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Something I think is interesting is if you consider Warp Tour through The Return from Peridot’s perspective, it’s a little bit like…

Imagine you’re working in a good-sized office building. It has a basement, but it’s always locked and you’ve never been there. One day your boss hands you the keys, tells you there’s a fax machine down there, and asks you to go see if it’s working.

You head into the basement, and it’s really creepy down there. There’s weird graffiti on the walls and like… mysterious arrangements of paperclips that you have no idea who put them there or why. But you are here, you have a job to do, you are good at your job, you are finding that fax machine.

And then suddenly a bunch of people you have never seen before jump out of nowhere, strike poses, rattle off some kind of motto and start attacking you. 

You book it back up the stairs and lock the door behind you, because, holy crap, there are people living in the basement, why did no one tell you about this. And naturally the first thing you do is blab to Security and by Security I mean that one ex-Navy Seal with all the tattoos who’s built like she wrestles grizzly bears in her spare time and somehow ended up on security detail in an office building right here at this point in your life when ordinary security will not suffice, because sometimes the corporate gods are merciful. 

And not only does she believe you, but she just sorta looks you over and goes “oh, yeah, those guys. I know who those guys are. Let’s go, I’ve got some unfinished business with them.”

And then to make situations way weirder there’s some other person who shows up around this time who has apparently been held hostage by the basement people for longer than you’ve been working here and she’s deeply alarmed by the phone system and she comes along even though she really doesn’t want to because you have Security on your side and Security probably benches I-beams, and you are totally confident you are going to kick these basement-lurking weirdos’ butts. 

And then the whole situation goes rapidly downhill and then before you know it you’ve been indoctrinated into the basement cult.



A scene envisioned from @blackkatmagic‘s final chapter of backslide. It’s been in my head for a while, and I finally put it to paper. Teenage Naruto and his future counterpart Kurama taking a stroll down the hall. I had some fun making up seals again for their tattoos.

Bonus scene: “Kakashi and Obito devolve into genin and start wrestling on the floor.” 

Set in the Dead Leaves and Withered Flowers universe.

I’m currently planning Dead Leaves, the sequel of Withered Flowers, and this is a scene from the first chapter. I’m so hyped by my own story, it’s embarassing. Also, the main pairing is NaruSakuShika and I’m probably the only weirdo who ships it but please stop and think of the possibilities *-*

I borrowed the Uzumaki!Sakura idea from the fandom and the seal tattoos from backslide by @blackkatmagic

Midnight Run

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Notes: I’m so sorry it’s taking me forever to get around to writing these days, I’m busy with my artwork and well… work. But I promise you we’re getting there with requests! I’ve had writers block for a few weeks. T_T I kept this one short and sweet. 

Pairing: Crowley x Reader

Summary:  Anon Request:  What about a Crowley x Reader that starts off with the reader going for a run in the woods and Crowley surprises her

Warnings: Violence


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anonymous asked:

Hi there, I was wondering if you knew any ideas for a tattoo for me that isn't culturally offensive? I wanted the lotus flower since I know it symbolizes strength (I had a rough childhood and dealt with mental illnesses/ a child of an alcoholic etc.) but I realize now that might be culturally insensitive. All the other symbols I found I feel might also be culturally insensitive. Any ideas that may help me? Thanks!

I’m not sure that I have an answer for you, but I do have a story about my tattoo. Maybe, after reading this story, you’ll decide that I’m the wrong person to ask.

I have a tattoo of the seal and signature of Chiune Sugihara on my left forearm. I pulled them from an image of a Sugihara-issued visa.

I got this tattoo following a miserable placement for my miserable and abortive degree in Social work, where the (very good, very kind) people I worked with were often forced to make decisions which harmed people to protect their own personal liability. I didn’t want to ever become like that, so I got the patron saint of “fuck personal liability, I’m going to do the right thing and save these people” tattooed in a very visible place, facing myself, so I’d be reminded of this value every day.

I agonized a lot over getting this tattoo, mostly because it would, in some sense, constitute a “kanji tattoo” and I didn’t want to be seen as *one of those guys*. Worse, I didn’t want to *be* one of those guys. Still, there are several factors that led me to decide that getting this tattoo was “all right” for me. I’m hesitant to talk about this so publicly on this hellsite™, but I feel secure in my decision, so I’ll go ahead and explain my reasoning:

1) I speak Japanese and lived in Japan. I had the linguistic tools to look at the above image and pull out the significant characters, including doing a little cleanup of the image myself.

2) I have several very close Japanese friends, including a Japanese-Canadian friend, who like the tattoo both in concept and execution.

3) My adoration for Sugihara mostly comes from my Jewish heritage. I’m not Jewish myself–that was whitewashed away by the USA, very slowly, over time–but ever since I first learned about Sugihara in my Modern East Asian History class, I’ve felt a deep sense of gratitude towards him and I hope that I would have tattooed his seal and signature on me even if he hadn’t been using Japanese characters/seals

4) Which is all to say that Sugihara, as a person and a symbol, has personal meaning for me. I wasn’t shopping across different cultures to find a symbol which meant what I wanted *and* was pretty, I was looking for something from *my* life and *my* history which meant what I wanted *for me*. Sugihara is Japanese, but he’s also a part of European History, Jewish History, and Christian History.

5) Finally, and this is important: The Kanji in my tattoo (the ones immediately above the red square seal, in the picture) are quite ugly (the only time I’ve ever gotten a negative reaction from a Japanese person about the tattoo was to point this out to me, worried that I was unaware). It was important to me that the essence of Sugihara’s quickly scrawled signature be preserved, including the absolutely terrible balance of the penultimate character and a stroke missing from the final character. I hope that even people unfamiliar with kanji will recognize that this is not “beautiful writing”; it’s something else, and as such will recognize that the tattoo was not selected because of the aesthetic value of Kanji divorced from their cultural context. Because for me, ultimately, that is the problem with “Kanji tattoos” and a whole host of other “oriental” symbols that people settle on.

Since you want a tattoo which symbolizes the way you’ve been strong and survived incredibly difficult things, I’d encourage you to think about what, to you, symbolizes that experience. When you find it, it’ll be something you know, something that was always important to you; not something from somewhere else that you found.

I’d also remind you that half of everybody who sees the tattoo is going to ask about it, so make sure you have a story in mind for when you don’t want to get into your dark history. I have about ten versions of Sugihara’s story and how it relates to mine, depending on my mood and the audience.

But like I said at the beginning, maybe I’m not the best person to ask.


Oblivion alt idea: A Morag Tong assassin crosses the border into Cyrodiil for a writ, and through a series of odd and unexplained incidents accidentally joins the DBH