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Tips for new Homestucks

Okay since Homestuck is having a resurgence due to Hiveswap coming out anyone new to the fandom should understand some aspects. Nothing major, just something so you all don’t repeat the same mistakes as the fandom did when it was in its prime.

  1. Seal your makeup with cosplay. I know this seems like common sense but speaking as someone who has been decked out in all gray. Seal. Your. Makeup. If you don’t have sealer, baby powder works just as well.
  2. Making horns for the trolls? Model Magic air dry clay is your best bet for smaller horns (so for the main trolls sans Tavros). I wouldn’t go into too much detail on how to make them but there are tutorials out there for the best results.
  3. I know you’re excited and interested in Homestuck but don’t go trying to force people to read it, that’s one of the major reasons the fandom was looked at with poor taste in the past. Because it has a massive following and almost that entire following tried to get people into it.
  5. On the opposite side. The main characters are 13-16 so if you write smut fanfics or do smut roleplays or draw nsfw fanart. Make sure you write a disclaimer that these versions of the characters are of age. This is a series that involves countless timelines. It’s not that hard, and don’t just write the disclaimer and have them OBVIOUSLY still be kids. It’s not right.
  6. The story is long and tedious yes but it is worth it. There are so many gems that can easily be glossed over. So don’t just skip to Act 5 for the trolls ya know?
  7. Don’t be ashamed for enjoying what you enjoy. I know that Homestuck has become “cringe culture” but fuck that. Cringe culture is for the birds. You enjoy it? Embrace it.
  8. Don’t make bucket jokes, like, I get it. I was new to the fandom once too but bucket jokes are just really lowbrow humor in the middle of some great humor to be had.
  9. People are going to ship what they are going to ship. Don’t get into full on shipping wars over it. In its prime Homestuck had ships for literally every possible combination of character. It’s not worth the time, effort or anger to argue over them.
  10. Headcanons are headcanons and there are a lot to be had. The series is great but because it’s so massive there are some things that can be lost. Don’t blast someone’s headcanon.

Your shadow is growing jealous of your reflection.

( Prompt by @plotsandpromptsforall )

The morning routine begins the same way, every day.

Before faces are even washed, before foundation considered, they bicker.

“Another day faced with beauty,” says Shadow, cast behind you on a plain white wall filled with cabinets, made ever stronger by the five bright lights blaring before you to better illuminate the bathroom space. On days when her silhouette is darker, her opinions are also stronger. And so is her whining. If her form could droop, it probably would. And it does, as you lean over the sink to scrub cleanser into your cheeks before rinsing it away.

“More like faced with the back of our dear person,” says Reflection, massaging dewy moisturizer beneath her eyes to soothe away the dusty shadows and slight puffiness brought from lack of sleep. She is vain, and she doesn’t so much as flick her eyes toward the shadow on the wall, focused solely on her task of finding blemishes and imperfections to cover for the day.

Like your shadow, your reflection is also bound by your actions, repeating even the tiniest movements you make as you reach for bottles and creams and powders lined up across the marble countertop. But the words—the words, they speak themselves, and you are the unfortunate middleman. Mostly, you roll your eyes and remain silent because this usually only lasts through the morning. When the two aren’t in a space together, they usually keep quiet, too. And when they are? That’s what headphones and music are for.

“No, I can see, you know,” Shadow claims. “I can see every color, every single hair, every eyelash, every pore. You are the shape of me complete and I am nothing but a blank slate of a sloppy, lumpy form.”

Hey now, you want to intervene, but you know it’s something you think of as true on your worst days. At times, you wonder if these two are simply your own struggling thoughts recycled and spat back out at you, pinioning you between the loathing and vanity born from the need for society’s acceptance. Only at times, because their back-and-forth is too real and they have minds of their own, like Peter Pan’s shadow and the evil queen’s mirror on the wall.

“Jealous?” Reflection taunts, a smirk on her lips as she smoothes a light pink lip balm over them that smells like fake strawberries and oil.

Shadow nods, hands on hips, as you consider your foundation palette for the day. You never can quite find a tone that matches your skin perfectly, so mixing two, sometimes three, has to do. “I’m not ashamed to say yes. I want to be filled in. I want to have eyes. I want the color of our lips and our fingernails. You have all of that beauty for free.”

“Beauty? Please. If anything, I’m jealous of you, you silly thing. You’re free of the pressure imperfection brings. You have no scars to hide, no acne, no crooked teeth. You have no need to pluck the hairs between your eyebrows or seal the makeup on your face to hold everything together.” Reflection purses her lips as the foundation is dotted all around and smoothed and patted in with a damp blending sponge. You’re no make-up pro, but it does well enough.

“I am not beautiful,” Shadow says, and she believes it, deep down. “You can’t be jealous of me.”

“Yes you are,” Reflection counters, and she believes it, too. “And yes I can.”  

“No, you—”

Yes, I—”

Their words overlap and the sound grates on your ears.  

Today, just the one day, you choose to reply and put an end to the argument that took a strange turn into the sentimental. 

“Agreed. We’re all beautiful no matter what we look like. Even if we aren’t, who really cares? This is who we are and we have to live with it.” You check your face for streaks, making sure it’s all covered, and decide it’ll have to do. If there’s a flaw left over that bothers someone, they’ll just have to get over it.

“And for what it’s worth, I’m jealous of both of you because y'all don’t have to exist in a three-dimensional, physical form.”

To this, they have no response. Blessed silence at last.


You always hear talk of “SEAL YOUR MAKEUP! SEAL YOUR MAKEUP!”
Some people might ask, “What does that mean?”

And it can be confusing. When you’re looking at makeup for costumes and you have no idea what to buy you might look at the first picture and think, “SEAL YOUR MAKEUP” and buy that. I mean it says Final Seal, that’s gotta be it, right?
The phrase that should be uttered everywhere is “SET YOUR MAKEUP SET YOUR MAKEUP.”
The difference is pretty big. When you are using creme based makeup they will go on “wet”. Meaning it’ll be shiny and it can rub off on everything. However when you apply a setting powder to it, it will lose the shine and adhere to skin better. Your makeup will feel “dry”.
Now, sealing spray is like the last shield between your makeup and the outside world. It’s waterproof to a point, (I got water thrown at my face as Karkat and I only needed to reapply my setting powder and spray), and it’ll make your makeup a bit more sturdy. It will not however act as a stand in for setting. When you apply just the spray your makeup will still smudge and rub off. You’ll also still look shiny as all hell.
It’s best to use both with each other. Setting your makeup first then sealing it after. However I’ve gone out on the con floor and have forgotten to seal before and my face looked pretty damn good still. Final Seal is your last barrier, but it can’t be your ONLY barrier. Using both makes everything stick the best, however high energy contact between your skin and something else will still cause rub off. Be careful when in full body makeup and think about alternatives like arm socks, tights, and PAX if you want to take it to the next level.

Somebody asked:

Do you know why you have to seal your face paint makeup? I’m a bit confused why you need to.

Here’s why.


these are some makeup tips that i use almost every day that no one really seems to know about or use but can really help you out in the long run, whether for cosplay or personal use.

  • use an elmer’s glue stick to glue down your eyebrows, sideburns, or any other body hair you wish to hide. this sounds odd, i know, and one of the most common questions i get asked when people look in my makeup box is “why do you have a glue stick in here??” now i’ve seen a million methods for covering body hair: eyelash glue, spirit gum, eyebrow mascara, but this is my personal favorite method, it’s cheap and works just as well and even better than some of those other methods. the best part is that it comes off easily with water, no need to use special products, peel or scrub.
  • use contact lens solution and eye shadow for a custom color liquid liner or use it to color your eyebrows. i’m always super cautious about what i use on my eyes but since both are made for use around your eyes it’s quite safe and works just as well as liquid liner except you can get all those crazy or bright colors that they either don’t make or are very hard to find!
  • use clear lip gloss and eyeshadow for a custom tinted gloss or lip color. just scrap some eyeshadow off into a small container, turn it into a fine dust, add a few drops of lip gloss and mix it up and brush it on!

and some things that almost seem like common sense but are sometimes looked over:

  • seal your makeup. this seems like common sense and i know a lot of homestuck cosplayers have had this drilled into their brain so many times it’s probably gotten annoying! but even if you’re doing something simple like wearing a little foundation and some eye shadow, seal it!! it’ll stay a lot longer and it wont rub off on your hands or clothes. some options: ben nye final seal, it’s cheap and lasts (also it’s has a cool minty smell and tingle which is kinda cool), it also has kind of a glossy finish. urban decay’s all nighter, it’s very expensive but works miracles, it also has more of a matte finish.
  • use eyelid primer. really i’d recommend priming everything but the eyelids, in the end, are what need it most! you know when you’ve been wearing your makeup around for a bit and you’ve sealed it and everything still looks fantastic…..except those little creases on your eyelids where the makeup is folding into itself and coming off. USE EYELID PRIMER, THIS WONT HAPPEN!

this is what i’ve got so far, if i think of more i’ll add it. if you have any makeup tips you’d like to share feel free to reblog this with your tip!

anonymous asked:

Hi I'm cosplaying a humanoid version of Napstablook from Undertale, I'm planning to use white body paint but I've never used it before, do you have any tips or things to avoid regarding body paint?

  1. For Congoing: Avoid it if Possible.
    Body paint can be a hassle: if you are doing full body it can take quite a bit of time to do, you may need help from a friend, it needs to be properly set and sealed or it will get onto your costume and other things, etc. When it comes to wearing it to an event, sometimes it is just easier to skip it! You can wear a bodysuit or leggings/armsocks instead and just focus on painting your face. 

    Whether you are painting your full body, or just the face, make sure to properly set and seal your makeup.

    Setting causes the makeup to actually dry, some makeups will not dry without the addition of a setting powder. Setting will depend on the makeup used. Usually water activated makeups will dry on their own but benefit from a light dusting of translucent powder, alcohol activated paint will dry on it’s own, creme and greasepaint will usually require a setting powder.  

    Sealing is putting a coating over your makeup to prevent it from rubbing off. This is usually in the form of a spray and can be sold as a fixative spray, sealing spray or barrier spray (the Mehron barrier spray has good reviews)
  3. Prepare for Putting it On
    If you’re renting, living at mom’s house or planning to do makeup in your hotel room you don’t want to cause a mess, so it helps to protect the area from potential makeup spills. This is especially important with airbrush makeup, because the spray may not be very controlled! Depending on how messy you are it may be useful to have a dropcloth / garbage bag (or two) so that you can cover at-risk areas. Just in case ;)

  4. Prepare for Removal
    At some point you may want to take the paint off! You’ll want to make sure that you have the proper remover for your paint. While some will wash off with soap and water, others may require specific makeup removers. Alcohol activated makeup requires alcohol to remove but it will also dry out the skin, so you may want to pack moisturizer as well.

    You’ll probably want to have a wash cloth or bath scrubber to help you remove the layers of paint. If you are staying at a hotel then make sure to pack some!

    If you are staying at a hotel it is best to bring along a towel from home. If you don’t get all the paint off in the shower, you may end up adding some new colours to the towel. In many cases this will wash out, but hotels may use colourful towels as an excuse to hold onto your deposit. 

  5. Barrier spray
    Barrier spray isn’t just for sealing, it can also be used to help prevent sweat from messing up your makeup. Spray it on before applying your makeup, and let dry. 

  6. Moisturize and Dry
    Some makeups can dry out your skin, so applying moisturizer before hand can really help. Unfortunately if you apply the moisturizer and then put on makeup right away, you are going to have trouble getting your makeup to stick! So make sure to rub your moisturizer into your skin and let it dry before applying the makeup. 

  7. Brush or Sponge
    Use a brush or sponge to apply your makeup. I suggest getting both and seeing which you prefer to work with. I personally prefer working with a brush, but you need to be careful that it isn’t going to shed. It can be difficult to remove little brush hairs without damaging your makeup ;P 

  8. Recruit a Friend
    If you plan to paint more than just your face, try to get a friend to help you. Body painting is time consuming (you may need to do a couple layers to get a strong colour) and a friend can cut that time in half. They can also help you reach the hard to reach areas and help you determine if the colour is even. 

  9. Contour
    If you only use one colour your makeup is going to look pretty flat. You’re going to look a lot better, especially in photos, if you contour using lighter and darker colours. With white, you may want to contour with a grey (either a grey paint or powder like eyeshadow) but with other colours, you can also play with it a bit such as purple on red. 

  10. You can’t stop a list at 9

midnightsday  asked:

How do I keep my Liquid Eyeliner from smudging off from sweat? (also how to keep it on for hours) I go to concerts and it's a serious pain when your picture needs to be taken.

Eyeliner is literally the biggest pain in the butt of the makeup world.  Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.  It never fails.

My first recommendation for you is to avoid putting any kind of liquid makeup (such as foundations or concealers) on your eye lids where you’ll be applying your liquid eyeliner.  These types of products tend to contain oils or other emollient ingredients that will make your eyeliner slip around and smudge.  Instead, use a powder on your eyelids before AND after you apply your eyeliner!  This could be a powder foundation, or just a translucent setting powder.  Powders will help to absorb any excess oil that your eyelids produce and will set your eyeliner in place.

In addition to powdering your eyeshadows, using eyeshadow primer will make a huge difference!  Primers also help to control the oils on the lids, and they give your eye makeup something to grip onto that won’t move all around.  Slap that stuff on all the way up to your eyebrows, and bring some along your lower lash line too.  You don’t need much, but it will certainly help you out, even if you’re not wearing actual eye shadows!

They also do make eye makeup waterproofing products.  These tend to be a clear liquid-gel type product that you would paint on like an eyeliner.  They will seal your makeup without compromising it and will make your liner impervious to any environmental challenges (i.e. rain, sweat, tears, vodka, etc.).  

Here are my picks for all three of these products:

NYX HD Eyeshadow Base ($8)  -  Essence All About Matt! Fixing Compact Powder ($3)  -  LA Splash Splashproof Makeup Base and Sealant ($7)

Hope these recommendations help you out a bit!  If they don’t, then you really need a better eyeliner haha!


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anonymous asked:

Ahh~ you're cosplaying as Emily Kaldwin! Do you have tips on how to keep your makeup on especially since you'll be pulling the scarf mask over and on, and then off again? Since that might smudge a lot of your makeup.

Seal your makeup!!! 

Either with an actual makeup sealer, or hairspray. Yes. hairspray! It’s works great in a pinch although be careful of allergies or sensitive skin. 

The trick to long days of sweat is….

PUT YOUR SEALER ON FIRST.  Then apply your makeup. THEN PUT YOUR SEALER ON AGAIN!  This is an SFX artist trick to ‘laminating’ your face. Because sealer has adhesive in it! 

anonymous asked:

I got "glomped" by a Homestuck cosplayer with unsealed paint and my cosplay was rendered unwearable. Unsealed body paint is such a douche move. I confronted the girl about it as she was walking away and she claimed I was shaming her for being a beginner cosplayer. I was tempted to report her.

As someone who loves nothing more than helping out the younger cosplayers and being a cosplay mentor and watching people get better at their costumes….

….That is 1000000% report-worthy.

At that point it isn’t about her being a “beginner cosplayer” which she may have been but literally every body paint tutorial that I have ever seen (and god knows I’ve seen tons of them!) includes information on how to seal your paint so it doesn’t casually rub off. If you’re using a tutorial on painting yourself there is absolutely zero reason to not know about sealing your makeup or how to do it so you don’t damage other people’s costumes.

Not to mention glomping without permission. I really, really hate that. Touching others without permission is not okay. Like if it’s a good friend who gives you a surprise hug and you have that sort of relationship it’s fine but if someone has unsealed paint and you don’t know them and they’re glomping you that is SOOOOO not okay. To be fair, I have some extra loathing specifically for glomping without permission…. I was seriously injured at a con ten years ago by someone who glomped me with a running start and knocked me over onto the ground and then ran off leaving my friends to help me up. I had multiple pulled muscles, several ordinary bruises, and a bone bruise on my elbow, and it took me over a month before the pain went away and I was mostly healed. There is no reason to do that to someone else.

I get that wearing your first costume is exciting. I get how excited you can be when you see a favorite character. (I have to stop myself from squealing like a little kid when I see certain characters let me tell you all this because it’s TRUE, and I’m older than most people reading this blog.) But ruining someone else’s costume because you can’t control yourself from touching them AND you are wearing entirely unsealed makeup? No. No no no no no no no. Just grab some fucking baby powder and the cheapest kabuki brush for buffing and seal your fucking makeup or so help me. And then learn how to say “OMG [character name]! Can I have a hug? Don’t worry, I’m sealed.”

nerdyndproud  asked:

Dear Cosplay Tutorial, I am currently working on getting together all my materials for a cosplay, and a few questions about what to use came to mind. The characters me and my boyfriend are planing to cosplay are actually not a normal skin color, they are Green and Pink. Now I was wondering if there are any products you suggest that do not rub off easy and have long lasting wear. I would need to be wearing it on my skin and I am afraid it may come off onto my costume or others. Please help!

Hi nerdyndproud, 

There are a lot of products you can use to change your skin tone. Snazaroo cakes have seen a boost in popularity and ben nye and mehron sell both cake and cream makeups. I purchase from but theatrical makeup is carried by a variety of costume shops, sfx makeup supply shops and online stores. 

Some products require a setting powder to dry, so reading up on the makeup you plan to use and following instruction is the first step to making sure that the makeup stays on you.

I suggest also using a fixative spray over your makeup to keep it from rubbing off on your surroundings. Makeup fixative sprays/sealing sprays/setting sprays get applied over your makeup, usually as a mist, and that layer creates a barrier between your makeup and furniture / clothing.There are tons of different brands, some boasting additional benefits, and they can be purchased at most makeup stores.

Another option, which definitely won’t rub off, is wearing a bodysuit or partial bodysuits (jump to arm,neck and feet). You can also airbrush or paint bodysuits to have definition and look more realistic. It also allows you to add tattoos or other details! 

Hope this helps, goodluck with the costume! 

Ps. this was a great question to ask. You don’t want to be the person who leaves a mess and gets charged for the damage. Always seal your makeup or use a bodysuit! 


okay so we took a really long time setting this up and were really sorry!
we discussed with the person who decided to host one saturday that they’d just help us host instead! (which was really sweet considering we set this up so so late)

heres the general information
We have had a few people asking about when the official azstuck meetup is so here we have the info!

Where: across the street where the restraunts are, behind the buildings in the giant grassy area.
When: Saturday at 2:30pm!
This will give us time to enjoy the meetup, play some games, and then head over to the panel at 6!

Who is running it: @ectobiologist@hannadianidjit and will be hosting the meetup again along with lavenderashe who initially set this up for everyone!! 

Some rules!
1. No spin the faygo. The age gaps are too big in this group so to avoid the whole thing, no spin the faygo.
2. Please be respectful of your fellow homestuck! Some people dont want hugs or pictures, so always ask first!
3. Bring water, stay hydrated! Its going to be SUPER HOT. We dont want any unconscious people today!
4. On the note of it being hot, seal your makeup! This isnt so much a rule as it is a “to save your cosplay and others” tip

And finally
5. Have fun! We will try and make it a great meetup so just follow along and we’ll have a good time!
We hope to see you guys there!

There will be pictures taken as usual! - David / @ectobiologist will be taking most of the meetup pictures

- David and Hanna

anonymous asked:

I struggle to make makeup last all day while covering my blemishes. Do you have any advice how to keep makeup lasting all day

  • Use makeup that is long-lasting and waterproof
  • Wash your face / exfoliate before applying makeup to remove dead skin which might flake off (with your makeup) throughout the day
  • use a sealing spray before your makeup, to create a barrier against sweat
  • use a sealing spray after your makeup, to prevent your makeup from getting smudged or rubbing off
  • Avoid touching your face, be careful when eating, try not to sweat too much
  • Use blotting papers to remove excess oil from your skin
  • Even with care your makeup may still come off throughout the day, you’ll want to plan breaks where you can touch it up. Carry a small case with you to do touch-ups on the go. 

Anyone have other tips to add?

Tips & Tricks: Brush Basics

With so many makeup brushes on the market in all shapes and sizes it can be really confusing as to what a basic brush set should consist of. 

Don’t be fooled into wasting your money on  cheap brush rolls sold on ebay or a “brush set”  which promise to give a professional finish with over 15 different types of brushes.

A set of just 5 good quality brushes will last you over 3 years and will be well worth the money you invest in them.  I personally love and use brushes from Mac, Sigma, Real Techniques & Shu Uemura. These are trusted quality brushes which will stand the test of time. 

1. The Foundation Brush

Weather you go for a stippling brush or a flat brush is down to personal preference *I prefer to use the flat synthetic ones*  but be sure to invest in a foundation brush.  Applying your foundation with a brush will give a more even finish and it will certainly save you £ in product as well as mess. 

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush /Mac 190 Foudnation Brush / Mac 187 Stippeling Brush/ Boots No 7 Foundation Brush 

2. The Large Powder Brush

You’re going to need something to apply your powder with. Whether it’s a powder to set a foundation or a powder foundation - a large fluffy powder brush will help seal in your makeup and de shine the forehead. Although sponges can be good for some things, I’d recommend a powder brush to give a more “natural” appearance. Use brush cleaner and you can even apply blusher with it (assuming you go for a more compact shape like the first brush below - not the huge kabuki style  pictured third).  

Mac 129 Powder Brush/ Sisley Loose Powder Brush  / Nars Botan Brush /Nars Bronzing Powder Brush/ 

3. The Angled Eye Liner Brush

I'd recommend you invest in an angled liner brush. Why? Oh the endless possibilities. This is so much more than an eyeliner brush. With a little brush cleaner you can interchange this brush and make it a multi tasker. Not only will it create a perfectly smooth gel or liquid liner effect - you can also use it to fill in brows, soften out eye pencil around the eye & fill in lipstick to create a perfect shaped pout. Not just an eyeliner brush you see! 

Nars Angled Brush/ OCC Angled Brush / Mac 263 Angled Brush/ Louise Young Angled Brush 

4. The Eyeshadow Applicator 

This brush should be reasonably firm and flat. Ideal for applying eyeshadow in cream and powder forms. I’ve noticed alot of clients go for a “duo all in one” eyeshadow brush which is neither firm nor fluffy. Simply put, you can’t blend with those brushes. Use a flat firm brush to apply product on the eye (similar to the brushes below) and then invest in a blending brush (see next section) to soften out the eyeshadow. 

Mac 239 Brush/ Nars Wet/Dry 49 Eyeshadow Brush / Chantecaille Eye Shadow Brush / Makeup Forever 226 Medium Eye Shader 

5. The Eyeshadow Blending Brush 

Think Fluffy! This will be valuable in blending not just eyeshadow but also concealor. The “blending technique” required to use more than 2 eyeshadows together takes practice but once you get the hang of it you can have a lot more fun with your makeup. Natural hairs work best for blending so look out for good quality. My favourite is Mac’s 217 (pictured first.)

Mac 217/ Nars 42 Blending Brush / Trish McEvoy Blending Brush 


  • Use quality brushes *anything less than £7 is probably not worth looking at
  • Try before you buy - if your in a shop or boutique just ask for a little help in finding the right type of brush for you
  • Wash regularly with shampoo or fairy liquid to keep brushes clean


  • Be fooled by the bulk buy offers! You don’t need 15 brushes! Just 5 good quality basics will make the difference
  • Be put off by the price - good quality brushes last YEARS
  • Go for “two in one” brushes when it comes to eyeshadow -  you’ll need something firm to get shadow on with and something fluffy to blend it. 

Ohayocon 2015 Homestuck Photo Shoot!

Hey Homestucks! So due to there being no other notice of someone forming any kind of group photo shoot for the con, I thought it’d be a great shot? I’ve hosted photo shoot’s before so I’m not expecting this to be at all hectic like Homestuck photo shoots usually tend to be. I’m only hosting the Saturday photo shoot, I don’t know if anyone is doing one for any of the other days!

LOCATION: Outside the Grand Ballrooms

TIME: January 31st (Saturday), 4:00pm


We can’t wait to see you guys and hope that you could spread the word!


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the-dark-harlequin-deactivated2  asked:

Hi! Do you have any tips for body painting? I'm going as Poison Ivy in the near future (specifically, Arkgam Asylum prisoner), and want to do her justice!!


  • Body painting your whole body can take quite a bit of time. If you don’t want to spend most of your morning applying makeup, it may be better to wear a bodysuit instead. Especially if you plan to wear the costume regularly! 

  • If you do plan to paint yourself fully, have at least one friend handy to help. There are going to be hard-to-reach and hard-to-see areas, especially when you are limited to the mirrors in a hotel room. The friend not only helps you get these areas, but their help will speed along the process. 

  • Have stencils or other guidelines for patterns, tattoos and designs that you plan to paint on. You want your friend to know what they are doing, and you want it to look consistent. These can also help make it less time consuming. 

  • If you are wearing a non-white body paint, it may slightly stain your skin. Use a barrier cream or spray to prevent this. It can also make it less likely for sweat to cause the makeup to rub off. 

  • Once finished, make sure to set your cream makeup properly. Many cream makeups will require a setting powder to fully dry. 

  • Seal your makeup with a fixative/sealing spray.Many makeups will rub off over the course of the day unless sealed. You don’t need to seal alcohol-activated makeup or latex body paint. 

  • Makeup looks best when you do many thin layers than one really thick one.
  • Use lighter and darker shades to contour your features and make the colour look more natural. 


New York Comic Con 2015 Homestuck Photoshoots

Hey there, nycstucks, NYCC is upon us! I’m sure you’re all dying to meet other homestucks and get some cool pictures of your cosplays, so here is the info on how you can!

Friday, October 9: 4:00 PM
Saturday, October 10: 4:00 PM
Sunday, October 11: 1:00 PM

Location: Same as last year, outside under the overpass (under Javits center and 35th street.

Times and location are subject to change, please look out for posts by me in the nycstuck and/or nyccstuck tags in the coming weeks or the days of! Send in asks for pairing requests you want to see AFTER reading through the ones already offered on the list. List is below the cut.

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