I’ve been feeling gray in this past days. Similar to a fog. I’ve even started to like the colour… Gray. Out of so many colorful colors I choose gray. Well.. Sometimes black or white, but I prefer gray best. Black is a classic color and so is white. Depending on my moods my favorite color would change. Ironically speaking, I’ve been enjoying my gray days. Its calming and nice. Mysterious? HAHA probably…. Not. I’ve never been the mysterious type of girl. For instance, black is my mysterious area and white is me being all open about myself. So whenever I’m around a group of friends that I actually consider as friends they’ll be in the white area. If not then I’ll probably be in the gray. I’m mostly white, but when I’ll be talking to some strangers obviously I’ll be a black. Like ying yang hahaha. Well im getting all drowzy .. So goodnight world