I completely reject the idea that just because I’m doing better in school, I have better mental health than someone who isn’t doing well or not attending school.

Look, it’s fine that people are taking breaks from classes because they can’t bring themselves to attend or are taking the time to self-care and heal, but just because it looks like I have it “together” academically or socially or whatever doesn’t mean you can erase whatever mental health problems I am currently going through and selfishly say that yours are more serious. It’s not okay.

I am sick of people erasing my depression, anxiety, eating disorder, and PMDD by saying that I should pick up someone else’s slack because it looks like I’m neurotypical and “doing better” compared to others going through more obvious and visible and more vocal symptoms of depression, anxiety, etc. Like, it is fucking killing me. 

I am falling apart at every seam. I am not okay. I have learned to hide it better. I don’t show it. I don’t breathe it. I don’t talk it. I don’t go flashing around my history and abuse and mental health issues out with people who I know won’t give me the validation I deserve. You all make me feel hollow on the inside. Please just stop.


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