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Gender: Female

Star Sign: Pisces 

Height:  5 foot 4 inches (I honestly dont know,but this is the closest i can guess)

Sexual Orientation: heterosexual,yeah,lets go with that

Hogwarts House: I maybe a Hufflepuff..i have no idea. 

Favorite Colour(s): Pink and Green

Favorite Animal: Seals! I love a lot of animals but they’re my top. 

Average hours of sleep:I have no idea. Maybe 9-6 hours. 

Cat or dog person:Both. Since we have both. 

Favourite Fictional Character: Hmmmmmmm,i actually never thought about this. lol 

Number of blankets 2 blankets. ^^

Favourite singer/band: UKISS, Big Bang, BIGFLO,TOPP DOGG,NINE MUSES,Baek Jiyoung,Jay Park,Ciara, a little bit of Beyonce. I have a list

Dream Trip: to go somewhere peaceful. 

Dream Job: To maybe teach or do something abroad. 

When was this blog made: I had one when i first started in like 2012,2013 but i had to delete it because it gotten hacked. So this was made in like April of last yr i think. 

Numbers of followers:151

What made you decide to create this blog: My sister had one first but she gotten mad that i kept using her’s so i made one for myself. 

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I’ve just whipped up a batch of silly sea-inspired valentines (with even sillier punny messages), now up for digital download on my Etsy (

The file is set up so it prints easily on an 8.5″ x 11″ sheet of paper and only needs a few quick cuts to trim them into a sweet little pile of happy oceanic thoughts!


Here’s my (late) contribuition to Valentine’s Day!!
It should have been rc9gn but… I’m trying to get back into the swing of other shows~
Every Main 6 ship has my ultimate seal of approval, I love every single one, here’s some of the ones I haven’t paid enough attention to though ♥
Pinkie stahp ur scarin twi

so i never really trust anyone around me. because one second you’d feel like they’re the one who cares the most about you, then the other second you felt like nothing to them.

and even i feel so distant to my family. they ignored me too much, and now when they try to get closer, i push them away. i sealed myself from the outside world.

i’ve always feel so lonely. so empty. i dont let people see what’s behind these walls, but i want to see someone trying,

i want someone who is willing to fight for me

someone who spends their time wondering am i doing fine

someone who will be there to listen to my 3am thoughts

someone who would always check up on me

someone who’d tell me how much i meant to them, that the more i hold my shield, the more they will try to see what’s behind it

i want to see someone giving all their effort for me. don’t give up on me. i just want to feel the feeling of being wanted.

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Famous musicians talk about Queen and Freddie Mercury.