Super Dad: Have you ever seen a seahorse give birth?

I think this is So cool. I don’t know if it’s the same guy’s work but I know a sculptor based in Louisiana who goes by Jo-Jo who does amazing work like this.  I’ll try to get out to see him and take pictures of his really awesome Seahorses (which I just love) that are done on a similar scale to this and other stuff and post them when I can. He is really cool as a person even though he has clients from all over the country that offer him big commissions for his work. I’m honestly not sure of the original artist or source of this particular piece but I found this photo- saw it alongside an article about what to do with discarded/recycled old automobile parts on Reddit and it made me think of him. 

xxmoonlightxwishesxx  asked:

Oh I was wondering..... Is it alright if you can draw a Seahorse picture? (Awesome/Sylvia) Well where Awesome flirts with Sylvia, begging for a kiss under the mistletoe? I dunno why, but these two were always my favorite shipping in the fandom and I love crack pairings.XD

I was only just in time for christmas…!