about my practice), I find contrasting seams super appealing visually. So if you want to experiment with that, knock yourself out.

Start stuffing the limbs. For Lucia, I’m using the stuffing I stole from an old pillow. For Ada, I used leftover wool because that’s what I had handy. For others I used rice. Whatever works for you. As you can see, I’m using a screwdriver to push each little cotton ball all the way down. Don’t stuff the arms too much, or your poppet won’t be able to lower it arms. Unless that’s what you want.

For the body, I usually just stuff the head and the bottom of the body with cotton balls and then keep the belly and chest empty so I can fill it up with herbs and items. You could fully stuff the poppet with herbs if you’d like, or just mix a pinch with the cotton balls. See what works best for you.

Here Lucia already has one arm sewed on because I got impatient.

Here, I got my herbs ready in my mortar and put them in a small cup for easy access. Start filling up the poppet’s chest and belly (but not too much, you want some space left). Just so you know, that step tends to be pretty messy so… Do that somewhere where getting herbs everywhere isn’t much of a problem.

Pick herbs related to your poppet’s mission. For Lucia, I used linden (grief-relief after death), thyme (provides strength and courage, wards off grief), lavender (eases heartbreaks, soothing) and sage (self purification, deals with grief and loss, removes negative energy).

I didn’t take the previous step in pictures, because the items I picked where pretty personal and I don’t feel like showing them. But I can list them.

Here’s what I put inside of her:
• pink quartz (for love)
• a skull bead (for death)
• a taglock (I always use a lock of my hair tied with a red thread)
• something that belonged to my dad (it was hard to let go of it)

Again, pick everything according to the poppet’s mission. If you give yours the job to ward off curses or to help you cast spells, your list will be probably very different from mine. Take time to research what you want to use, think of how it symbolizes her mission.

I sewed on the limbs because I felt like it. You can do this later if you want, it doesn’t really matter.

So now the step shown in this picture is “the letter”. It’s an important step because that’s where you state the poppet’s purpose. And it’s also where you name your poppet (names have power, take time to think about it)! It’s not a very complicated step, though, you just need a pen and some paper.

My letters usually go this way:

“Dear (name),

You are my (purpose) poppet. You will always do (thing). You will always help me with (thing) by doing (thing). I give you this (crystal) to symbolize (thing), this (item) to symbolize (thing), this (precious thing) to symbolize (thing). I also give you my (taglock) to symbolize our bound together.

With Love,

(my name)”

Personalize it whichever way you see fit. Fold the letter tightly, put it inside the poppet, finish filling it with the herbs.

Now that the poppet’s all filled up and ready, sew close the hole and sew on the limbs if you haven’t done it already. You can now give your poppet a face. You can embroider it, paint it with fabric paint or acrylic, or use beads, or markers, or buttons, or anything you want. Be as creative as you want.

Once you’re done, you can add a sigil on it (I like to do it some place others can’t see, like under the clothes), and give some hair and some clothes to your little one. Or don’t! It all comes down on your instincts now, what feels appropriate and what doesn’t. Even if your poppet isn’t perfect, take some time to appreciate its existence. At first there wasn’t anything but a bunch of supplies and you made SOMETHING. And if that’s not magic, I don’t know what is.

As you can see on that picture, Lucia isn’t finished yet, but I’m working on her clothes and accessories right now. Once she’s fully clothed and ready, the only thing she’ll need will be to be activated, so I’ll leave her to charge on my altar for one night. And in the morning, I’ll wake her up by kissing her forehead so she can start doing her job.

Making a foam wig head bigger for better styling!

Most cosplayers know that store bought wig heads are usually undersized. Like, really undersized. So after getting fairly frustrated while trying to style a ponytail wig or two on a too small foam head, I decided to add to mine so they match my head circumference. The end product assumes you have the ability to sew, but you can also finish with a tape-only version if you so wish.

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barelytherenotallhere  asked:

Prompt: chuck clayton vowed to get Betty back for what she did to him, so he decided to humiliate her by doing something to her cheer uniform in the middle of a big crowd, juggie helped her cover up by giving her his flannel shirt...

(This is rather angsty, I’m sorry!! Hope you like it, dear!!! Thank you for requesting! <3)

With hands hidden inside the pockets of his jeans and headphones adorning his neck as usual, Jughead made lazily his way to the central park of their small town, already detecting the hordes of people that filled the historic site from a corner away. Today was a big day for Riverdale.

Today marked the 60th anniversary of the foundation of Riverdale’s very famous and very beloved varsity team, their River Bulldogs, and the town had worn its best to celebrate its athletic stars. Like any other year at this date, every street and every shop were decorated with flags and posters and banners and shiny confetti, all in the colors of blue and gold. Bakers were selling lemon cupcakes with yellow frosting and blue sprinkles, Sheriff Keller was patrolling with only the blue lights flickering on top of his police car, even Pop’s had a special menu for the day, consisting of hotdogs and fries served in blue and yellow wrappers along with a blue raspberry milkshake. The peak of all these festivities was a huge gather around at Riverdale’s Central Park where music, food and dance lasted till the small hours. Yeah, their town was crazy just like that.  

Jughead could always remember himself slouching in a booth as Pop’s at such date, gloomy and grumpy at how ridiculous and pointless such fiestas were in his opinion. However, this year he could feel a tad of excitement run to his system, just like any other high schooler or resident of this town. It wasn’t because the event was a tad bigger this year – sixty years for some reason were a big deal – nor because Chuck Clayton and his gooneys’ squad wouldn’t be the guests of honor, bragging and sporting cocky grins like always – even though that was indeed very satisfying. It was because a certain blonde haired, blue eyed someone could barely hold back her own radiating thrill and wide smile this whole passed week.

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Remember how for a long time we were like, yeah, we’re not going to offer full patterns because a lot of costumes have sizing shenanigans? Well, we’ve decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot anyway.

Coming very soon, our first full costume pattern, this one for Faye from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadow of Valentia! It includes patterns for her blouse, skirt, apron, bows, bag and two different cape options –– everything but the boots and cape chain, basically! It’s being offered in “one size”, which is a 30″ waist and 36″ bust, but given the loose fit of the design and easy seam lines, we figured it’s a great place to start and easy to alter. We also want to push people to try some new things, so the pattern is designed with some optional pintucking, as well as a lot of practice in bow-making and topstitching.

It’ll be available on our store in the coming week, if everything goes according to plan. We just need to format everything you see above and add in a bunch of illustrations, and then it’ll be good to go!

Ideally, we’d also like to do more patterns for FE: Echoes, as the game looks to be pretty low on accessory kit options thus far. So far we’re looking at Genny, Silque and Mae, as well as doing some generic-class patterns, but we’d love to take suggestions for consideration. Drop us a note in our askbox or hit the ? below!

- Jenn


I want to be inside you, and you know damn well what I mean.

I want to be so close to you that they can’t find the seam; the line that seperates your life from mine.

In the early morning, I sometimes wake up from a nightmare where I had never met you, and thank God you sleep deep, because I fold myself into your shallow breaths to beat back the lingering sadness.

In the evening, when we lay on our legs and rub eachothers feet, I can’t help but recognize these footprints on my heart.

Your laughter, oh girl. I wish I could bottle it up and keep it for days when you’re not around to make me love living.

The next time I kiss you, I’m keeping my eyes open. Because it’s been so long I don’t want to miss a second of your beauty.

—  @cyrusbriar

Suggestions needed!

I always value everyone’s feedback! It’s always very helpful! Some other ideas for these shorts might be to add a draw string, get rid of the seam lines (white and pink), or make them bigger??? Thanks guys!


A rare Elsa Schiaparelli couture military inspired evening coat, 1935

Schiaparelli London label, numbered 26519, of heavy red twill ‘Rouge Gaulois’ wool by Ducharne, the triangular front yoke with six pendant gilt curleque buttons, designed by Jean Cocteau, with unfinished, top-stitched seams, half lined in red silk.

The wool used in this coat is redolent of British Horse Guards uniforms. The stiffness of the fabric emphasizes the severe, clean lines of the tailoring. 

Word Count:  3,231

Author’s Note:  The best part of being back at work full time is that I’ve got ample room to day dream, which means killer (IMHO) one-shot ideas. I ended up knitting Scotty’s hat from 2009 this week (it looks badass), and I just  thought of this story idea.

I promised y’all a new story every Saturday, and it’s officially 2:46 a.m. on Saturday. So here ya go. Enjoy!

Disclaimer:  I used a handful of lines from Star Trek (2009), so all credit for those lines go to Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci.

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a percabeth story set mostly after blood of olympus.

rated t

words: 4440

i. you taught me the courage


           She designs them a house when he’s missing. It’s in-between the schoolwork and working on Leo’s dream of a ship, but it somehow makes her feel slightly better. Here’s a house, a house that she’s designed, for them, and if it’s etched onto paper, which means that it’s going to come true.

           It has to.

           She picks up a colored pencil that someone had named ocean, and colors in the front door. Blue, she thinks, because that’s what he would like.

           She tucks the drawing under her pillow when she’s done, along with a dozen another notes about it’s structure, and it crinkles when she lays down her head to go to sleep that night.

           (She dreams about that house, but this time it’s real, and Percy’s standing in the doorway, waiting to welcome her home.)

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A Maria Gallenga stencilled persimmon velvet medieval inspired gown, 1920s

Un-labelled, printed with repeat gingko leaf shaped repeats in silver and gold, the fagotted shoulder seams inset with wide coral glass beads, the long sleeves with pointed cuffs adorned with gold crochet bauble buttons, curved lightly gathered waist side seams, trained hem, lined in matching crêpe, with matching draw-string purse

anonymous asked:

Would going on estrogen effect broad shoulders? I have really broad, fairly masculine shoulders and they make me really dysphoric.

Chrissi says:
Unfortunately not my sweetpea…

Oestrogen does not alter your skeletal structure, unless taken pre puberty, and even then, if you have broad shoulders then it wont help you. I’m sorry lovely, there's a lot oestrogen can do, but it can’t do that… :(
However, if they make you dysphoric, there are some things you can do to help with that.
Here’s a Chrissi special top tips list peeps! ;

1. Emphasise your waist while balancing out your figure.

Think peplum, it cinches your waist but the flaring on the bottom balances out your shoulders. Also, omgosh pretty.

2. Avoid tops with detailing at the shoulders, or balance them out with volume on your lower half.

If you have a beautiful top with detail on the shoulder, pair it with a flowy skirt that balances out your shoulders and lower body.

3. Embrace the skater skirt, she’s your friend.

Skater skirts flare out to balance your lower body with your upper body, so even with a detailed top, proportions are balanced.

4. Yay to scoop and v-necks.

Wearing lower cut tops keeps the attention away from your shoulders, leading the eye down instead of from left to right.

5. Avoid structured shoulders and pads.

Shopping for the perfect blazer or jacket? Try finding one without structure or padding, or remove the pads for a sleeker look. If your favourite blazer or jacket is padded but awesome, pair with a flowy skirt or patterned pants to balance your lower half out.

6. Sport a long necklace.

Like v-neck tees, long necklaces bring the eye naturally downward.

7. Pair a dark top with light bottoms, creating the illusion of a narrower upper-half.

This doesn’t have to mean sticking to black on top and white on bottom, as long as the top is darker than the bottoms, your figure will appear more balanced.

8. When choosing tank tops and halter necks, the thicker the strap, the better.

The more material between the neck and shoulder, the smaller your shoulders will seem.

9. Know the types of tops that will accentuate the broadness of your shoulders.

Strapless and off-the-shoulder tops lead the eye to the shoulders, sometimes making them seem even wider than they naturally are. Avoid the extra attention by pairing one of these tops with a bottom that adds volume, or go for a full-bodied dress. Because sexy sexy sexy.

10. Make sure the seam lines on your shirts and jackets actually fall on the edge of your shoulder.

The seam lines on your shirts and jackets are made to fall on the edge of your shoulder, so if they’re anywhere closer in toward your neck, it will make your shoulders appear further extended.

11. Go for a diagonal cut sleeve, rather than horizontal.

Horizontal sleeves will add weight to your shoulders, while a diagonally cut sleeve will soften the area.

12. Choose jackets and cardigans that elongate your figure.

Cropped jackets look boxy, which can make your upper body look wide and short, accentuating your shoulders.

13. Sign yourself up for a drawer full of dolman sleeves.

A dolman top’s sleeve has a dropped seam and usually a wide top and narrow wrist opening. Due to the natural slouchiness of this garment and the dropped seam line, shoulders appear slouched downward, not outward.

14. Puffy sleeves, though cute as hell, will definitely draw eyes to your shoulders.

The puffiness extends the shoulder line and adds bulk to the top, so balance the perfect puffy-sleeved top with a patterned pair of bottoms or perhaps a skirt of a lighter colour than the top.

15. Invest in a kimono top.

The extra material in a kimono sleeve flares out past your shoulders to minimize them.

16. Choose dresses and tops with an empire line.

Empire lines cinch under the bust line, thus drawing attention to the smaller part of your torso rather than your shoulders. Dresses that are full and flared will give additional volume to your lower half, drawing the eye downward.

17. When sporting a collar or lapel, go for something thin and narrow.

For shirts and jackets: go collarless whenever possible to minimize attention to that area.
For blazers: a narrow lapel will bring the attention down and in, whereas a wide lapel brings attention outward.

18. Trick an observer’s eye downward with detailed bottoms.

Embellished skirts or patterned pants paired with a plain top will bring the attention down low instead of up top. Ruffles, pleats, beading, lace, and patterns all fit the bill on this one.

19. If you’re going to wear skinny jeans, pair them with a plain top.

While glorious for boots weather, skinny jeans taper your lower body, making your top half look more voluminous. Pair with a v-neck tee or a top like the one above that draws attention downward and you’ll be good.

But honestly, do what works for you, girl.

Own it. Work it. Love it.


I’ve never liked this city living dress, it’s just weird with the lines and the shape.


I removed the lines (seams on the chest and skirt), recolored it and added a belt.

I kind of really like it now. 

1st screen is the original

2nd is the removal of the seams and recolor

3rd and 4th are with the belt.

(It’s not perfect because the seams aren’t completely covered where the belt is but I’m not gonna be looking that closely at my sims, lol)

I’ll Be Good - Part 11

Masterlist -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 10  -  Part 12

Summary: Series - You’re an old colleague of Natasha’s who finds herself face to face with the Winter Soldier on the wrong end of an Avengers’ op. Chapter – Tired of the Avengers arguing about how to deal with you and your secrecy you decide to come clean, in your way, putting your arrangement with them at risk.

Warnings: Swearing, brief mentions of murdery feels

Word Count: 1785

Author’s Note: Weee! All aboard the Angst Express! This is the final stop on our way to Angstville, U.S.Angst, commonly known as Part 12. Notable sightseeing en route to Angstville (aka Part 12) include, but are not limited to: 1) a healthy dose of angst 2) a little more Bucky’s POV this time, 3) reader stirring the pot! Because I JUST LOVE TO WRITE IT. 4) another bit of a cliff hanger… sorry… I’m a brat.

Originally posted by strictly-bucky

Bucky was completely incredulous and had rushed into the room without a second thought. He couldn’t believe the words that had come tumbling out of Steve’s mouth. When had his friend, his always-do-the-right-thing, I-hate-bullies best friend, started to think of the people around him as weapons and tools for this war that he was perpetually fighting? Bucky knew his own words were hurtful, but watching Y/N was unbelievable.

When he’d first passed her in the hall she looked small and almost timid watching Steve and Tony thundering away about her, how to handle her, but when she strode up to Steve she was bold and intimidating. Her words were sharp and targeted and had left Steve speechless.

However much Steve needed to hear it, Bucky was more struck by a cruel sadness that weighed heavy as he watched her tear down the security she’d built here brick by brick. He knew he was watching her self-destruct.

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List of Tutorials

How To Make Clothes for The Sims 3 From Start to Finish


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Marvelous Designer: Making sure your top will fit over pants in game!

Reducing Poly Counts

Making Meshes Two Sided

Bigger and correct UV Maps in Blender

Properly UV mapping Dresses and adding Panties

Adding a Body to your Mesh the right way

Editing the Multiplier in Photoshop

Creating A Specular Map (avoids shininess in CAS)

Making part of your mesh Transparent/Sheer

Adding Texture to Clothes:

Part 1: Creating Textures

Part 2: The Multiplier

Part 3: The UV Map

Fixing Bone Assignments (Clipping Issues and Stretched Clothing when Moving)

Fixing Black Holes

General Fixes (Weird hands, weird shadows)

Neck seams and gaps, arm seams/lines and shadows that will not go away

Long top clipping through legs when seated or long trousers clipping through feet etc.

Stop Buttons Stretching!

Making Accessories


TSRW Checklist, please go through this before you share!


Other CC Tutorials


TS4 to TS3 functional object conversions

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Skintones: custom ramps and thumbnails

Previewing Skins / Textures in Blender

Adding hair to toddler skins

Other/ Mixed:

Tutorial: Retexturing, Stencils, Overlays and Recolorable Parts

Changing Pattern scale on Objects & Clothes

Adult Makeup Conversion to Kids & Toddlers

Making toddlers look like babies

Previewing CC in Blender UPDATED


Other Improving Game Tutorials

Recommendations for Gaming PC

Reshade 2.0 for Laptops

How to Use CC Magic

Installing worlds as .packages

Reducing the size of CC without deleting

Cleaning Package Files for Smaller Size

How to clean and sort your CC for a smooth game!

Fixing SweetFx (A low running HQ mod with lighting)

Converting Patterns to Packages without errors

Fixing installed packs that have CC that shows up for the wrong ages, or changing the category downloaded CC shows up in

i. the girl you love is a magic trick. swallowing swords, swallowing fire. sometimes the swords come up dressed in blood. sometimes the swords find homes in her ribs & don’t come up at all.
ii. the girl you love is a magic trick. disappears in a swirl of a cloak & erases herself from your sight; vanishing act made easy. sometimes she hides her body so well that she can’t find herself again.
iii. the girl you love is a magic trick. slices herself in halves and opens up like a fruit for you to look inside. sometimes the seams don’t line up right & she can’t stitch herself together anymore.
iv. we teach our girls to be exhibitions of twisted artwork: be tolerant, be invisible, be this & this & this. if you love her, tell her she doesn’t have to be magic; she can be herself & you’d love her just the same.
—  girls aren’t meant to be your entertainment | inkmagician
Chapter 3 - Line my seamed up join - Port_in_a_storm - Emmerdale [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Robert Sugden returns to Emmerdale in 2016, having been sent away at the age of 16 to a boarding school, and disappearing seemingly off the face of the earth after that. He returns a smug, self-satisfied and arrogant man. But he hides a secret; a past which has ruined him twice over, and he is determined not to let it happen a third time. Things have a way of never truly fading away, however. This time though, his life will be turned around by one Aaron Dingle.

Written for a tumblr prompt 

Chapter 3 FINALLY written and up! Epic apologies to @justlivealietonight who has waited incredibly patiently for about 600 years for this update!