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EXO’s Reaction to: girlfriend receiving best female award

Xiumin: If they were openly dating, then Minseok would proudly smile at you and blow kisses, making you blush as you made your acceptance speech. If you weren’t, then he would have to bite his lip, clapping politely like the rest of the crowd. After MAMA, when all the glitz and glamour is gone and you two are alone in simple clothing, no makeup; he would squeeze you in a hug and tell you how proud he is and how much you deserve that award.

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Luhan: Whether your relationship was out or not, he wouldn’t be able to contain his excitement. Turning to Minseok, Luhan would pull on his arm, beaming like a schoolboy. He would be laughing and derping out, clapping like a seal as you accepted the award.

Kris: If your relationship was known, he would try to act cool but this dork would end up looking at you in awe as you accepted the award, thinking you were so beautiful and talented. It would be so obvious to everyone looking at him that he was in love. And even if the relationship was secret, his reaction would still be the same and people would probably figure out that you were his girlfriend based on that.

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Suho: Presuming that it’s an outed relationship, he’d have been sitting on the edge of his seat, waiting for the announcement and when your name was called, he sprung to his feet and clapped madly. Embarrassed by his leader, Kai pulled on his arm, trying to get him to sit down. If you two were a secret item, he would beam to himself, maybe look proudly at the boys if they knew. Your congratulations would be received after the show, where he would be touchier than usual – holding your hand, peppering your face with kisses. He was just so happy and wanted you to know that.

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Lay: In an open relationship; he would grin, dimples on display and clap proudly. If you two were sitting together, he would peck your cheek when you came back, admiring your award in awe and holding your hand until MAMA ended. Secret relationship; he would try and fail to hold back a smile as your name was announced. After the award show, he would post a selca with you, mentioning how much he admired your work and that you deserved to win.

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Baekhyun: If the world knew you two were dating, he would shoot some aegyo at you but if not, he would blend in with the crowd; clapping, cheering, smiling. Until you two were alone and out of the public eye, where he would nuzzle against you, inhaling your sweet perfume and murmuring how proud he was against your neck. (You’re Tao.)

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Chen: Assuming that everyone knew you were both dating, he would grin and send you a wink. After the show, he would make you pose with your award and put it up on weibo and Instagram. The caption would make fun of you yet call you beautiful and talented at the same time. However, if the relationship was a secret; Jongdae would maybe wave at you if you caught his eye but other than that, he would be good at hiding it in front of the cameras. lol D.O

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Chanyeol: It would be hard for your relationship to be a secret full stop. So you guys would have to be open about it since this tall puppy would just stare at you in awe and then explode into eye twitching smiles, clapping and bouncing up and down when your name was announced. It would be obvious you two were dating by the way he looked/acted around you. As you passed EXO’s table, he grabbed your hand and kissed your cheek, eyes following you back to your table and resting on you for the rest of the show.

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D.O: In an open relationship, Kyungsoo would turn into squishy goo at you winning. As you passed by his table or if you were sitting with him, he would hug you and beam his heart-shaped smile. In a secret relationship, he would press his lips together to hide his joy, clapping calmly with the rest of the crowd.

Tao: Unable to help himself, he would shed a tear from how happy you looked on stage and how proud he was of you. Even if you two hadn’t announced the relationship, the world would have guessed it after his emotional reaction.

Kai: Like a lunatic, he would wave madly at you and grin. If you two were openly dating, he would proudly press a kiss to your lips. But if it was a secret relationship, he would pass off his excitement as him being proud of a good friend.

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Sehun: Sassy Sehun would strike if it was a secret relationship, with slow clapping and eye rolling as you wave your award at him. Considering that EXO will probably win something too, he wouldn’t be able to resist saying something sarcastic about you winning – “Ah, seems like the standards have slipped this year, until we won, yehet!” If you two were openly dating, he would still be sassy but in a loving way; rolling his eyes yet smiling proudly, kissing your cheek but slow clapping as you went back to your table.

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