seal of oricalcos

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Hi Pharoah, what are your feelings regarding Weevil? Especially after the duel on the train? Which leads me into my next question: were you absolutely horrified to see Yugi play that card? Were you hoping for a better reunion?

Weevil….. did something trully dispicable that day on the train- playing with the idea of Yugi’s life as if it was a game!? Just the thought of it…. No- I let my rage get the better of my that day, and I’m glad Tèa was there to calm me down- but my feelings regarding him remain those of intense dislike.
And when that spirit version of Yugi appeared and played the The Seal of Oricalcos…..horrified is merely putting it politely. But- I felt that I deserved to suffer as I did…. I should have put Yugi first, but I let my pride get in the way of that. I am simply greatful that in the end, we were reunited properly, and that Yugi was safe.

Hey, Yu-Gi-Oh fandom, do me a favor.

I want someone to cosplay Yami and draw the Seal of Orichalcos on their forehead, wear green glow-y contacts, and just go around a convention causing really lame “evil.” Like, just pushing over other Yu-Gi-Oh characters and laughing evily and running away.

I’ll love you forever, please and thanks.