I’m not into pranking people, so I decided I’d show you some animals that look silly instead.

Andean Cock of the Rocks (ALWAYS WATCHING)

Arabian sand boas (DOING THEIR BEST)

Dik diks (SMALL?????????)

Softshell turtles (SMOOTH BOYS)

Christmas tree worms (FESTIVE FRIENDS)

Saiga antelopes (I LOVE YOU BUT WHY)

Baikal seals (ROUND BOYS)

Ladies, Gents and Whatever You Call Yourself’s of the Tumbler, I’d like you to meet a seal.

Specifically, this one.

Look at it judgingly glaring your way across its shoulder. What the hell do you want?

I want more people to learn about a very endangered species of seal, which only live in a single lake-system and oddly enough, not many people know about.
Where does this unknown, speckled beauty live in?
Fucking Finland. Yes, in an in-land lake-system, in FINLAND.
Yes. The Saimaa Ringed Seal lives in the lake-system of Saimaa and Saimaa only. They got stuck there after one of the ice-ages and have decided to stay. Well a seal can’t really migrate so hey.

But why, you ask, do I bring you this quite normal looking seal? Its endangered as hell. Like, No joke. Finnish Government has for YEARS been trying to protect them and for some reason nobody has thought of telling other people about this species. At all. Its like a weird finnish in-joke. Only finns know. Nobody is told about the seals. Why? Because fuck Finland.

Lets look at the facts:
“The Saimaa ringed seal (Finnish: Saimaannorppa) is a subspecies of ringed seal (Pusa hispida). They are among the most endangered seals in the world, having a total population of only about 380 individuals.[2] The only existing population of these seals is found in Lake Saimaa, Finland (hence the name). The population is descended from ringed seals that were separated from the rest when the land rose after the last ice age. This seal, along with the Ladoga seal and the Baikal seal, is one of the few living freshwater seals.“ from Wikipedia
What’s that? The most endangered seal species in the world? INTERESTING.

Just, look!

How could you NOT want to protect this thing!?

All I want, is folks to share Finland’s own Big Slappy around, so more folks would know about them. No need to donate, no links to read more online. Seriously. I need more people to know about this hidden finnish gem of a seal, that’s all! I want more people to recognize Finland has this strange blubbery mammal living in one of its big lakes, hiding from the vast majority of the world!
Share the slaps people, lets make this remarkably cute and wholesome creature a finnish icon, like it deserves to be!

One more endangered as fuck slappy for the road