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The Battle of Takur Ghar by Keith Rocco

As part of Enduring Freedom, in March 2002 a joint military operation named “Anaconda” was mounted in Paktia province to surround and defeat Taliban forces hiding in the area. On the third day of Operation Anaconda an Army MH-47E Chinook helicopter was fired upon as it attempted to land on a ridge on Takur Ghar mountain. Taking heavy fire, the helicopter lurched and attempted to take-off to extricate itself from the field of fire. When the Chinook lurched, one of the Navy SEALs on board, Petty Officer First Class Neil C. Roberts, fell from the rear ramp. Too damaged to return for Petty Officer Roberts, the Chinook landed further down the mountain.

“A second MH-47E attempted to land and rescue Roberts, but it too was fired upon and forced to leave the immediate area. The third MH-47E to attempt a landing on what became known as Roberts’ Ridge was hit with automatic weapons fire and rocket-propelled grenades while still 20 feet in the air. The helicopter, containing an Army Ranger Team and Technical Sergeant Keary Miller, a Combat Search and Rescue Team Leader from the 123d Special Tactics Squadron, Kentucky Air National Guard, hit the ground hard. Within seconds, one helicopter crewman, the right door gunner, was killed, as were three Army Rangers. The 17-hour ordeal that followed would result in the loss of seven American lives, including Petty Officer Roberts.

“Technical Sergeant Miller not only managed to drag the wounded helicopter pilot to safety, but also orchestrated the establishment of multiple casualty collection points. In between treating the wounded, Miller set up the distribution of ammunition for the Army Rangers who were taking the fight to the enemy. For his extraordinary life-saving efforts while putting himself in extreme danger under enemy fire, Technical Sergeant Miller was awarded the Silver Star by the U.S. Navy, one of the few members of the Air National Guard to be so honored.”

The entire operation is detailed in “Not a Good Day to Die” by Sean Naylor, one of the best accounts of military non-fiction I’ve read.

(National Guard)

re: that previous reblog…’s so gross and sappy i know but i just headcanon that once ulysses and the courier become friends he stops calling them courier and starts calling them by their name :) and it’s a pretty big deal, too, because the one reason why ulysses calls courier six ‘courier’ (aside from it sounding cool and to allow room for player customization) is that, well, that’s all they are to him: a Courier, The Courier, messenger and message, builder and breaker of nations, someone who he’s put on a pedestal and doesn’t really recognize as the flawed, complex human being that they are. but once he gets to know the person behind the title, once theyve unpacked all the issues they need to unpack between themselves, he just calls the courier by their actual name and ‘courier’ just becomes a nickname, one that he uses whenever the courier’s annoying him lmao…….and then once they become lovers he just calls them ‘love’ or ‘my love’ because that’s what they’ve become to him and he just! loves them so much!! god, they love each other so much ok thanks for listening :))


Primal Fear - All For One (2005)


Sakura Cardcaptor Movie 2: The Sealed Card (2000)

From Ry-Ra’s vault comes the second movie from the Sakura Cardcaptor franchise (Clamp) and the movie takes place 4 months after the final anime episode.

Sakura and the rest of the gang are back and this time is to fight a Clow Card that has the power equal to 52 Sakura Cards. Meiling and Syaoran return to Japan and Sakura has yet to reply to Syaoran as to how she feels about him. She tries nearly 5 times to confess to him, but is constantly interrupted. Strange things start happening and one by one her Sakura Cards are disappearing.

During a phone call with Eriol he tells Sakura about the final Clow Card and the only way is to turn it into a Sakura Card, but at an exchange. The feeling that is most dear and the card will choose the person with the strongest magic. Sakura thinking it will be her is saddened that she will loose her feelings for Syaoran.

Her school is holding an annual festival with a play featuring Sakura as the princess and due to an accident, Syaoran as the prince. During the play the audience member fall to sleep and it’s up to Sakura and Syaoran to fight the final card.

The final clow card is just lonely and wanted to have friends. Sakura tells her that she can’t force the cards to be her friends and the cards return to Sakura, but she can join her and never be lonely again. Sakura didn’t find the time to confess after all and is saddened. The card turns into a Sakura card, but Syaoran makes it just in time and the card chooses Syaoran and he manages to say to Sakura that even though he may loose his feelings for her, one day for sure…

Sakura saddened starts crying, but the new Sakura Card: The Hope tells her that it’s all right and she confesses to Syaoran who in turn accepts her feelings.

A cute way to end this franchise and to pave way for Tsubasa Chronicles.

Sakura will forever be the cutest 10 year old ever.