sealing system

Prompt: “Fic where Bones and reader are stranded on a freezing planet and have to use body heat to keep warm ;) Fluff ensues” - Anon

Word Count: 1,306

Author’s Note:  Long time no see… again. I polished off another piece and I really hope you all liked it, I’ve been working on it for a few weeks and I finally found my pacing for it.  Also, the lovely @fandomheadrush drew something to go along with this piece, which I hope you all like as well! Thanks so much, Ree <3

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Summer Reading Program

A short fluff for @cerusee . Thanks to @preciousthingsareprecious for brainstorming! 

~2700 Words
Robin!Jason, Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth
Gen/Family Bonding
Tooth-rotting fluff

Summer Reading Program

The Manor library was quiet except for the ticking of a clock and Bruce Wayne was plowing through a stack of papers that needed signatures. He’d been working on it all day and had moved from the study an hour ago just for a change of scenery. If he finished enough of the thick ream of contracts and disclosures and other legal documents he’d previewed ahead of time, he wouldn’t have to do as much when things got crazy at night.

It had been a slow week for patrol and Bruce wasn’t sure how much longer it would last.

With a bang, the door flung open and Jason Todd shuffled into the room. His eyes were just visible above the tower of books and fliers balanced in his arms and he made a beeline for the desk Bruce was sitting behind. He eased the pile onto the edge of the desk and then set a flier right in front of Bruce, on top of a paper waiting for a signature.

It said SUMMER READING PROGRAM in large purple letters and had the Gotham County Public Library System seal printed in one corner. The illustration was a cartoonish crowd of fictional characters with various identifying costumes or trinkets.

“I need your help,” Jason said bluntly.

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Seal (Taehyung x Reader), pt. 1

You seal Taehyung in a teapot and call it a Taepot.

Request: If you’re still taking requests, could you write a fake-dating scenario with Taehyung? :D

Part 2Part 3 ○ more magical BTS here

fluff, 5.1k words, reader/taehyung, demon au

You shove the key into the lock; pushing open the door to your family’s shop, you hear the soft chime of the silver bells attached to the door. You run the checks to make sure all of the shelves are stocked: herbs, books, potions. You frown upon noticing the bottled hellfire is running low. You jot yourself a reminder, sticking it to the counter.

Once you’re done with your checks, you go to smooth down the posters, faded from the light of the sun. You smile at the largest one, which reads, “A local family-run exorcism business since 1920!” in big bold letters. You run your fingers over the worn poster one more time before heading to the storage room. That’s where you know he is.

Carefully, you push open the thick metal door and peek inside.


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Fire Emblem+siblings.

*I included Wolt because Roy thinks of him as a brother

Voltron Suits

Long discussion ahead

Okay Voltron fam.

So. I like. REALLY don’t get the Voltron suits. How do they work???? How/where do you get in them? Is there a zipper/seal system? Is the armor plating already attached? If not, how the hell do they attach??? Magnets?

I am a scuba diver and surfer and am very VERY intimately familiar with different suit types (I say ‘intimately’ with the full meaning…some suits can be, uh, tight) and I still cannot figure out how the suits work.

Best I can tell, unless the black ‘undersuit’ is distinct from the armor, the cuirass/pauldron is the only part that would really need to be completely distinct to be able to get into it.

I mean, you are not getting into that chest piece from the front unless you don’t have a clavicle. And I’m assuming they all have collarbones. 

I like the headcannon I’ve seen in fanfic of the undersuit being able to conform/seal to the individual after being donned (a la spiderman homecoming). But that thing has got to be intense awesome insulatory regulatory fabric. I mean, damn, they wear those in space, where its like super cold. I dive in Alaska and I wear a goddamn shit ton of insulation.

This is the undersuit that I wear under a drysuit to dive for 45 minutes in 38F (3C) water. Look at this beauty. A walking sleeping bag. Much warm, very snuggle. And I’m warm(ish) after the dive. Extremities get colder faster, which is why I wear these beauties 

Sexy, yeah??? I know. Kinky shit. Wait until you smell them…

AND then there are seals. Okay. Like, the single most biggest headache for anything that must be air or water tight. Wet suits; not a problem; water is supposed to get into the suit (a little). But dry suits?

Dry suits, yeah, you’re going to feel it if there’s a leak and get colder faster. And they are a pain in the ASS to get in and out of, and even worse to replace.You blow them out like ever 25 dives. and not cheap to replace. AND I have to prep every silicon/latex seal with talc powder. Not easy, not fast. Pain in the ass.  AND THEN you still have to attach your gloves 

Which looks easy, but it takes actual WITCHCRAFT and like three unseen/imaginary assistants backstage/a Toyota bumper to make work and I have stories omg

Which takes us to our favorite space team.


Visible; Neck seal. But. How do those helmets attach?? Are the booties and gloves par of the undersuit??  Protip; feet and hands wear SUPER fast The helmets seem to seal independently of the body suit (which makes sense, easier to remove) BUT WHERE DO THEY ATTACH????

Look at this sweet science child. YOU ARE IN SPACE??? HOW does your helmet attach???? 

HOW THE EVER LIVING FUCK DO THESE MAGICAL SPACE SUITS WORK? We see the Paladins remove their helmets like all the time? 

There goes The Squad w/out helms. When did they leave them behind? How did they know they could? Going to assume something tells them they could.


Back to suits.

My qualms, listed

1) how do they get into them

2) what the heck are they made out of that allows them to be in ACTUAL SPACE while maintaining homeostasis

4) Sealing technology? If have, please share I have spent so much $$$ on seals omg please help



A Concerned  envious Adventurer 

De Bange Mle 1877 long cannon

Manufactured in France c.1877 on to the late 19th century, designed by Charles Ragon de Bange.
155mm single shot breech loaded, rifled barrel.

Designed following the Franco-Prussian war, this cannon used the revolutionary de Bange gas seal system using a grease-soaked asbestos patch compressed by the firing process to seal the breech.

Although obsolete and mostly a fortress gun by World War 1, the Mle 1877 still saw use during the conflict because of course it did.

anonymous asked:

Oh! Do you headcannon that Tobirama has more red tattoos than the ones on his face, too? Because I can TOTALLY see that! It's a concept I've been wanting to play with for a while now and I'm so happy to see it with someone else! :D Also, Madara, get dat booty lol

My dear, you don’t know what Pandora’s box you have just opened. Because after @redhothollyberries had seen the drawing she went “you have ad headcanon for those? “ … not really?” “then WHY NOT …?” and here we are, those tattoo have an headcanon and is a long one, so get ready! (And say thanks to her because she wrote all of ours … ideas? Angsty brainstorming? In English, my “fancy” use of the language is going to stop here!)

Tobirama wasn’t always that OP. He was damn smart, but he wasn’t strong the way Hashirama was. He was quick, but weak when compared to his brother. Also, his albinism made him too sensitive to midday light and he was often sick.

When Hashirama discovered his mokuton, Tobirama felt left behind. He couldn’t help his brother, couldn’t protect him, if he couldn’t even keep up with him. So he started researching for way to make himself better. The stories said that the Uzumaki used fuinjutsu to change their bodies - why couldn’t he? He asked to be allowed to study with the Uzumaki, both he was denied - so he started studying on his own, making it up as it went.

The first thing he corrected were his eyes (the diagonal lines under each eyes), that neutralized his sunlight handicap. He was 13.

Next, he went about augmenting his speed and agility - the bands on his ankles and wrists. That fuinjutsu helped him channel his chakra in a more minute way than it naturally would. The bands around his ring fingers helped him control better his jutsu.

But he soon discovered they weren’t really effective: they were too chakra consuming. Those seals directed the chakra better, true, but they needed a lot and Tobirama didn’t have his brother’s reserves. So he came up with the spirals wrapping around his legs and arms (ankles, thighs, wrists and biceps): pieces of fuinjutsu that act like a battery, sapping at the chakra his body produce and storing it (the longer the spiral, the more chakra stored). With enough days of charge, he can have as much if not more chakra than his brother. This both supports his speed-enhancing seals and his suiton affinity.

Then, when he’s 15, he goes further. He’ s sick of being ill so often, so he creates a seal that fortifies his immune system, so that he won’t catch any more bugs (the seals on his chest and lower abdomen). Thing is, he doesn’t realize these new seals tap in the same chakra pathways the battery seals do. That means that when he’s off duty is immune system does work better - but when he releases the battery seals and floods his body with chakra, he overcharges the anti-illness seals and his immune system starts attacking his own body.

It takes months of usage before he realizes he’s ill - something he can’t cure because nobody realizes what’s happening. He suspects his seals to be the culprit, but he doesn’t know why or how. So he hides it - until he can’t hide it anymore and collapses. Touka and Hashirama are out of their minds with worry. They had never liked those seals.

Hashirama kidnaps Tobirama and runs to the Uzumaki. (@redhothollyberries is going to reblog this with a drabble, look out for it!)

There, he begs for them to save his brother. The Uzumaki are jealous of their medicine and fuinjutsu secrets, and would let Tobirama die - if it wasn’t for the daughter of the Clanhead, Mito, who isn’t about to let a boy die if she can help it. She’s cunning and smart, and persuades her father that it would be in their favour to have the Senju in their debt.

Hashirama agrees to whatever they might ask him, just please, save his brother. So the Senju ask for the Mokuton - they are a Clan of hotheads who want to make themselves better so of course they would be interested in it. They want to experiment on the Mokuton. Hashirama agrees on both giving them tissue samples and to taking an Uzumaki wife - with the catch that any mokuton child would be given to the Uzumaki.

Mito and the best of the clan save Tobirama, correcting the seals and adding the design going over the shoulders. In the meantime, Mito and Hashirama fall in love - later, Mito will persuade her father to marry her to Hashirama, and to make the treaty into a real alliance between the two clans.

When Mito eventually moves in with the Senju, she and Tobirama become best of friends. She teaches him what she knows of fuinjutsu, and helps him complete the set of seals: one on his back and around his neck to widen his chakra sensing range, and one on his chin to neutralize any poison.

And that, people, is how Tobirama becomes OP.

And some character reference! 

Ps: I asked for porn! But she was more interested on the “Fuuinjustu!” stuff *pout*


Gundam Build Fighters: GM’s Counterattack synopsis

“The day before the ceremony marking the completion of the Yajima Stadium, Nils Nielsen invites Sei Iori, Meijin Kawaguchi, and others to an exhibition battle using the new large-scale battle system he has designed. Now that they are all reunited, Sei attempts to show off the Build Strike Cosmos that he has upgraded for the exhibition, but then he notices something missing… Meanwhile, somebody takes control of the stadium’s systems, sealing Sei and the others inside. Before them appears a mysterious group, which has come to challenge them to Gunpla Battle.” 

Starts streaming August 25 on


Pieper M1893 Revolving Carbine, Mexican contract.

Manufactured in Belgium for the Mexican Rurales, serial number 112.
9-shots cylinder, 8x50mmR Pieper caliber.

The Pieper revolving carbine, unlike any other of this kind - usually spelling their uselessness, used the same gas-seal system as the Nagant M1895 revolver designed in 1886. The 8mm cartridge’s brass was very long, encompassing the whole of the bullet, and the cylinder pushed it forward on firing, creating a sealed bridge with the barrel when it expended. This allowed the fitting of a suppressor on the handgun and the use of a front grip on the carbine.

Ten years ago today (June 28, 2005), 19 brave warriors gave their lives during Operation Red Wings in Kunar province, Afghanistan. It was the most tragic day in Naval Special Warfare history and devastated the 160th SOAR as well. God speed to all these brave warriors and the families they left behind. Be sure to take a moment today to remember their bravery and sacrifice.

Names of the fallen during Operation Red Wings:

Sonar Technician (Surface) 2nd Class (SEAL) Matthew G. Axelson
Gunner’s Mate 2nd Class (SEAL) Danny P. Dietz
Chief Fire Controlman (SEAL) Jacques J. Fontan
Staff Sgt. Shamus O. Goare
Chief Warrant Officer Corey J. Goodnature
Senior Chief Information Systems Technician (SEAL) Daniel R. Healy
Sgt. Kip A. Jacoby 
Lt. Cmdr. Erik S. Kristensen (SEAL)
Electronics Technician 1st Class (SEAL) Jeffery A. Lucas
Lt. Michael M. McGreevy Jr. (SEAL)
Sgt. 1st Class Marcus V. Muralles
Lt. Michael P. Murphy (SEAL) 
Machinist’s Mate 2nd Class (SEAL) Eric S. Patton
Master Sgt. James W. Ponder III 
Maj. Stephen C. Reich
Sgt. 1st Class Michael L. Russell
Chief Warrant Officer Chris J. Scherkenbach
Quartermaster 2nd Class (SEAL) James Suh
Hospital Corpsman 1st Class (SEAL) Jeffery S. Taylor

Some Chinese Cartoons

One day I’ll add pics and make this actually formal and stuff. But for now…

我为歌狂/Music Up:

Summary: Two musically talented, insanely popular high school guys - but that’s about all they have in common. In fact, they hate each other’s guts. And yet, through complicated circumstances, they and two others join to form a four-man band, “OPEN.” Both individually and as a band, they face a variety of problems: financial, academic, familial, romantic, and everything in between, in order to pursue their dreams. (52 eps)

Commentary: This is set in modern(ish) day, real world. Made in 2001, so keep that mind when considering the animation quality. They do have a lot of good songs, since this IS a show about singers and pop bands. Overall the tone is pretty light. Some things are a lot more dramatic than they need to be but that’s fantastic. And a lot of the problems are highly relatable. Development of characters and relationships is def one of the selling points. HUGELY nostalgic for me and a lot of Chinese people it seems haha

Links: the second opening.

战龙四驱/Go For Speed:

Summary: Two years ago, the genius high schooler Fei won the minicar (4WD) racing Nationals. But only shortly afterward, he disappeared, with only a short note hinting at why. Now, his younger brother Dragon follows in his footsteps, designing and creating his own minicars to compete in the tournaments and steadily working his way up through the rankings. Along the way, he meets many people, makes friends and enemies, and struggles to find Fei and his reason for leaving. (64 eps)

Commentary: Modern/slightly future-day, real world (Shanghai!!). Okay so this show is based around like the gimmick of “minicar racing” - not sure what to really call it. The races are surprisingly fun to watch actually imo, with the technological abilities of the minicars, interactions between players, and obstacles to pass… but you’d probably have to decide that for yourself. For me, the biggest draw was probably the surprising number of subplots, which explore the complex relationships between all the characters - literally every single side character is well established and developed. Family and familial relationships play a pretty big role. Revenge and forgiveness are there too. I got hooked into this show when it was airing on TV solely because of one character haha. Caveat that it starts slow, I don’t know how much you’d actually like this, there needs to be some suspension of disbelief, and the animation quality isn’t fantastic… rip

Links: (a trailer, in english for some reason even though i’ve never found an english dubbed version of this and don’t want to. It mostly focuses on the racing aspect, but as before, don’t let that fool you, it’s surprisingly deep. Come for the races, stay for the chars) since when was this on youtube?? :o WAIT HOLY SHIT SINCE WHEN DOES THIS HAVE ENGLISH SUBS THIS IS A GAME CHANGER AAAAA NOW LIKE I MIGHT GO REWATCH THIS - just kidding, only the first episode. Man what a letdown

弹珠传说/Danzhu Legend:

Summary: This is a world where people have Danzhu battles: competitions involving channeling your magic energy into Shooters to launch marble-like Danzhu at targets. These objects have great power, but, so far, no one has decided to take advantage of it… until now. One day, a young boy who has always dreamed of becoming a Danzhu battler is chosen by one of the five Legendary Shooters. He journeys into the mountains to seek training from the Danzhu Master, where he meets the other four Legendary wielders and learns that their job is to stop the evil threatening to take over their world. (52 eps)

Commentary: Fantasy world. So this is like your pretty standard “boy discovers power and works to save the world” story, but still enjoyable in its own right. The gimmick of this are the aforementioned Danzhu. The Guardians are also very important; all Shooters are linked to a spiritual animal/creature/something that’s the basis of power. The battles are all very cool! Quick disclaimer: for various reasons I am more familiar with this show than maybe any other of the ones here. This fact made me appreciate how much potential this story had, but also made me realize all of its flaws. There are a lot of things it could have done better - character development jumps to mind, because aside from the MC and one of the antagonists, most of them don’t change all that much. Also there’s lots of recycled animation. Just keep these caveats in mind. However, I still found the adventure/plot/magic very exciting to watch, a healthy dose of idealism and humor as well as tension/smarts/raw courage, so if you’re interested in that aspect more, I’d recommend this!

Links: ALL THE EPISODES ARE ON YOUTUBE ONCE MORE PRAISE this is very helpful for me because when i needed them to be on youtube, someone had like taken all of them down, which was very upsetting, but now they are back again, glorious playlist isn’t in order but you should watch the opening theme to get a feel for it - if you want even more of a feel, watch to 4:50, which is kinda like a prologue and a better summary of what I said above lol

开心宝贝/Happy Heroes:

Summary: Just read what’s on tvtropes tbh haha (link below) (Ongoing, 10 seasons, 52 eps each (except season 8 which was 40 eps) )

Commentary: Imo the best seasons were 3, 5, 6, and 8. After 8 the animation style changed a bit and the humor quality kinda went down…well, that might just be me, though. Either way, though, there are so many amazing earlier episodes, and I’ve gotten really attached to all the characters. It being a kids show, there’s no super deep plot or lasting impact of anything (aside from the last arc of season 7, heh. I remember watching when it came out in 2014 and flipping out bc I did NOT expect that, knowing HH) but it’s still thoroughly enjoyable. There are also two movies: the second movie is kinda confusing and meh but the first movie is pretty good and I think you can find it on youtube. In fact I believe all the episodes are on youtube, but I imagine you have those links already

Links: is the channel with everything. Watch the trailer for season 8! It’s v epic and got me hyped when it released.


Movie 1: (there are english subs too! haha)

Movie 2 isn’t worth watching trust me

星游记/Rainbow Sea:

Summary: Years ago, a man dressed in all red made a declaration to the universe: behind the largest black hole was a mysterious place called Rainbow Sea, a place where any dream could be fulfilled. Enchanted by the stories, people from across the universe joined the man in red in his journey. Unfortunately, no one ever returned. Rainbow Sea was scoffed at as a myth and a lie. The man in red was cursed, nicknamed by people as the Red Demon. The sinister organization known as the Galactic Eyes quietly gained control of the Solar System and numerous other star systems, sealing off the planet where the Red Demon had come from, Earth, and forbidding any ships from entering or leaving. Now, ten years later, the Red Demon’s son Maidang has reached adolescence and is determined to fulfill the pinky promise made to his father before he left: to reunite with him at Rainbow Sea.

Commentary: Quality stuff right here. Best part is the backstories of all these characters, there’s some really moving stuff. The characters are p great - Maidang is so inspiring, Gudong is highly relatable, Diya is awesome… The art style (esp for their eyes) is really nice. …Not much else to say off the top of my head, esp since the story is far from over, but even if it starts off slow, this is definitely worth your time!

Links: all the episodes. The opening theme/sequence was what got me hooked, you should def watch it (up to like 1:20 or whatever, then if you want like a prologue watch to like 3:07)

26 eps so far. Season 2 and after are apparently going to be “web movies” instead of episodes, something like 60 minutes each, and will cost money (rip) but I’m sure they’ll show up for free somewhere eventually. Fingers crossed this’ll be soon. Wanna join me in hiatus hell :DD


Summary: Kan is happily chatting with his closest friend on an ordinary school day when, all of a sudden, he finds himself pulled into an alternate fantasy world. This world is filled with Zinba, large and powerful creatures that may form bonds with select humans, called Linkers, for immense battle power. After becoming a Linker with one of the strongest Zinba ever to exist, Kan joins the peacekeeping Dux force of the kingdom of Toria and fights against the various evils threatening the land, all while trying to find his way back to his own world. (52 eps)

Commentary: Okay, so you know, I wouldn’t recommend this as much as some of the others on this list, esp since it’s the most recent Chinese show I actually watched, but it made enough of an impact on me to have it worth talking about. I started watching bc a) it showed up as recommended for me on youtube, b) the opening is SICK as HECK, and c) the protag of this is voiced by the same person as the protag of DZL, and generally looks/acts kinda similar haha. Anyway, overall thoughts: basically, it had a lot of unrealized potential. The world and the character designs are AMAZING. I liked the animation. The plot is interesting, with a surprising number of plot twists as to who’s the real ultimate villain. But there could have been So Much More development – we could’ve gotten more thorough backstories for the main crew, for example, or seen more of the world/magic/tech, but instead a lot of the people as well as Zinba just… exist, as static and boring entities. There were like two interesting characters total (Kan’s aforementioned “normal” friend being one of them heh). Kan himself was suuuuper annoying, esp at the beginning. (can you tell I really appreciate/prioritize the characters of a show?) However, some moments were quite well done and epic, and I wrote some fanfiction and commentary on basically every episode, so it holds a place in my heart. Also, there is a full English dub lmaooo (the voices suck but the translations for names/places/etc are interesting) (episode 1 has 318k views??? That’s a TON for a chinese cartoon)

Links: the opening which is good and worth watching, full playlist, lol

“When you grow up inside a sealed Vault, your immune system doesn’t develop resistance to Wasteland diseases. Most of us who left Vegas didn’t make it far. The ones that did have been living outside for seven years. They have lives out here, and–” He pauses, like he’s weighing whether to continue. “I think they’re scared to see how few of us are left. I am, too.”

me, crying alone about isaac joshua levitt

modern queens | nitocris

“gentlemen,” nitocris held up a glass of champagne, a false smile on her lips which were painted a dark red. “today, we celebrate a great achievement, something unmatched by the rest of society. today, we have gathered in celebration of the rights of the people.”

each of the men at the table raised their glass, unaware grins on their faces. nitocris let them keep their happiness, taking a sip of her wine. her dark eyes scanned over all of them, pure hatred burning beneath her gaze. you killed him, you all killed him and now you sit, in my home, for me to do the same to you. she had it all planned to the last detail. with the help of every member of her staff, she had rigged the plumbing system and sealed the dining room. all that was waiting now, was for the trigger.

“if you’ll excuse me for a moment.”

the moment she closed the door and sealed it behind her, nitocris heard the first shouts of alarm begin. two of her bodyguards met her at the door.

“ma’am, the trap has been triggered, and we are ready to escort you to safety.”

nitocris glanced over her shoulder towards the growing screams of those who had murdered her husband filled her ears. the water was moving far faster than even she had predicted. a slow smile of true happiness spread over her features. “no, i don’t want your safety.” pushing past them, nitocris headed to her room. there was very little left for her to do now; before long, it would become clear what she had done, and people would be calling for her blood.

best not to keep them waiting.