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I present this video as a must watch for casual Magic Players everywhere.  

Modern and Standard deck prices are outrageous.  Unless you can only get true fulfillment from competitive magic, or you have a passionate interest in speculation and finance, you will suffer the feel bads if you try to play that game.  The sad truth is that competitive Magic drives demand and therefore prices, and without supply side adjustments, those prices will stay high, and continue to rise.

But all is not lost.  We don’t have to play that game.  If you’ve ever complained about the crazy cost of Modern, or Standard rotations that trivialize your favorite deck that you put so much time and money into.  If you’re tired of the diminishing returns of rogue deck building in competitive formats.  And most of all, if you’re tired of complaining, waiting for Wizards to fix things, then stand up, and take matters into your own hands.

SEALED IS THE ANSWER.  You support WOTC directly, who makes this wonderful game we all enjoy.  You have an even playing field, that still respects skill.  Build your collection while enjoying the game.  Build your deck without having to chase rares or mythics.

Prerelease is already the best Magic event for Casual Players.  Why leave it at that?  Make FNM Great Again!  Don’t let something like Copycat Combo ruin Magic for you.  Don’t let the exorbitant prices of Modern discourage you from meaningful competitive play!  Sealed has something for everyone.

At the end of the day, we all just want to sit down and play Magic.  Whether at your LGS, or around the kitchen table, Sealed IS the answer.  Go in on a booster box with friends.  If someone wants to join in, all they need is six boosters.  The customizability, affordability, and balance of this format are its strengths.

When I go to see a movie, or buy a video game, I am not paying hundreds of dollars.  I shouldn’t have to in order to play Magic.  Opt out of the destructive debates over Standard and Modern.  Choose the format that is self regulated, and most prioritized by WOTC.  Play Sealed.

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“Everybody’s been doing this job for a long time, there’s really no reason for me to tell them what to do. It’s fast paced, it’s aggressive, it’s not something you could be timid at.”



Double Trouble

Summary: Reader is close to Danny, nearly a sister, and she drops by on vacation. 

Pairing: Steve McGarrett x Reader

Warning: Makes jokes dealing with reader being a sex therapst, mild threats, McDanno banter

Words: 1,200

*I don’t own Hawaii Five-O characters, obviously. And credit to the people who created the gifs - aka not me. Oh, and my stories are one-shots until requested differently

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Danny’s phone rang, he looked up to Steve, who was driving, and tried to decide whether he should answer it in front of him or not, “Hey Doll, why are you calling so early, your flight isn’t supposed to arrive until tonight.”

He glanced up to the very curious Steve McGarrett, who was trying to figure out who his partner was talking to. Steve didn’t know someone was flying in to see Danno, “Who’s on the phone?” Danny continued to talk to you and ignore his partner, “Hey, who you talking to?”

Slapping his hand away, “Can’t you see I’m on the phone. You see this object I am talking into – it works like one of those tin cans you use to talk into, you know to another person,” he pointed to the phone, “I’m talking to someone, you animal.”

“Alright, alright,” he put his hands up defensively.

“I’ll be there in twenty minutes, just hold tight,” Danny said to you over the phone. He hung up looking over to an innocent, but nosey Steve, “Can you please start making your way to the airport?”

“The airport, are we expecting company,” Steve asked, acting clueless.

Shaking his head, passively laughing, “We? We aren’t expecting anything. I have family flying in from Jersey. They found an earlier flight out of the blue and they just landed. I don’t have time to drop you off and drive my car to get her – so here we are,” Danny explained, emphasizing on the my car part.

“Her, family – Daniel,” Steve looked over to his partner, prying some more, “Why would you not tell us, your family in Hawaii, that you had another family coming in.”

Frustrated, “She was my brother’s best friend from home, okay,” he yelled, “She’s like my little sister and it’s been hard on her recently with missing Matty. So she is coming to stay awhile.”

They arrived at the airport, “Why haven’t you ever mentioned her,” Steve ask, “This Y/N?”

“Grace has,” he said, looking around the crowd, “Remember that story about the aquarium and the boy picking on her.”

“She’s the fish tank girl,” he asked shocked.

“Yeah,” he grumbled, “Y/N is the fish tank girl.”

You were walking around aimlessly, trying to catch sight of that helmet of blonde hair, “Danny,” you screamed over the crowd, dropping your suitcase, and pulling him into the tightest hug, “It’s so good to see you.” Steve eyed you up, instantly intrigued by your high waisted jean shorts and belly shirt. Pulling away, you look at the man watching the both of you, “Tall, dark, bruiting, troublemaker spirit, and a smirk – you must be Steve, I’m Y/N.”

“Fish tank girl,” Danny pointed to her.

Shrugging at the memory, “Not my finest moment,” you said, half laughing.

Steve grinned at you, gripping your hand tightly to shake, “Nice to meet you. I hope you don’t believe a thing that comes out of this man’s mouth.”

“Daniel,” you point to him, who was pulling your suitcase along with him to the walk to the car, “Never, Jersey people, we like to embellish with dramatics.”

“Aye,” he pushed you gently, “You’re lucky you’re grown up or I’d be shoving you in a closet.”

Steve opened the door for you letting you climb in the back. Danny shoved Steve and started to banter about Steve’s unnecessary flirting with his practically little sister. Danny put your luggage away, “So Y/N, what do you do in Jersey?

“Oh, I’m a sex therapist mostly,” you shot out, looking at the environment around you.

Steve was trying to get some water, nearly spitting it out in Danny’s car. “Y/N,” Danny yelled, “That’s not true, Steve – she is a professor.”

Steve coughed, “Sex therapist – what does that entail,” staring straight at Danny, smirking. Out of your line of sight, Danny motioned for Steve not to start, glaring at him.

“Oh you know,” I said watching the beauty of island past by the window, sneaking a peak at Steve, “I deal with people who have issues with intimacy, fetishes, dysfunctions – the usually, maybe even a tip or two.”

Nodding his head, he looked at you through his mirror, “So you’re an expert.”

“Seven years of education would say yes, I am an expert,” I smile, I knew what he was doing.

“Stop it,” Danny pinched Steve, “Y/N here has a Ph.D. in personality psychology and we are very proud of her.”

“Thank you Danno.”

Eventually you ended up and Danny’s house, Steve grabbing your bag from the back. You walked into the front yard, you couldn’t get over the beauty of this place, “Steve, if you try to hit on her one more time, I’ll break your Navy Seal face.”

“Commander,” you called to him, “You’re considered a local right,” you ask.

He nodded, watching you curiously, “Yeah, grew up here.”

“Want to show me around,” Danny looked between the both of you shocked, “In exchange, maybe I’ll give you some tips,” you grin, watching Danny’s expression.

Steve didn’t know what to say, “I don’t think I need any tips in that department, but I’m happy to show you all around the island. Hope you packed a bikini,” he caught what you were doing.

“Hey,” he yelled, “I’m standing right here. You don’t need this animal to see the island, that’s why you have big brother Danny,” he continued to increase his volume, “Plus, you’ll most likely get shot at and I don’t need that. Now get your purse and walk inside the house.”

“Same old Danno,” you grin, picking up your bag and walking inside the house, “Bye Commander,” you wink at him.

Steve walked next to Danny, “I like her.”

“I’m going to punch you in the mouth,” he said to his partner, “She is only saying those things to get a rise out of me.”

“And yet it is working,” he made fun of his partner.

Stabbing Steve with his finger, “Don’t even breathe in her direction, she is off limits you, Neanderthal.”

“I’m ready for the beach,” you skip out in a bikini and sunglasses. You missed playing games on Danny like this, it felt right. And you missed it more than anything - so you couldn’t stop, even if you were pushing Danny’s limits.

Danny looked at you in awe, Steve check you out, nodding his head in approval, “You know, I have the best beach at my house. Danno,” he touched his partner’s shoulder, “Grab some swim trunks, we’ll barbeque there. I’ll call Chin, Kono, and Grover – it’ll be a family gathering.”

“No,” Danny yelled, “No – put a shirt on.”

“Too late,” Steve answered looking at his phone, “Everyone’s headed over to my place – they can’t wait to meet your Sex Therapist sister,” he grinned, motioning you to his car, “Come on beautiful, your chariot awaits, welcome to paradise.”

Meeting his eyes as you make your way into the car, enjoying Danny’s anger, “I’m glad to see chivalry isn’t dead, thank you sir,” you turn around and wink at Danny, who you had to have steam coming out of his ears. This was going to be an exceedingly fun vacation and Steve McGarrett was the key.

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Different anon than the one who asked about Iruka and Urahara, but your response got me thinking of just who else in Naruto-verse, besides Oro, has pulled enough shit to deserve the creepy courting rituals of one Mister Hat-and-Clogs, and my evil, broken brain spat (T)Obito at me, so now I'm sharing the pain. Just imagine them though: two overly-strategic, manipulative bastards with a penchant for trolling everybody by masquerading as happy ditzes. (1/4?!)

The cat-and-mouse game between them would be epic and utterly obnoxious to everyone forced to witness it, but Obito without a mask must have a critically weak pokerface and it’d probably take Kisuke no time to tease out that all he needs to break it with a blush is lay the innuendo on thick. That pale Uchiha skin. The rest of the challenge for Urahara is entirely based on managing to contrive excuses to get in Obito’s personal space without him using Kamui to slip away, because I’m of the opinion that every Obi-pairing ever, in any universe, should include touch-starved!Obito eventually getting scooped up and overwhelmed with cuddles. For a side of angst, they’d have to work through Kisuke’s tenuous grasp of scientific ethics when presented with someone with such a fascinating hodgepodge of ridiculous powers, colliding with Obito’s probable PTSD and body-horror from cave time with Madara and Zetsu. :( 

 But since my real OTP is Obito/ANYbody-big-enough-to-cuddle-him, in any universe, eventually Kisuke’s gotta sneak some snuggles. Maybe right after Obito genjutsus the fuck out of Aizen for being another wannabe-god, and it’s the sexiest thing Urahara’s ever seen. Just. If any Naruto character is enough of a karmic mixed-bag  to deserve being affably harrassed and poked at and force-fed sweets by goddamn Urahara Kisuke, isn’t it Obito?

For the record, I hate you muchly and this is now a thing I ship. Whyyyyy. 

Gin knows he’s going to die.

It’s not as if this was ever in question; betraying Aizen isn’t something survivable, and Gin’s been aware of that from the very first. That doesn’t mean he’s going to stop, though.

Rangiku is worth more than that, and so is getting revenge for what was taken from her.

The Hōgyoku pulses in his grip like a heart torn free, and Gin doesn’t think he’s ever hated anything except Aizen himself more.

In the rubble left behind by Kamishini no Yari, something stirs. Gin glances up, muscles winding tight, because of course it wasn’t going to be as easy as snatching the damned thing from Aizen’s chest and beating a retreat; he’s bought himself some breathing room, a calm like the moment before a hurricane hits, and—

The Hōgyoku trembles like it’s going to wink out, and in the same instant a scarred hand closes over Gin’s, all five fingertips glowing incandescent violet.

Gin jerks, startled into flight, but another hand grabs his wrist as his head snaps up. Not Aizen, because he would be dead if it was, but a complete stranger, scarred and grim with eyes like red-and-black pinwheels.

“Seal,” the stranger commands, not so much as looking at Gin, and Gin yelps as a burning heat races across the skin of his abdomen. The Hōgyoku shivers like struck crystal, then winks out of existence, and simultaneously Gin feels it. There’s a rush of heat through his whole body, a tingling awareness that it’s there just beneath the surface, and he collapses to his knees with a gasp.

In the same moment, there’s a scream of pure fury from Aizen, out of sight beyond the rubble, and Gin realizes that the overwhelming pressure of the Hōgyoku on the town around them is entirely gone.

“Sorry,” the stranger says, releasing Gin’s wrist, though he doesn’t sound all that apologetic. “That was the thing all of this is about, right? The perverted bastard’s pet project?”

Well. Gin’s more used to hearing that phrase used to describe him, but in this context he’s going to assume the man means Urahara. “What did ya do?”

“Sealed it,” he says precisely, as if this answers everything. “If the Kyuubi no Kitsune can’t break an Eight Trigrams Seal, neither can that thing. I’m sorry it had to be you I sealed it into, but I was kind of short on options.”

On the list of things Gin truly Does Not Want, having the Hōgyoku sealed inside of him probably ranks up there with kissing Aizen full on the mouth. Still, it’s definitely better than the alternative, and he gets his feet under him with an effort and pushes upright. His shihakusho is already tattered, and he tugs it aside to find dark, heavy lines written across his stomach, a spiral of black ink surrounded by neat characters.

“I don’ think I want ta be a butterfly,” Gin says, a little faintly.

The stranger blinks, clearly startled, and then snorts. “You’re not going to transform. It’s sealed. You can’t use its power, and neither can anyone else.” Apparently dismissing the matter, he turns away, just as a familiar figure staggers around a broken street corner with seething fury in his face.

“You,” Aizen spits, bringing Kyōka Suigetsu up like a threat. “What have you done?”

Despite himself, Gin almost takes a step back. He’s never seen Aizen truly angry, even at the moment of his betrayal, never seen raw shock on his face like this before. It’s…terrifying.

But the stranger just snorts, facing him squarely. His eyes flicker past Aizen’s figure, to where Urahara Kisuke is just stepping down onto the street with narrowed eyes and an unreadable expression, and he smiles.

It’s not a nice expression.

“You’re not the first would-be god I’ve dealt with,” he says flatly. “And compared to the actual god I’ve faced, you don’t even begin to match up.” A step, and the air warps around him like a vortex. He vanishes, winking out of existence, and Gin shifts forward before he can help himself, not entirely sure what he means to do beyond help, and—

Aizen spins, sword slashing through the air, but it passes right through the stranger ass he reappears. Then he’s abruptly solid again, just in time to whirl and kick Aizen in the gut.

A flicker of flash-step and Urahara appears next to Gin, one hand holding his hat in place and a small, quirked smile on his lips. “My, my,” he says, and the tone is light but his eyes are sharp. “It seems our visitor from another dimension has lots of tricks up his sleeve.”

Gin glances at the stranger just in time to see him slam a hand against Aizen’s chest, fingertips glowing again, and Aizen cries out as every last trace of his reiatsu vanishes from the air. “You were keepin’ the kid in reserve?” he asks, because this is definitely not something Aizen knew Urahara had.

It’s hard to tell whether he’s getting more satisfaction from that thought or from watching Aizen get his ass kicked by a man who doesn’t even seem to be trying.

Well. Both, probably. Scratch that, both definitely.

Urahara chuckles, tipping his hat down over his eyes a little more, though his gaze doesn’t leave the rather one-sided fight. Gin had known that Aizen had never excelled at hand-to-hand the way he did at kido, because he’s spent decades learning the bastard’s weaknesses, but even knowing that it’s easy to see the stranger is good, on top of his ability to turn intangible. “No, no. Our cute little visitor didn’t even know about Aizen until a few minutes ago. He must have felt the two of you appearing in the real Karakura and come to find me. Such an adorable tsundere, don’t you think?”

Gin watches the adorable tsundere deliver an uppercut to Aizen’s jaw that audible cracks bone, and refrains from commenting.

There’s no need, anyway; without the Hōgyoku, without his reiatsu, the blow knocks Aizen back on his heels, and a final roundhouse kick catches him in the side of the head. He crumples like a puppet without strings, collapsing into a heap on the ground, and the stranger pulls back, breath still even as if he hadn’t just gone up against a man who practically laid the Gotei 13 to waste.

“Oi, pervert,” he calls, without looking away from Aizen. “You want him gift-wrapped or something?”

Urahara laughs merrily, flash-stepping to the strangers side. “My, my, Obito, you’re certainly thorough.”

Obito turns a dark look on him, though it holds more aggravation than true anger. “I just watched him kick your ass. And Yoruichi’s. Was I supposed to go easy on him?”

“Revenge? For our sakes?” Urahara asks cheerfully, and before Obito can dodge he catches him around the waist and pulls him into what’s either a hug or an octopus’s stranglehold—Gin can’t quite tell. “How sweet of you!”

With a squawk, Obito tries to pry him off, but doesn’t get far. “Let go, you damned creep! Hey! Where do you think you’re putting your hands—hey!”

“Ouch,” Urahara says in mild protest, though his wince isn’t entirely faked. “I’ve already been abused once today, you know.”

Tellingly, Obito stops struggling instantly, practically sinking back into Urahara’s hold. “Idiot,” he says, and there’s more relief than anything in his tone. “You know I would have helped if you had just asked.”

“How was I supposed to know out new freeloader had experience taking out gods?” Urahara protests with something that’s probably supposed to be a pout. “How rude, keeping these things from your lover, Obito.”

“Who’s my lover?” Obito retorts without hesitation. “Stop saying when it’s not even true!”

“But it could be—ow.”

“I changed my mind. Go die,” Obito snarls, shoving Urahara back by the face. “Let me go, you can deal with the butterfly bastard—”


Gin turns quickly, catching a flash of color out of the corner of his eye, and just has time to open his arms before Rangiku plows into him. He huffs, staggering back a step, and feels her hug him impossibly tight for three full seconds. Then she pulls back, expression shading towards fury, and slaps him full across the face.

“You bastard, you knocked me out,” she hisses, though her eyes are distressingly damp. “You can’t just apologize and then disappear, I thought you were going to die!”

“Ah, Ran-chan—”

You were?!”

Rangiku has always been able to read him far too well.

Somehow it’s that thought above all others that makes Gin suddenly realize that—they’re done. Aizen has been beaten, and while Gin won’t relax until the bastard is nothing but ashes, he’s certain Central 46 will take care of that soon enough. The man looks small and pathetic inn defeat, and Gin can’t help but laugh, slumping forward as every muscle goes weak with relief.

Rangiku catches him.

Of course she does.

“It’s over,” he tells her, just in case she missed it.

There’s a long pause, and then a careful kissed pressed to his hair. “It is,” Rangiku agrees. Amusement shades into her tone as she asks, “Their doing?”

Gin doesn’t look to where Urahara and Obito are still bickering, just hums quietly in agreement.

Then, without any warning, a truly massive beacon of reiatsu practically explodes into existence. Gin wrenches around on instinct, shoving Rangiku behind him as he grabs for his zanpakuto, and a figure in black with daylily hair seems to spontaneously appear before them.

There’s a long moment of silence as Kurosaki Ichigo blinks at Gin and Rangiku, at Obito still shoving at Urahara as the exile clings to him, at Aizen unconscious in the dirt. Then, in a tone of utter bewilderment, he says, “What?”

A laugh cracks out of somewhere deep in Gin’s chest. He staggers with the force of his mirth, hanging onto Rangiku to stay upright, and doesn’t stop laughing for a very long time.

It feels better than anything has in almost a hundred years.

✕ RP Meme for Fate Muses. 

1. What does your muse want from the Holy Grail? Why?
2. Does your muse agree with their portrayal in legend? Or were they different from how they’re remembered by history?
3. What kind of Master would your Servant mesh best with? Or, if your muse is a Master, what kind of Servant would they work best with?
4. Do you listen to folk music to get into your muse’s aesthetic? Have you learned new things about your muse’s culture through researching them?
5. Which Servant/Master do you want your muse to battle with? Who do you think would win?

6. Does your Servant respect other Servants? Does your Master respect other Masters? Do they consider their opponents their peers, their inferiors, or better than they are? 
7. If you had a Command Seal on your hand right now, what would you make your muse (Servant OR Master) do?
8. If you could change your muse’s design, what would you change?
9. Is your muse a warrior, a ruler, or just really dang good at killing?
10. Your muse has just been dropped into the Fourth Holy Grail War. What is your plan of attack? How do you WIN the Holy Grail?

11. Does your muse have preferences over type of Servant they Summon? Does your muse discriminate against other types of Servants?
12. If you could take any Servant’s powers for yourself, which would you take?
13. What changes or additions have you made to your muse’s background that aren’t canon? Is there anything in canon that you distinctly don’t do for your muse? How much of real history and legend have you used for your muse, as opposed to sticking strictly to the Fate series?
14. Look at your Top Followers list. If you and those folks were dropped into a HGW, who’d win? What would happen?
15. Gilgamesh calls your muse a mongrel. Now what? How does your muse react?

Fate/Stay Night Timelines 2

A basic overview of the timelines in the Nasuverse. This one specifically follows: Fate/Extra, Fate/Extra CCC, Fate/Extra CCC Foxtail and Angel Notes.

So as not to confuse newcomers, the details are extremely basic and not too complex.

‘Main’ Timelines

4.6 Billion Years Ago

  • The Moon comes into existence, formed from strange crystals and an unknown civilisation creates a supercomputer known as the Moon Cell within the object.
  • The Solar System forms around the Moon and the newborn Sun.

Distant Past

  • The World is created and Gaia is ‘born’. Alaya is also created but is one with Gaia.
  • The Moon Cell begins to record Earth and simulate a perfect copy of the planet inside the Moon. This copy is so perfect it is said it can predict the future.
  • Because of the Moon’s differing origin, Crimson Moon Brunestud does not exist, and there are no vampires, nor any Arceuid Brunestud. The events of Tsukihime and Melty Blood are never able to occur.
  • Type-Mercury, the Ultimate One of Mercury arrives on Earth after receiving a message from Gaia far into the future. It lands in South America to await the ‘promised time’.
  • Age of the Gods begins.
  • Alaya splits from Gaia and becomes a separate force.

931 BCE

  • King Solomon dies and the Age of the Gods comes to an end. Magic starts to weaken as science and reason become stronger. Only five parts of ‘True Magic’ remain.


  • Justeaze von Einzbern, Nagato Tohsaka and Zolgen Makiri create the Holy Grail War alongside Zelretch with the Third True Magic, Heaven’s Feel. Justeaze sacrifices herself to becomes the Grail. Distraught, Zolgen vows to get the Grail so that he make her dream of reaching the Root true. At some point, he renames himself Zouken Matou.

Around 1800

  • First GW takes place. Unknown if there is a winner.


  • Second GW takes place. All Masters murder each other quickly. Church intervenes and new rules are created.


  • Third GW takes place. Einzberns summon Angra Mainyu as Avenger but he is defeated quickly. His spirit corrupts the Grail and the Lesser Grail is destroyed. There is no winner.


  • An unknown event quickens the decay of magic from the world.
  • The fourth and fifth GW possibly happen but with an unknown outcome.
  • Shirou is still adopted by Kiritsugu however.
  • By 2030, magic is completely gone.


  • Famous scientist Twice H. Pieceman is killed in a terrorist attack and his data is recorded by the Moon Cell.


  • A person with the fatal disorder, Amnesia Syndrome is frozen in the hopes of the future holding a cure. Their data is recorded by the Moon Cell which creates an NPC named Hakuno Kishinami. 
  • Hakuno is either male or female, creating a split timeline but the following events happen exactly the same way.

Unknown Period (Possibly 2004-2030)

  • Shirou Emiya stops a nuclear explosion by becoming a Counter Guardian. On his travels as a CG, he is arrested and brought to justice for the crimes he committed. He is sentenced to death but he is content and happy. He dies an unknown hero who loved his life. His data is recorded in the Moon Cell.


  • The Western European Conglomerate and the Harwey family discover the Moon Cell which hacks into every computer in the world within two seconds destroying internet security.
  • The Moon Cell begins to simulate the GW’s and any person that can hack into its systems via the internet, which is now completely open, becomes a Master.
  • The NPC based on Twice watches over the multiple GW’s inside the moon and eventually becomes self-aware.
  • Becoming a Master, he summons Tamamo no Mae but fails to win. Crying out for salvation, he summons Buddha and the two win the war. Upon reaching the Moon Cell core, Twice rewrites the system completely and uses it to cause wars across the globe in order to ‘advance’ humanity.

Unknown Period (Possibly 2050′s)

  • The NPC of Hakuno becomes self-aware and becomes a Master by summoning either Nero, Tamamo or Shirou Emiya.
  • This creates another split in the timelines, but the following events happen exactly the same way until Hakuno uses a Command Seal.
  • Shiki Ryougi travels into the Moon Cell possibly from the Melty Blood timeline. She becomes the Servant ‘Monster’ and kills 99 Masters. She later kills an unknown Master or is rescued by the Aozaki sisters, or stopped by Hakuno, and returns to her true timeline.
  • Fate/Extra takes place, and Hakuno uses their Command Seal to rescue either Rin Tousaka or Rani VIII.

Two New Timelines Created

Rin Route

  • The NPC Nurse Matou becomes self-aware and falls in love with Hakuno. Fearing deletion, she gives her memories to another NPC copy of herself, BB.
  • Rin is saved and Rani dies. Rani is saved by BB and her soul is stored within the Far Side.
  • Rin and Hakuno confront Twice and win the GW.
  • Hakuno is deleted but rescued by BB.

Rani Route

  • The NPC called Nurse Matou becomes self-aware and falls in love with Hakuno. Fearing deletion, she gives her memories to another NPC copy of herself, BB.
  • Rani is saved and Rin dies. Rin is saved by BB and her soul is stored within the Far Side.
  • Rani and Hakuno confront Twice and win the GW.
  • Hakuno is deleted but rescued by BB.

Both Timelines

Unknown Period (Possibly same year as Fate/Extra)

  • Rani Route and Rin Route reconverge.
  • All saved Masters are resurrected but trapped by BB.
  • Hakuno becomes a Master once more of either Nero, Tamamo, Shirou or Gilgamesh.
  • Events of Fate/Extra CCC take place.
  • Hakuno and friends defeat BB and differing events can happen based on chosen Servant. 

Nero Ending

  • Nero and Hakuno marry and Hakuno returns to the Moon Cell.

Tamamo Ending

  • Hakuno returns to the Moon Cell.

Shirou Ending

  • Somepoint in the past, Hakuno’s original self awakens and meets Shirou before he was a Counter Guardian.

Gilgamesh Ending

  • Gilgamesh breaks the Moon Cell War and takes Hakuno to some planet 1500 light years away.

Foxtail Timeline

Unknown Period (Possibly 2050′s)

  • The NPC of Hakuno becomes self-aware and becomes the Master of Tamamo. Hakuno is a definitive male in this world.
  • Fate/Extra CCC Foxtail takes place around the same time Fate/Extra would.

All Timelines

?Distant Future?

  • Humans pollute the earth.
  • Gaia dies and calls out to the Ultimate Ones to destroy humanity. One message arrives thousands of years in the past to Type-Mercury who has already arrived and gotten the message sometime in the past.
  • The ‘promised time’ begins.
  • Humans are almost wiped out and A-Rays evolve.
  • Gun God, the A-Rays and Type Venus fight against the other Types. Venus dies. Type-Venus becomes V.V. Gun falls in love with her and dies fighting against Type-Saturn. Unknown outcome.