sealip said: i’ve been writing in a tiny tiny A6 size journal (it’s meant to be a daily planner) which has been super helpful because it lowers the expectation of how much you’re expected to write before you get bored :3 don’t give up!

Thank you! I think I’ll try to write today, it’s just I didn’t write yesterday either and I’m starting to forget things. Mrr, this is all because of Cassandra and her stupid diary! Sometimes I wonder how she had the patience to write it all down, because I’m starting to realize writing about your own life as if it was a novel isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I won’t give up, though!

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My thoughts to the anonymous person who is still scared of scales, if there's some way of sending this to them: if you can live a happy, pretty much ed-free life without stepping on the scales then never step on the scales! They are a relatively recent invention and do not have to be part of normal life. Everyone has fears that they avoid rather than overcome, be it snakes or heights or whatever. If avoiding the scales keep you happy, avoid them. :) x

Thanks so much for your advice, dear!


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Omfg did he give u the t shirt

nah but he left it at mine and i think from everything that he’s ever left at mine only one thing has ever made it back into his possession so effectively yes