seal your makeup


You always hear talk of “SEAL YOUR MAKEUP! SEAL YOUR MAKEUP!”
Some people might ask, “What does that mean?”

And it can be confusing. When you’re looking at makeup for costumes and you have no idea what to buy you might look at the first picture and think, “SEAL YOUR MAKEUP” and buy that. I mean it says Final Seal, that’s gotta be it, right?
The phrase that should be uttered everywhere is “SET YOUR MAKEUP SET YOUR MAKEUP.”
The difference is pretty big. When you are using creme based makeup they will go on “wet”. Meaning it’ll be shiny and it can rub off on everything. However when you apply a setting powder to it, it will lose the shine and adhere to skin better. Your makeup will feel “dry”.
Now, sealing spray is like the last shield between your makeup and the outside world. It’s waterproof to a point, (I got water thrown at my face as Karkat and I only needed to reapply my setting powder and spray), and it’ll make your makeup a bit more sturdy. It will not however act as a stand in for setting. When you apply just the spray your makeup will still smudge and rub off. You’ll also still look shiny as all hell.
It’s best to use both with each other. Setting your makeup first then sealing it after. However I’ve gone out on the con floor and have forgotten to seal before and my face looked pretty damn good still. Final Seal is your last barrier, but it can’t be your ONLY barrier. Using both makes everything stick the best, however high energy contact between your skin and something else will still cause rub off. Be careful when in full body makeup and think about alternatives like arm socks, tights, and PAX if you want to take it to the next level.

anonymous asked:

Question about sealing: I have those mehron creme paint sticks and the ben nye final seal but when I sprayed the seal on and tested it (see if the make up would come off or not) it does come off, not a whole lot, but it could still be damaging. did I not let it dry long enough or do i need to get baby powder, or whatever? I am only painting my face which won't come in contact with too many things so should i not worry about it?

Is your makeup coming off when you touch it/lightly rub it, or only when you give it a vigorous rub?  Is it tacky to the touch?  If you rub some off, is it crumbly?  If it’s tacky and coming off at a touch I think it’s something to worry about.  If it’s only coming off when you rub it and it comes off dry, then I wouldn’t worry too much.

I talked to knightarcana about this in order to make sure I’m not talking out of my ass, but we both think there’s a good chance the final seal needed more time to dry.  I said 10 minutes in my post but it often felt like forever and a half - give it a minimum of 15 minutes, maybe? - before it was ready to go.

Putting some kind of setting powder such as baby powder or neutral set over the makeup before using the final seal is also really effective.  Since it dries the makeup before the final seal goes on, it helps the final seal also dry more quickly.

I hope this helps!  If anyone else has any input, feel free to add.

EDIT: wallflora said:

I’ve used the makeup anon was asking about and I’ve found that it will remain pretty gross and sticky unless you powder it! Using baby powder and then final seal works very well, though.

Thank you so much for the input!