seal mask

“Okay, just relax. This is going to be fun. Don’t panic, but I’m going cap the end of the tube attached to your mask. You’ll notice that the latex mask is sealed air time over your mouth and nose. Don’t worry… you won’t be able to breath, but I’ll give you notice so that you can take a deep breath. Then the challenge begins, I have to make you fully erect and make you cum before I start your air supply again! I think I’ll be able to do it, but don’t panic! When you cum it will be unlike any orgasm you’ve ever had before! So much so, when I re-introduce your air you need to remember to breath! You’re body will be shaking and your nuero receptors will be working overtime. When you’re breathing again, I’ll over stimulate the head of your penis which will make your whole body shake! You’ll try desperately to wriggle free… then I’ll stop your air again and make you cum a second time. This will feel like absolute heaven! My patients say it’s the best feeling in the world.”


My first entry in my #tutorialtuesday series is how to make a super hero/villain mask! It’s super easy and cheap to make one yourself.

1. Take some time to figure out your pattern, depending on your character design and face shape. Feel free to use my pattern as a reference, but I recommend making one yourself to best fit your face shape.

2. Trace your pattern two times onto craft foam and cut it out. Use contact cement or E6000 glue to layer one piece over the other. This will make your mask more durable and thicker. Use a heat gun to gently heat up the foam and then press it to your face. This will shape the mask perfectly to your face and give you a custom fit. Heating the foam also acts as an initial sealant for paint.

3. Prime your mask with gesso or wood glue. I applied about 5 layers of gesso to really harden my mask until it felt like it was made from plastic. The primer also helps the paint to adhere better. Sand the mask down smooth before painting.

4. Paint your mask with acrylic colors of your choice! 3 layers of paint is usually good.

5. Decorate your mask as you need to for your design. For my jester Harley original design, I glued on rhinestones and lace. Seal the mask when it is completely done with glossy finish Mod Podge.

And that’s it! Either use Spirit Gum to adhere the mask to your face or add on some elastic and you’re good to go and fight some crime (or go make some crime). Good luck and feel free to share and repost! ✨

final night

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(not my gif)

summary: kinda angsty, based off of a prompt.

warnings: none

prompt: “she made him long for her in ways he kept to himself”

Peter Pan lived a cruel existence. 

One would never know - he keeps it masked beneath sealed layers of pride and wickedness, all tied together with smugness beyond comprehension. Yet, it’s not enough.

And it’s your fault.

You were his type, his equal. You made him long for you in ways he kept to himself. You with your kind smile and beautiful mannerisms, the clever workings of your min and your incessant snarks. Your ability to believe in him when nobody else will…

that’s your downfall.

Beholding the heart of the truest believer makes you an absolute gem of a person, but Peter’s only option for survival. So, he sits watching you dance among his boys wondering why.

Why did he let himself come to love you?

Why didn’t he take your heart sooner?

Why you? Why did the gods pick you?

Tears leak from his eyes, and he allows himself to break down while his entranced subjects whirl around him. Pan debated risking it, truly, his mind pondered running away with you and finally growing old. But that’s not what makes him a feared king.

He will always pick power over promise, even if it nearly destroys him.

So, in defiance of himself, he brings his flute back to his lips, and sings Neverland into your final night.

Heian Empress -

My Mito for day 4 of Mito’s week… her looks are based on the sage’s era and links to Kaguya.

I think the links around the Japanese Heian era and Kaguya are pretty interesting so I wanted to explore it with Mito and the Shinigami’s mask symbolism with the Uzumaki clan, that’s also artifacts from the Heian period.

The outfit is based on “What if she lived at the Sage’s era?” lol

Laws Of Bygones- Chapter 3

Heylo guys! Have the next chapter and let me know your feedback please!


“What do you mean hostage?” Pepper demanded as Happy took a sharp right, narrowly missing a parked bike, “And where’s Tony?”

“It’s Rumiko, Pepper,” Rhodey’s voice sounded tense in the background of a speeding car’s tyres, “Obviously Tony’s going right into the mess.”

“Of course,” Pepper sighed on a frustrated breath, flicking her hand to signal Happy, “I’ll get there as soon as I can. But Rhodey…”

“I know, I know,” Rhodey replied over the phone and Pepper knew that his nerves were frazzled too, “He’s risking too much. But he’d do the same for us and we’d do the same for him.”

“One day this’ll get us all killed,” Pepper huffed on an exasperated laugh as she cocked her gun in one hand.

“Should have known before we became merchants of death, boss,” Rhodey quipped and Pepper rolled her eyes before flipping the phone shut.

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I like all these theories but serious talk here, is that really Asougi? Maybe the emblem and poses are just red herrings. I say this because I heavily doubt that Barok would allow a Japanese to stand by his side with his intense hatred of them and Asougi would most likely stand for that kind of prejudice. It could be that Asougi has amnesia and thus cannot remember who he is but I'm pretty sure his looks indicates his race.

Alright, do I have a lot to say about this, prepare for a long post. Reminder, I only have my memory, so I hope I get the details right, but feel free to correct me. I’m not trying to come to a conclusion here, but just pointing out facts and writing my trains of thoughts

1. It would make no sense for Asougi to be dead

  • I’m only assuming this if Takumi didn’t want to repeat the dead mentorTM trope. Comparing Asougi’s and Mia’s deaths, yes they both kinda get the ball rolling in their respective games, but Mia’s death was an actual murder; she was killed for a reason while Asougi’s, as far as we know, was simply an accident. I know accidents happen, but it seems weird to put so much effort into developing a character and then killing them off in a senseless manner. If Asougi is truly dead, well, then I’m expecting for every one of Shu Takumi’s games for a dead mentor to appear, which will therefore make future stories pretty predictable don’t yah think?
  • Also, looking back on AA1 and DGS1, yes, Mia’s death was tragic while I was playing AA1, but I wondered why I didn’t miss her as much as I missed Asougi (enough to make a sideblog dedicated to him mind you) and then I realized Mia did come back in AA1 in the form of Maya channeling her and her story still continued. There’s still a lot we don’t know about Asougi, so I think in one way or another, his story at least has to be continued in DGS2.

2. Maybe it’s not Asougi

  • Okay, this is assuming that Takumi just likes to rip our hearts out and crush them, maybe it is someone related to Asougi then? The seal on the mask and on Asougi’s family seal are slightly different, but I still say it’s probably close enough to point to a family member. And you’re right, the skin tone too is a dead giveaway that this man is Japanese. I don’t recall if the game explicitly stated if Asougi had a brother/father (I remember there was speculation on the Morse code message since it only gave a first initial) but hey, it would definitely be more of a twist that the masked man being Asougi.

(Credit to whitecow602 at C-R Forums for the images)

3. What if the masked man and van Zieks know each other?

  • I know van Zieks has a hatred towards Japanese people, so a lot of counter arguments is why he would let a Japanese man stand with him at the bench? Well, way back when DGS1 was coming out, tbh, I though Asougi and van Zieks were related (but then when I learned their ages, it’s kind of hard to come up with a valid connection that would make sense) but nonetheless, what if van Zieks and Asougi already knew each other? Van Zieks does mention that he “needed to meet someone” or something like that, so what if that someone was Asougi? Maybe van Zieks would make his hatred the exception for someone he knows (even though I know it was some Japanese man who he trusted that “betrayed” him supposedly.)
  • Also as a side note, I personally head canon Asougi as Japanese+White (and this is totally bias since I am myself an Asian+White kid) so maybe van Zieks wouldn’t necessarily consider him Japanese? I also remember Asougi mentioning how he didn’t like the Japanese language when talking about tongue twisters, which I found really odd, ‘cuz why shit on your own language if you know English (I’m assuming he knows English) ‘cuz English is a clusterfuck of a language. The only reason I could think of that is if English was your first language, so maybe Asougi lived in England/London for a good amount before moving to Japan. It would also explain how it may be possible for him to go undercover in London if he already knows the area.
  • As for why Asougi would just stay silent with van Zieks doing his hatred towards Japanese people thing… it’s probably just for the sake of the mission? Kind of like when you bite your tongue when your parents say something racist/sexist/homophobic ‘cuz there’s no point in correcting them because they won’t change their ways. Either that or it’s all a façade…?

4. It’s too obvious!

  • Maybe they released the shots of the masked man so that we can all start theorizing about Asougi’s return to build up hype for the game? Regardless of whether it’s Asougi or not, it’s still going to be an emotional moment when the masked man reveals his true identity. Having the thought beforehand that this man will be Asougi will either make us cry and throw confetti or just crush all of our hopes and dreams.

The only thing I don’t agree with is that Asougi has amnesia… ‘cuz how do you end up an assistant to the Grim Reaper of the Old Bailey if you have amnesia??? Maybe Asougi still remembers his law knowledge, but how did he even end up with van Zieks in the first place? I guess we can only wait for DGS2 (and very kind people who understand Japanese who can translate it :3 ) to come out.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading all of my ramblings! Feel free to continue the conversation, point out some stuff I missed, or add your own inputs!

I Will Break You...or not.

A/N - *Long sigh* Well, here it is! The second fic of this impromtu Jeremy-centric weekend of goofy smut fics involving him dressing up in dumb costumes! As those of you who saw my posts in the last few days already know, this was inspired by Mr. Dooley’s new look as well as the stream that followed shortly (hee hee…) after that reveal in which he had the Bane mask on. If you thought yesterday’s fic was dumb and gratutious than you ain’t seen nothing yet - I even made this one a Tall!Reader, as if it wasn’t self-indulgent enough. So if you honestly like the idea of reading an insanely goofy fic featuring a tiny man cosplaying a Batman villain for his much taller lady, than I guess this is the fic for you! Enjoy…if you can…

Pairing - Jeremy x Tall!Reader

Warnings - Swearing, sex, a giant Tree Lady teasing a poor teeny, tiny, little man.

Word Count - 3, 248

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jimin as ‘baby seal’  on king of masked singer

[ image: Roman Sionis, the Black Mask, standing around in his general wear. he has a chest holster strapped on over his white shirt, his sleeves rolled up halfway up his arms and a purple tie with a black tip loose around his neck. his slacks are grey-purple and his shoes are brown. his eyes peer through the mask sealed to his face, the mask’s quirked eyebrows and his lidded eyes making him look bored. ]

Based on @akroveros‘s Geists, I made my own mask for a Geist we were brainstorming for me. His name is Sasoti, roughly translating to “Traveler” in the Nalaak language he made. He possesses Transportation magics; like teleportation, gates, portals, speed boosts, planar shifting, etc.

He wasn’t very physically strong in life, but made up for it with his cleverness. He was unwillingly sealed into his mask and for years he was saddened by this - causing him to weep from his mask creating deep lines of errosion over time that finally cracked and released him from his emotions. He became a being of numb intellect and emotionlessly makes deals with anyone that need use of his magics - for a price that changes depending on the individual. 

Eyes of the Swarm - Lore pt. 5 (Goodnight Sweet God)

This post is a part of Eyes of the Swarm, my and @zlukaka​’s visual novel in development. Comments/inquiries on this will be totally make our day!

Continued from the fourth lore post <3. If you’re just starting - go here (all this is still taking place before the beginning of the game, a sort of backstory).

With the rise of the Swarm’s avatar duo, came a relatively quiet time for the homeworld. It wasn’t really that the Realmsguard and the Swarm managed to settle into a peaceful arrangement but rather that Vra and Otto had their hands full trying to get their empire back in check after years of Kron’s messy rule. The outer realm agents of the Swarm had always been running wild, but even more of the Swarm’s realmshifters deserted into other worlds after catching the news of the previous ruler’s downfall. Vra and Otto would have probably been unable to sort it out if not for Kron’s Spymaster and his well established network of spies and informants in this world and others. The Spymaster had always liked Otto’s way of conducting business and so now, out of respect for the man, he agreed to support the new Emperor.

The access to shadowy intel of all kinds allowed Vra to nip most of domestic riots in the bud as well as find and execute those agents who decided to play gods in other worlds. The new avatars went mostly after realmshifters with possibly threatening agendas, ignoring the less inventive deserters, who simply went into hiding somewhere. They knew they would get them sooner or later - once killed in other dimension, they were bound to eventually respawn at the headquarters.

Although the Swarm forces seemed to be more vulnerable at that time and for the first time in history the Realmsguard saw the possible opening to strike the hive of the divine creatures that stood behind the enemy’s might - the Swarm itself - they did not take that chance. Those creatures, Terry claimed, were not their enemy. They didn’t deserve to be destroyed but rather, given a chance to experience the world, to learn the concept of good from evil. Like he had.

But since no plan for that crystallized at that point, the moment was lost. Instead, the Realmsguard took that time to build more bastions, and reinforce their defences. They roamed other worlds in search of more resources. Terry gently suggested that it would be good to help Vra and Otto with tracking down the run-away realmshifters and bringing them back to the homeworld. Indeed, Belgar and Nathan thought it was prudent, as they understood that the performance of their realmshifting system and the Swarm’s system was somehow connected.

They didn’t imagine just to what extent that was true. The realmshifting and resurrection systems used by the Realmsguard and the Swarm were not only connected, but also hinging on the same power source. Terry.

The god never told them. He was pretty confident he’s managing it all quite well. Until one day, Terry, who had since mostly moved to a separate body, felt sudden weakness. Muttering that he needed to take a short nap, he collapsed where he stood. He never woke up.

Later on it turned out that at that time, some of the realmshifters had for the first time crossed into a dimension where time flowed differently, and that was the speculative event that ‘overloaded’ Terry.

A small ceremony was held, where Belgar and Nathan made the heartbreaking announcement, assuring the Realmsguard that their god was not dead, merely sleeping - as although their mind-link with Terry had been broken, they retained their powers, and the resurrection and realmshifting system continued to work, proving that in some way, Terry was still with them. They swore that they would keep fighting, and they would find a way to wake Terry up. After that, they stayed with Terry for long hours, still unable to believe what happened. They would come to visit their god everyday.

Years passed. The loss of Terry slowly sank in.

They tried many ways to wake him up (including a risky move of detaching all the Realmsguard from the resurrection system for a while), but all of them failed.

The Swarm did not use the opportunity to strike the Realmsguard at its most vulnerable moments, but that was about how nice Vra and Otto were willing to play. With their empire rebuilt and strengthened with slaves and resources from other worlds, they were ready to fight for dominance over the homeworld and other realms. They grew bold, the Realmsguard retaliated, and so the old permanent conflict was reignited.

The difference was that this time, if things went way too far, there was a chance the enemy could be reasoned with.

Aside from the usual politics, Belgar and Otto still kept in touch in a less official capacity and although their encounters were still conducted in secret, one could risk calling those meetings… actually friendly.

Nathan and Vra had also retained their acquaintance, to the degree of establishing a secret phone line that neither Belgar nor Otto was supposed to know about (both did of course, and both had it tapped to make sure Vra and Nathan wouldn’t babble out something strategic). It was supposed to be mostly scientific at first (not really helping the enemy with inventions, but just two nerds talking) but throughout the years it grew to serve other purposes too.

Centuries passed and slowly, the Realmsguard gave up hope of ever waking Terry up. Belgar and Nathan grew apathetic and with time withdrew from active duty, letting the new high command take over the Realmsguard. At first they used to be present at the councils that determined the direction of their politics, but after a while they trusted that to the new generation as well. And so, Belgar and Nathan retired, and although they still live in the central sky bastion, they seem to have aged, mentally at least, and avoid people whenever they can. 

They are still asked to come out of their cosy hiding to give a speech or two or simply to inspire morale with their legendary presence from time to time, but all in all, they are just relics of the past.

It seems the Realmsguard is coping just fine without them.

While the top tiers of the Realmsguard suffered from reshuffling, the Swarm did not change much. Otto and Vra held onto their power throughout the centuries, bickering at each other as much as ever. 

Even though they surrounded themselves with people they think they can trust, every now and then there is a situation where Vra’s power is questioned and Otto has to rescue him from having his ass handed back to him; help which Vra always fails to acknowledge. 

Vra gave up on some of his imperial ambitions, and enjoys the rather mild status quo they managed to work out. The life of an Emperor is a fine one, even if you’re stuck with an old bald guy with a creaky old-man voice, who you would do completely fine without.

The Swarm rulers still try to tease those fossils, Belgar and Nathan, into some contact from time to time but it’s harder than ever, because of how purposeless and old the founders of the Realmsguard feel and because of the new command trying to dissuade them from ‘fraternizing with the enemy’, claiming it would be demoralizing for the Realmsguard recruits, should they ever find out.

And so it is in the homeworld these days. Terry is still sleeping, Belgar and Nathan retired, Vra is holding onto his throne, and Otto occasionally goes into the Swarm hive to bring some vague guidelines so that they can keep improvising. Swarm spies infiltrated the Realmsguard, the Realmsguard spies infiltrated the Swarm, everyone is keeping an eye on each other, and no one makes any big moves. 

Some people say there is a vigilante who hunts down the runaway Swarm realmshifters between dimensions in hopes that Terry would wake up when all the portals between the worlds have been sealed. They say the mask this almost legendary figure wears resembles Terry’s face.

And here, the game will begin ;3

Thank you for reading! If you got this far, please tell us what you think! It will totally make our day and motivate us to keep working :3

And if anything made you curious to know more - please ask, we’d love to answer your questions (possibly with some pictures too) <3!

No better love

No better love


Summary: They always say Christmas is the time for miracles.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: cussing, blood, fighting, angst,

Word count: Part 1 = 2,118  

Rating: PG-13

Note: sequel to “Ruin” takes place about three months later.

Tag list: @sebbytrash @winters-buck @smoothdogsgirl @marvelfanfichq @marvel-lucy @aquabrie @angryschnauzer @creideamhgradochas

@feelmyroarrrr @hellomissmabel

Part 1

Middle of Germany December 20


“Sam take point eyes from the sky, Clint back door with Scott, while Bucky and I take front,” removing his shield from his back, Steve slid it over his arm like a friend coming home, welcoming the weight.

“Sure that’s wise Cap, the front door?” eyes on alert, scanning the trees and surrounding forest covered in three feet of snow. Glancing over at the Star Spangled man seeing that he too is on alert. “They might be waitin’ for the attack.”

“So we’ll knock see if they wanna go out for pizza,” Scott offered sealing up his mask reading for action himself.

Back ridged, eyes hard as ice, Bucky turned, “None of you should be here in the first place.”

“We’ve talked about this Buck, I’m not letting you in there by yourself,” exasperation leaching from his tone gloved hand tightening over the strap of his shield.

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His Time Returned Part 1

Author’s Note: I don’t believe that Sasuke spent all of his time bound and interrogated when he was back in the village. I am almost sure it was temporary. Here is what I imagined, and what I hope happened.

Click here for Part 2

Click here for Part 3

Sakura sat patiently outside of the interrogation building, where Ino’s father once worked, waiting for a particular face to walk out. “He will be released today,” Kakashi had assured her. “I feel he’d want to see you for some amount of comfort.” And so she sat, and so she waited, on a concrete bench that kept her from trembling with anxiousness.

Inside the building, Kakashi helped the Uchiha out of his sealed mask and strait jacket. Sasuke’s single arm was sore from the wrap, and throbbed at the sudden freedom it received. He slowly opened his eyes and adjusted to the dimly lit room to see his former teacher offer his hand to help him stand. Sasuke obliged. “You’re not quite free yet, Sasuke,” Kakashi said. “You have many trial dates set up with village leaders across the country to decide your punishments, if there are to be any.” Sasuke nodded slowly, understanding the degree of his crimes may lead him down a path that he deserved. “In the meantime,” Kakashi said, leading him out of the cell, “we have made arrangements for you to wait and become acclimated once again to village life.”

Sasuke was given a new set of clothes and ten minutes to clean himself up before leaving the facility. His wound stung as he washed his skin for only the second time since he had been taken into village custody. He was allowed daily treatments for his missing arm for one hour a day, although from strangers he had never seen around the village before.

Outside, Sakura raised her head and jumped as the doors to the facility opened. Mild disappointment struck her as she found her gray-haired sensei stroll out, hands in his pockets. “Oh, Sakura,” he said. “He should be on his way out here very soon.” He turned and began walking away.

“Sensei,” Sakura called out to him, “aren’t you going to stay?”

Kakashi looked back at his former pupil and grinned beneath his mask. “I’d much prefer not to,” he admitted. “I have a lot of paperwork to get done at my office that your master left behind.” As he walked off, Kakashi raised a hand for a salutation, and Sakura was left watching him leave.


The pink-haired girl froze and spun around at the sound of the familiar voice. Sasuke walked toward her slowly, his eyes trained on hers. His hair was damp and his black shirt seemed a size too large. The Uchiha insignia could be seen on his shoulders instead of between his shoulder blades. A small duffle bag was slung across his chest. “Sasuke-kun.” She looked him up and down, checking for any signs of immediate emergencies and found none. “Good to know you’re looking well,” she smiled weakly.

“I could be worse,” he assured her, clearly not convinced by her waivering tone.

There was a pause between them before Sakura remembered her purpose for waiting for him. She gave a little gasp before reaching into her hip bag to pull out a little bronze key. “The village helped make arrangements for your living space.” Sasuke raised his eyebrows at the small offering and stared, puzzedly, at the keychain it was attached to: a small bell, one that reminded him of their first mission, with a dainty pink flower to jingle against it. Sakura followed his gaze and blushed slightly. “It’s the only keyring I could find,” she admitted.

He allowed her to place it in his hand. “Thank you,” he said simply, hoping his gratitude seeped well enough into his voice.

The two of them stood there quietly for a few moments before Sakura blurted, “Would you like me to take you there?”

Sasuke raised his eyebrows in surprise.

The pink-haired girl’s face grew a shade of red brighter than the Uchiha’s fan upon realizing how forward her question was. “I-I mean it as…as…”


Sakura’s eyes brightened at his voice.

“If you’re able to. I’d like to know where I live, now.”

anonymous asked:

May I request Sakurai having a secret admire and the team finding out about it, then they help him find out who it is.

This was so fun to write! Thanks for sending a request in!

- Kru

Sakurai’s eyes widened the moment he opened his gym locker. A small pink envelope with white masking tape sealing it was sitting there on top of his basketball jacket. He looked around quickly to see if anyone saw it, then he sighed and took it out of his locker.

All of a sudden, Wakamatsu appeared and snatched it out of his hands, startling Sakurai. “Eh?!?! Sakurai got a love letter, you guys!”

Sakurai immediately began to apologize for not telling them but they all ignored him.

Aomine lazed over to them with only one of his arms through his shirt, “Who would have a crush on Sakurai?”

“Let’s find out!” Wakamatsu exclaimed and ripped open the letter, much to Imayoshi’s disapproval.

“Hmm…you are like the sunlight through the clouds…if you were a unicorn, you’d be the most magical…every time I see you I’m reminded of the gentle winter snow…it doesn’t even snow that much here in Tokyo…” Wakamatsu quoted the letter and held it up to the light to get a better look when he noticed.

“Wtf?!?!?!? There’s no name on this?!?”

All the team members’ heads turned. “Did she forget to sign?”

“No, no, guys…she’s a secret admirer. She doesn’t want him to know yet that she’s crushing on him.”

Sakurai bit his lip apprehensively and apologized for all the commotion he caused.

The day after, He received another letter. The team thoroughly inspected through it again. The following day, another letter came in. And more after that.

“I’m completely convinced you’re being confessed to by a 5th grader…” Yoshinori said while reading all the buttery language in the letters.

“I-I think it sounds kind of cute, actually-” Sakurai admitted.

The entire team stared at him. He then continued to hysterically apologize.

“No… the more important question is…how is she sneaking all these letters in here? Doesn’t Momoi lock the locker room during practice and after?” Imayoshi mentioned.

Everyone thought about it for a minute, and then all turned their heads to Sakurai.



“Keep it down, Aomine,” Imayoshi whispered, shoving the boy away from him, causing Wakamatsu to hiss at their contact. Sakurai peered from behind the set of lockers at the door.

“Do you guys really…um, think she’ll show up?” Sakurai asked, blushing.

“Well, yeah of course,” Wakamatsu said, “she’s head over heels for you.”

All the chattering stopped when they heard footsteps. They all held their breath. When they saw the shadow of the footsteps underneath the door, a cold sweat broke out in the locker room.


The door slowly opened, and they could see the figure of a girl walking towards Sakurai’s locker.

And at that moment, Wakamatsu sneezed.

There was a chain reaction where Wakamatsu fell on Aomine who pushed against Imayoshi who grabbed onto Yoshinori who eventually grabbed onto Sakurai’s shirt for support, causing him to clumsily trip on his own feet and land on the ground right next to the girl. She gasped and held the letter close to her.

Sakurai quickly sat up and bowed to her, apologizing so quickly that it was inaudible.

Aomine groaned and reached for the light switch on the wall.

“S-Sakurai-kun?!” she shrieked, immediately flustered.

“Eh. Isn’t she ______ from Class B?” Wakamatsu said, in which Imayoshi whacked him in the head for ruining their cover.

“I’m sorry…Sakurai-kun…I didn’t have the courage to tell you my feelings directly to you…”

Sakurai lifted his head slowly, but then smiled. “It’s ok. Your letters were cute.”

The entire team aww’d at the two, which made them blush madly.

“Wait…but how’d you get in here?” Aomine asked.

“Hm? Oh,” she took out a bobby pin from her pocket, “I picked the lock.”

“DEDICATION,” the entire team said together.

Kayla had volunteered to participate in testing a new kind of anesthesia mask. As they held the mask down to her face, they regulated the gas flow through a button at the bottom. Kayla’s mask filled with more and more gas with every push of the button. Unsure whether or not she should have volunteered now, she began to get nervous and started telling the doctor administering the gas that they better not take advantage of her while she was under. The doctor chuckled a little and reassured her she had nothing to worry about, and just to enjoy the gas. Kayla felt a little better and began to relax more. Her eyes began feeling heavy and she felt more and more as though she was floating. “nice deep breaths Kayla, that’s it… good girl…” she breathed deeply into the gas mask and her vision began to fade to black. Just before she totally succumbed to the gas she heard the doctor say “patient 34-R is about out, go ahead and prep the transport crate…" 

Hours later Kayla awoke inside some sort of container. She was bound in some sort of cling wrap, and strapped to the bottom of the container. A familiar sight to her, an MCU-2/P gas mask had been tightly secured to her face, and a large black rubber corrugated hose connected the port on the side of the gas mask to a bottle of mystery gas by her legs. She had been in the Air Force and had spent many hours wearing the same model gas mask. She smelled the gas inside the mask, it seemed to be mostly oxygen, but she detected a hint of something else. Kayla tried to budge, but it was no use, the wrap and straps kept her moving a millimeter. She screamed out for help. Muffled, but loud enough to hear outside the crate. She heard footsteps which stopped right outside her crate. Then, near the gas cylinder at the bottom of the crate a light started blinking switching between blue and purple. Kayla screamed out again "HELP!!!”. The gas in her mask began smelling different, so she tried holding her breath. This was no use, she was forced to breathe whatever they wanted her to breathe, the seal the gas mask made on Kayla’s face was too perfect, as though the mask had been molded right from her face. She gasped for air, got a huge hit of gas, and her eyes rolled back in her head. Kayla was gassed out in a second.