sealed with a kiss designs

So my best friend has been going through a seriously tough time. Tomorrow is her birthday and I have finally finished her gift. I have been working on creating this spell (I call it a spell, but it’s more like 5 or 6 spells) for about a month. In that time I determined the purposes and my intent, gathered an array of ingredients, and today I finally poured in all of my love and positive energy to bring the spell to life.  

For her gift I decided to make her a spell box with five spell bottles, each with their own purpose and intent. I also included a stone, which I was compelled earlier in the year to find, only to discover that I was compelled to find the stone because it was going to be for my friend.

I cast my circle, creating a pentagram with representations of the elements. I put on music that I felt captured the intent of each bottle. I actually created playlists on Youtube with songs associated to each purpose. Then I began creating each spell bottle.

First, the protection bottle. I found little glass bottles with corks at Hobby Lobby and used them to make spell bottles. For the protection bottle I first imbued the bottle itself with my witch heart fire (something I believe that every witch has inside that gives them their magickal essence). Then I took a pentagram charm and strung it on a black leather cord. I tied the cord to the neck of the bottle, binding a little extra protection energy in the single knot. Then I made some fire salt (salt mixed with cinnamon, chili powder, and crushed red pepper) and layered that on the bottom of the bottle. Next, I added some black tourmaline chips followed by salt, howlite chips, garlic and clear quartz. My layers were a little too thin to fill the bottle, so I just repeated the sequence until it was full. My spirit companion also helped me with the spell and blew some dragon fire into the bottle. The bottle is designed to protect my friend from all harm and those who wish to do her harm.

Second, I made the the comfort bottle. This bottle is designed to help my friend feel comfort whenever she needs it. It’s kind of like a hug in a bottle. I put rose leaf, white rose petals, amethyst, blue lace agate, more white rose petals, and clear quartz. My spirit companion also helped me with this bottle. He hugged the bottle and I sealed it with a kiss.

Third is the love bottle. This bottle is designed to make my friend feel loved in times when she might need it. I put rosemary leaves, rose quartz, white rose petals, pink rose petals, and clear quartz in the bottle. I charged the bottle with 100% pure pink light to represent love. My spirit companion kissed the bottle and then I sealed it with a kiss.

Fourth was the hope bottle. Given all of the hardships my friend is facing, I wanted to make a bottle that would help her find hope in the bleakest situations. I cleared the bottle by cleansing it with 100% pure white light. I then charged it with a pure white hot light and filled it with selenite, yellow rose petals, garnet chips, citrine chips, and clear quartz. I also put in a petal from some sunflowers I had for Litha a few weeks ago. My spirit companion blew in dragon hope fire and I imbued it with witch heart fire. It was seal with a kiss. 

Fifth, I took a four leaf clover I had and made a little luck charm for her to use whenever she needed some good luck. 

The stone I mentioned earlier is a piece of Apache tear. From what I have read, it is good for helping to ease grief. I figured that is probably why I compelled to purchase it for her, but I didn’t think that was enough. So, I cleansed it by fire and charged it to amplify all of the properties of the spell bottles. I imbued it with each of the intentions, so that it could boost the strength of the spells and so it can have the same properties in case my friend needed to carry one of the spells with her, but didn’t want to carry the bottle. 

Finally, I found a gargoyle to include in the box to serve as her guardian and protector. I invoked the spirit of the gargoyle and asked it to watch over her and protect her even if the physical statue isn’t near her. My spirit companion breathed dragon fire to give more power to the gargoyle. 

I didn’t create any incantations or chants for these spells. Instead, I used the music I mentioned earlier to capture my intent. I used music that my friend and I love and associate with each purpose, so the spells would have a greater chance of being effective for her. 

I am really excited as this is my first actual spell that I have created and cast. I am still only a baby witch and I have been in the research phase of becoming a witch (let’s be honest, I still am). But it’s still exciting to have crafted my first spell!