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Imran Yousuf, my cousin, the man who saved 60+ lives from the Orlando shooting, is not gay, is not a Muslim, and is not Middle Eastern.

I’m not even sure why these false facts matter. He was at the club because he worked as a security guard.

Our parents are from Guyana, South America. Being Middle Eastern, as a lot of news outlets like to assume, shouldn’t be the focus.

And no, people shouldn’t be focused on that fact that he as a Muslim name which makes him more of a hero because one Muslim killed while another “Muslim” saved. He is a hero because he did what any human should do; help one another regardless of your religion, your background, or your sexuality or your stand on other peoples sexuality.

To the news outlets who think they have their story right, focus on his humane actions, not his false background.


Hostage Rescue

Former Navy SEAL, Dave Maynard, utilize tried-and-true low-light tactics with cutting edge gear to safely resolve a hostage situation. He leads a small team and uses the 2211 WristLight and the X400 Ultra light and laser combo with great precision. He also discusses the tactics involved in greater depth. Maynard, who’s had over 20 deployments, was also one of the co-founding members of The SureFire Institute.

This is a photo of my grandfather, he served in U.D.T 12, 22, and was in SEAL team 2 during Vietnam. He died on November 27th 2012. This ( so far ) was one of the only photos I could find. His name was Earl “BUGS” Bolen. He received a plaque from UDT 22 and this is what it said.

From: UDT -22
To : Earl “BUGS” Bolen 

The first man to cut off the bow of an SDV later to be known as the removable bow, drinks “champagne of bottled beer ” dances on tables and sings old Frogman’s songs.

You will be missed BUGS

The Special Operations Forces of the US Navy, none other than the Navy SEALs, were first formed on 1961 specifically to address a growing need in the United States’ military forces for troops trained in unconventional warfare. Since its official inception, the Navy SEALs have been deployed to conduct sensitive missions that earned them a reputation for bravery, courage and efficiency in the field.

Even though the official date of the formation of the Navy SEALs is pegged on 1961, these elite forces can trace their beginnings to as early as the Second World War. In WWII, the predecessors of the Navy SEALs have been performing dangerous missions that nonetheless led to the strategic placements of troops in the European and Pacific theaters and helped secure the victory of Allied forces during the war.