seahaven winter forever

you were the balloon that drifted from the flock into my window
but you slipped right through my fingers that grew too tiresome to hold you
i watched you float away, watched as it turned into desperate longing
this time not for some drastic change
but for the string that was made to be held by me
I think that you deserve some form of apology
so here i am, once again, i’m sorry


B-randnew’s Winter Playlist

  So fun story… I went outside today and it was cold. (fun I know), there were no leaves on the trees in my garden (😞) and the sky looked incredibly dull, the winter is definitely upon us. So although it is extremely sad that we have to wait another 10/11 months for autumn again I thought I’d use it as an opportunity to make a wintery playlist that you can listen to whilst you drink Black Forest Hot Chocolate in a caccoon of blankets (that’s what I’ll be doing). So here you go… 

Anchor Down - Real Friends // Anemophobia  - Deaf Havana // Cold Night  - You Me At Six // Hoodie Weather - The Wonder Years //  Even Robots Need Blankets - Mayday Parade // Keep Your Stick On The Ice - Seaway // Seventy Times 7 - Brand New // Even If She Falls - Blink 182 // Stuck - Knuckle Puck // Plan To Be Surprised - Basement // Quietus  - Foxing // Eyes Closed - State Champs // Demolition Lovers - My Chemical Romance // Nine - La Dispute // Mr. Winter - The Maine // Hours Outside In the Snow - Modern Baseball // December - Neck Deep //  Decemberism - Man Overboard // And Now I’m Nothing - The Wonder Years // Black and White - Seahaven

[listen here