seal release

Season 4: Sam Chooses Ruby over Dean, strangulates his own brother into submission, kills and drinks a nurse, breaks the last seal via killing Lilith. Releases Lucifer and starts the apocalypse. Because he thinks that only he can kill Lilith, save the world. Dean tries his best to stop Sam, but fails. (whats with getting choked to half-death by Sam and all that)

Season 5: Sam and Dean are held responsible for starting the apocalypse. Castiel says so, the angels say so, the show says so. Dean accepts that he is indeed responsible and gets to the clean-up work. 

Season 10: Sam goes against Dean’s explicit orders and uses witchcraft with the help of Castiel and Rowena. Dean is unaware of Sam’s actions. Sam doesn’t call off his mission even after he learns about the true nature and purpose of the Mark of Cain, which results in the release of the primordial darkness. 

Season 11: Sam and the narrative successfully, subtly shift the responsibility on Dean, and blame Dean for the bond he shares with the darkness. Dean, once again, accepts that he is responsible for releasing the darkness, despite his clear innocence in the matter. 

Season 11: Dean is kidnapped by the darkness and is unable to contact Sam. Sam goes to cage to visit Lucifer against Dean’s explicit wishes. Because he thinks that he is chosen by God to lock up the darkness. As a result, Lucifer escapes, possessing Castiel. 

Season 12: Sam says that “they let Lucifer out” implying Dean’s involvement in what Sam and Cas did. Dean doesn’t contest the truth of this statement and accepts the responsibility for the consequences of Sam’s actions. 

As you can see from the above list, this is not an one-off situation. This is a pattern. Sam fucks up, Dean is held responsible for the consequences of Sam’s actions, either overtly or covertly. Sometimes it’s subtle, sometimes it’s blatant –but this blame shifting and gas-lighting definitely happens. Every single season. Also note how Sam’s actions are fueled by his hubris. Again and again, Sam discards Dean’s advice, thinks that he is chosen, thinks that he knows the best –and when Sam’s choices and actions lead to a disastrous outcome like releasing Lucifer or the darkness, when the clean up time comes –then, Sam and the narrative shift the responsibility on Dean. 

The cycle continues.   

Renee Napoli was the 911 dispatcher who talked to Patti Nielson in the library.
10 students were killed and 15 others injured in the library.

The last 40 minutes of the audio tape are so bad that it’s been sealed and cannot be released.

Renee Napoli with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office: “My breaking point was when I went to pick up my kids from school, it was a couple of days later and I sat in my car and just lost it, because I was picking up my kids from school and others would never do that again.”

The longer the tail the more virile the male. The long dramatic tail of the male Emerald Prawn is a physiological marker to females of a males prowess, health and virility. Months prior to mating season, males will begin to seek out large expanses of feeding territory, to engorged, store fats and grow segments of their tails. The more dominant the male the larger the feeding territory, the larger the tail and chances of mating.

His long tail will be offered as a gift to his mate once copulation is complete. Females are entombed within tree hollows, where she will lay and rear her young. They will exclusively feed upon the tail offering.

The male will act as guard, protecting the tree from predators. Once matured, His large jaws will break the sealed tree hole, releasing his captive family. They will separate from that point.

Picking a suitable male is a serious matter. Juvenile males have been known to abandon their mates, resulting in the death of his mate and young.

Fiend White Rider

The first of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that featured heavily in Christian lore. According to the ‘Bible’ when the world ends, the four horsemen will be released with the fourth of the seven seals is released by the Lamb of God.

The white rider was described to be sat above a white horse, holding a bow and wearing a crown. When he was released he went out to conquer the world, leading people to symbolize him as Conquest. One scholar identified the white rider as Christ Himself but this portrayal is heavily contested by other religious figures.

As some point, by unknown means, the white rider became the symbol of disease, Pestilence. Another believed that he was the Antichrist while another interpretation had him the symbol of prosperity for the Roman Empire.

Corypheus:  I grow weary of your constant interruptions.  The time has come to start my plan again anew, albeit without your infuriating obstruction.

Carver:  Yeah, well, I grow weary of your FACE, pal.  You’re not going to kill me.  You can’t because I am a Maker-forsaken HAWKE.  We don’t get defeated.  Not by dragons, demons, haunted houses, fifteen gangs of the same bandits, not by qunari with big sticks, and certainly not by you.  We proved that once already.

Corypheus:  Hmmm.  You claim your bloodline cannot be crushed by any means… but tell me, boy: Your father, my blighted jailer whose seals you destroyed to release me… did he not sire three offspring?  A sister, yes? And yet she did not join you in your quest. Weakness undoubtedly felled her just as it will do to you.


Carver:  Nobody talks badly about Bethany, asshole.  You know what I did to the last person who tried?


Carver:  Enjoy being Frosty the Snow-darkspawn, you freak.

Corypheus:  … you do realize it’s going to fall on you as well?

Carver:  THANK YOU FOR THE REMINDER!  fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck

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For the prompt thing I guess two guys kiss and everything goes right in all the wrong ways idk sorry lol

Bort slumped against the wall for support while Frey dropped to the ground, too exhausted to stand anymore. The adrenaline was gone and there was nothing else to keep him going. Too sore to make it to his rack and too tired to sleep even if he did.

“Are you okay?” Bort asked.

Frey reached for the release on his helmet, but it was jammed and wouldn’t give. He realized that the helmet felt tight around his head, and he couldn’t get a deep breath or even enough air to ask Bort for help. Frey pawed at the release until another hand pushed his aside. There was the familiar click of the seal releasing and someone removed his helmet.

Bort was above him, ringed in light. He’d removed his own helmet first. The tight coils of his hair were so drenched with sweat that they lay almost flat on his head. He couldn’t remember having seen Bort with helmet head before. Frey thought, not for the first time, of how Bort was the most handsome man he’d ever seen.

“I’m okay,” Frey said. He lay back on the floor and closed his eyes, sprawling his limbs to enjoy the coolness of the Bluebird’s floor.

Dead tired and just out of his first real fight, but he couldn’t escape well worn fantasies of kissing his fellow trooper. Elaborate visions of just what it would be like played out on his mind as he tried to think of anything else.

Bort released Frey’s chest plate, then his abdominal plate, setting each of them aside. Frey was acutely aware of each time Bort touched him, even if Bort was careful to keep it to the armor. There was nothing sensual about the contact, just one trooper taking care of another.

When he opened his eyes again, Bort was again over him, staring down into his eyes.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Bort asked.

His body ached and he’d been scared nearly to death. He’d realized during the breach just how much danger they were both in.

Frey reached up and pulled Bort down by the collar of his chest plate until he could press his lips against the other stormtrooper’s. It was chaste, just a gentle press of lips on lips, their noses bumping as they made contact. Bort froze and Frey tilted his head. They were both still sweaty from their ordeal, but it had started to dry. When Frey turned his head, his cheek making contact with Bort’s for a passing moment, their skin stuck together.

All of this was wrong. In his fantasies, they kissed for the first time at sunset on Iloh. He’d only seen Iloh in holovids, but somehow they were there. They sat together in the warm sand, watching the sun go down over the water that lapped at the white sand beach. He would kiss Bort and Bort would kiss him back.

Frey was just so glad to be alive, never mind that they were trapped on this insanely impractical ship with a commander who would probably wring his neck for fraternization. Everything was wrong, but Bort was right and who knew if he’d get another chance. He’d needed to do it.

Popular Philosophical Hall Of Shame

-Responding to the thesis that X feature of modern society is a bad thing by pointing out that X isn’t new.

-Responding to the thesis that X feature of the past was a good thing by pointing to other, unrelated features of the past that were obviously bad.

-Maintaining across the board that the past was no different from the present, unless speaking of the past’s obviously bad features.

-The equation of all claims of trends toward the bad with a claim of pending apocalypse.

-The idea that sufficient education is a cure-all for every human evil.

-The idea that evil does not exist (but righteous indignation does).

-The idea that education is a thing obtained only from certified professionals in a sealed, age-compartmentalized, time-release environment over the course of no fewer than twelve years.

-The notion that traumatic experiences break a person inevitably and irreparably.

-The choice to deal with the above notion by encouraging those who have lived through traumatic experiences to dwell on the matter as often and lingeringly as possible.

-”Venting”, “blowing off steam”, “bottling it up”, and any and all other turns of phrase that, by comparing human emotion to a steam engine, slip in the assumption that either you act on negative impulses or you seethe about them until you finally explode. Turning your attention to other, healthier things is not an option. 

-Ad hominem, not as a fallacy, but as the obvious mode of discourse. The debate is assumed to be more about your opponent’s character than about the actual topic.

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AudricMadara-Sama! Can you please explain Sakura's 100 (healings) mark/seal? I don't think people understand how powerful that mark truly is and how much chakra control it takes. Say it loud for the people in the back because "Sakura's a weak character". They also don't realize A LOT of characters wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Sakura!

Well, according to Shizune and the 2nd Databook, the Byakugou Seal is reputed to be the pinnacle of chakra control; nothing comes close to the level that’s required to pull off this technique. That’s why even though there are so many medical ninja, which in itself requires “every aspect of your chakra control refined to perfection:

The only known people who had the skill necessary to release the seal are Tsunade and Sakura, that’s significant. Medical ninjas need their chakra control to be refined to perfection, and even that’s nowhere near enough to release the seal, which is why even Shizune failed in that endeavour: 

Therefore, the Byakugou Seal essentially requires your chakra control to be far beyond perfect in order to release it, that’s saying something. Once you do release it though, you essentially become immune to death by injury, at the cost of a reduced life span (depending on how often you use the Creation Rebirth technique). So yeah, Sakura’s no slouch :)


The Bandai 2015 Re-release Sealing wand! I tried really hard to get my hands on an original issue rather than the remake but to be honest from what I can tell there is virtually no difference. They ever recreated the packaging. At least for the front side.

Like the Star Wand this wand is all plastic and has a chrome paint finish around the head and bottom. The red jewels are transparent and it says two phrases when you swing it (”Release” and “Return to your true form” in Japanese obviously)

It is amazingly light. I admit when I picked it up at the post office I was momentarily worried I had somehow accidentally paid $100+ for an empty box. But now it was there, it just doesn’t weigh much. Or else I’m that super strong!

Recommendation: You can get the 2015 wand anywhere between $110 to $130 easily, with or without shipping charges depending on where it came from. If you want to find an original 1999-2000 run of this toy it will cost you closer to $300 so this is an acceptable alternative as I think they threw in redone electronics. It’s still the same voice (Sakura Tange), I think they just cleaned it up.

This is a cool toy for collectors and cosplayers. If there’s one thing I could say negative about it, it’s that the wing design on the toy isn’t the same as the show model. The toy keeps the wing tips tight together i a single curve, where the anime version has some space between each tip. I’m sure this is to make the plastic molding either. This isn’t a re-release issue, as the design was used in the original too.

I think people conveniently forget that this was Sakura using only her natural reserves. She did not use her seal for this so this is not the limit of her strength. Releasing the seal’s stored chakra increases her chakra enhanced strength or using the Byakugo no jutsu (acc. to databook 4 this increases her power/strength).

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Hello! Well, I've always wondered, why Sakura didn't release his Byakugo before Sasuke appeared? Also, when she wants to beat madara, why she was depressed only when note that Sasuke "doesn't care for her"? Is all that worried to Sakura? When Sasuke says hard things, Naruto defends her, but why Sakura didn't defend herself? I don't hate Sakura, but don't like her weakness with Sasuke.

Sakura didn’t release the Seal earlier because she hadn’t finished charging it yet. As soon as she had gathered enough chakra, she released the Seal:

Please don’t tell me you’re one of those people who believe that Sakura only released the Seal when she did because she wanted to show off to Sasuke? Because the ignorance behind that belief is astounding and very easy to tear apart.

For your 2nd question, firstly, what did Sakura need to defend herself from in this scene? Sasuke didn’t say anything bad or rude to her, she simply got upset over Sasuke’s seemingly indifferent attitude.

Secondly, this criticism that Sakura was apparently only concerned about how Sasuke felt towards her, despite there being a war going on, and how she was so upset because Sasuke didn’t seem to care about her, is completely false:

Because again, this is jumping to conclusions while not considering the full scope of the situation. Here Team 7 are, needing to work as a team better than they’ve ever done before to even have a chance of defeating Madara, and Sasuke is (purposefully) giving himself the impression of being untrustworthy. Of course Sakura was upset that Sasuke didn’t seem to care about them; who wouldn’t be upset if a former close ally was behaving this way. But the fact that she couldn’t fully trust him was going to be detrimental to their chances of defeating Madara. It wasn’t solely an issue of being upset at his indifference.

Sasuke was acting as though everyone apart from Naruto was expendable, so how could she give her full attention on defeating Madara with team work when she had to constantly wonder what was truly going on in Sasuke’s head?

Sealing Gray’s Darkness For The Final Time

This was entirely born from the excellent and lengthy discussion between kanareneerieriebee and myself last night, where we were suddenly deluged with epiphanies lol!  

I think Juvia needs to be the one who saves Gray in this situation. As it says in this excellent theory, which I think is highly likely to be true, Gray’s situation is essentially that he has regressed to the darkness of his childhood self.

Just like many of the characters in this arc, Mashima is covering/paralleling Gray’s origin story. And in his origin story, he had lost his real home and his parents, and he was found in his destroyed village distraught. He then started a new life with Ur (and Lyon), whom he trained with, and became close to. However, he was still obsessed with revenge/lost in darkness, and ran off to defeat a demon, only to be followed by the woman he left behind, and that woman sacrificed her life to seal his darkness.

Now, many years down the road, Gray once again has lost a parent. He was found by Juvia back at his village in mourning, and became distraught in her arms. He also lost his home Fairy Tail, and started a new life by moving in with Juvia, whom he worked and trained with. He then left her behind because he again gave in to the darkness, and became obsessed with defeating a demon. Except in this case, he did not tell the person he was living with (Juvia) what he was doing, nor where he was going. He just disappeared, because the last time he was followed, and an important woman he happened to be living with, ended up dead. But Juvia, IMO, needs to seal away his darkness, just as Gray needs to stop her rain.

As rieriebee posted here, this is also a parallel to the Phantom Lord arc, because that is Juvia and Gajeel’s origins, and as such, Juvia also needs to be the hero, when previously she was the villain. Again, as this theory illustrates, everyone else important to Gray has already played a part previously in keeping his darkness at bay, including Ur, Natsu (Galuna Island), Ultear (Sun Village), and Silver (Tartarus). This time, the final time, it’ll be Juvia. And Juvia, unlike the previous, and more dire examples (except for Natsu), will not sacrifice her life in any way, shape or form. Because she will be the one to LIVE for Gray.

Now, I feel somehow as if I’ve gone over to the dark side myself by saying this (I don’t why lol), but if things happen in this way, Gruvia are almost definitely going to hit canon. I’m so scared saying that, because previously I always felt like canon was too soon. But this would be such a huge moment, which is following a previous huge moment AND a living together situation. There’s really not much more left to do with Gruvia. Mind you, Mashima could save the whole “Juvia will live for Gray, instead of die for him” thing for a later date, but it just fits so well here.

So, yes, I feel like Mashima has set up a huge situation, that will have a huge resolution. I don’t think it makes sense after this chapter (and this might all change in the next chapter as always, but) for Juvia to not get involved at all. I don’t think it makes sense any longer for Juvia to remain in that house, and to wait for Gray to return to her. 

I feel like Juvia needs to go to him, because she is the one who can make a difference, otherwise why sideline her from the start at all without even letting her do something first? Why not just send her along with Team Natsu and let her fail from the start, so someone else can swoop in and fix the problem? No, Mashima is building up to something (I hope) with her and Gajeel, because unlike the Phantom Lord arc, they are now fighting on the right side, and they will save their respective former opponents. In Gajeel’s case, that’s Natsu and Lucy. In Juvia’s case, it’s Gray.