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Trump’s pick to replace Michael Flynn turned down the job

  • Robert Harward, the man Trump selected to replace Michael Flynn as national security adviser, turned down the job offer Thursday.
  • According to multiple reports, Harward had concerns he would not have room to pick his own team.
  • Harvard is a retired vice admiral and Navy SEAL and a former deputy commander of the United States Central Command
  • It’s unclear who Trump will now pick to replace Flynn as national security adviser. Read more (2/16/17 7:39 PM)

“Everybody’s been doing this job for a long time, there’s really no reason for me to tell them what to do. It’s fast paced, it’s aggressive, it’s not something you could be timid at.”

Im laughing, im doing some rereading of the fz novels and look at how Kirei’s master/servant relationship with Gilgamesh is described:

“Although Kirei knew that having three or four battle plans ready for the potentially unpredictable fight with Rider would be good enough, Archer did not agree to it. This battle did not belong to Kirei, but the King of Heroes. Kirei needed to respect the wish of the warriors if they desired a face-to-face rivalry. This was likely the biggest difference between Kirei and the other magi, who merely used Servants as tools.

He was opposed to using even a single Command Seal on Archer. He would only get the opposite result if he forced a man with such a huge ego to serve another’s will. The best way was not to control this Servant as a pawn, but to use him as if he were an environmental condition, like the weather or the direction of the wind. A sailor could not control the wind, but he could dexterously control his boat using the sail. That was his reasoning.

Archer had left for the moment because he didn’t like being locked up in this underground place. Kirei understood that Archer would rush back when necessary, so he did not feel uneasy in the least. Kirei did not regard this King of Heroes as a familiar, but as an accomplice with mutual interests.

I’m just so amused by how Kirei is confirmed to see Gilgamesh as a storm that comes through and he just tries to hang on. I can only imagine how things were during the 10 years of domestic bliss. If some of the priests saw Kirei’s messy office on a night after Gil was raiding the wine stash he probably just said something like “Ah yes, a terrible storm blew through and left my office a mess.”

Also gotta love the difference between Good Guy Emiya “My servant is nothing but a tool that i don’t even need to speak to.” Kiritsugu, and Bad Guy Kotomine “My servant isn’t a familiar or a tool, but my accomplice working towards our mutual interests.” Kirei.

Aint Never Had a Servant Like ME- A fate edition of “Never had a Friend Like Me”


Master, I don’t think you quite realize what you got here!
So, why don’t you just rejoice
While I give the choice of possibilities!

Well, Hassan-I-Sabbah had them 80 thieves,
Heracles had a thousand lives.
But master you’re in luck, ‘cause up your sleeves
You’ve got a brand of servant never fails!

You’ve got some weapons in your holy church!
Some heavy command seals in your hand!
You got some slice, dice, chop and wow.
See, all you gotta do is make that pact, and I’ll say:

“Mr. Kotomine, sir, what will your order be?
Let me take your command, act it out?”
You ain’t never had servant like me

Life is your restaurant and I’m your Tofu for free!
Come on whisper what it is you want;
You ain’t never had servant like me!

Yes sir, I pride myself on perfection.
Your the master, the fake, the overseer!
Say what you wish; it’s yours, true dish.
How 'bout a little more destruction?

Have some of vault A, try all of vault B,
I’m in the mood to corrupt you, dude.
You ain’t never had servant like me

Could Assassin do this?

Can your lancer do that?

Can other servants pull this

Out their little gate?

Can other servants go poof?
Well looky here

Can your friends go Enuma Elish, let her rip,

And then make the world disappear?

So don’t just sit there pale-faced, dead-eyed,
I’m here to answer all your mid-day prayers,
You’ve got me entertainment certified;
You’ve got a servant to win the war

I’ve got a powerful urge to corrupt you now,
So what you wish, I really wanna know?
You’ve got a list that’s three miles long, no doubt,
Well all you’ve gotta do is kill tokomi so, and oh ­-

Mr. Kotomine, sir, have a Grail or two or three.
I’m on the job you fake ol’ priest
You ain’t never had a servant, never had a servant,
You ain’t never had a servant, never had a servant,
You ain’t never had a servant like me.
You ain’t never had a servant like me

How to Increase Mental Toughness: 4 Secrets of Navy SEALs and Olympians

by Eric Barker

Know what’s really interesting? Learning how Navy SEALs build mental toughness to handle deadly situations. Know what else is really interesting? Learning how Olympic athletes deal with the pressure of competition when the entire world is watching. Know what’s the most interesting of all? When you find out they do a lot of the same things.

“Mental Links To Excellence” is a research study of what Olympians do to prepare for their big day. And so much of it lines up with what I learned researching SEAL training and talking to former Navy Seal Platoon Commander James Waters.

The best part is you and I can use these methods to perform better at work and in our personal lives.

Let’s find out how…

1) Talk Positively To Yourself

Your brain is always going. It’s estimated you say 300 to 1000 words to yourself per minute. Olympic athletes and SEALs agree: those words need to be positive.

One of the Olympians said:

Immediately before the race I was thinking about trying to stay on that edge, just letting myself relax, and doing a lot of positive self-talk about what I was going to do. I just felt like we couldn’t do anything wrong. It was just up to us. I said, “There’s nothing that’s affecting us in a negative way, the only thing now is to do it, and we can do it … I just have to do my best.”
SEALs use the same method — and they do it in a far more terrifying scenario. How terrifying?

(excerpt - click the link for the complete article)


PANDORA , an archetype that of the greek goddess pandora and her box. An undisclosed location is hidden in Death Valley National Park in California – – PANDORA recruits and trains highly skilled agents to protect the United States and counteract terrorism. A secret service branch of the CIA, often referred to as the “The Home and Overseas Division”.  Ex-Navy Seal Lieutenant Commander : Conrad Ashe is the mind and body behind PANDORA. As acting Director, along with his trusted colleagues have outdone themselves in national and universal security. 

                                                BUT THAT IS ONLY JUST A COVER.

Conrad Ashe : “My favorite novel was The Odyssey by Homer. In the pages, the Greek God Zeus said – – and I quote. ‘Oh for shame, how the mortals put the blame on us gods, for they say evils come from us, but it is they, rather, who by their own recklessness win sorrow beyond what is given […].’ Now, I don’t mean to sound cynical but, I happen to believe that there is some great knowledge and truth behind that. Homer was a great man, as was Zeus….” 

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“So, it appears no matter where I go, you are there to cause trouble, Lucifer.” Blue eyes pierce the Avenger Servant. The Divinity of the angel is palpable, despite the fact that his sword is sheathed and his wings are folded back. On his hand can be seen the Command Seals that designate him as a Ruler-class Servant.

“Or perhaps you are the reason that I am here in the first place.”