seagull fly by

imagine if BOA had been made for 3D viewing. it’d be full of stupid shit like sebastian’s knives coming out of the screen, grell’s chainsaw swinging at us, undertaker literally throwing our ciel directly towards the audience. maybe a 3D blood spurt after the real ciel got stabbed on the altar. u know


It was a beautiful misty morning and the seagulls were flying North and as I pass through the fog I can upon a little bed of seaweed drifting in the waves. Upon which lay a sleeping baby. And when I picked him up and held him I said to myself ‘What a perfect little angel’. His golden curls must be made of sunlight and the soft voice from the soothing surf. His eyes were made from the stars in the night sky. And his ears were made of…well, they looked like eggs. And as I removed the seaweed he was so delicately wrapped in I smiled and knew you were my little baby, Flapjack, my little dream come true.

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"You can't do that! That's cheating!" Elriel. (Thank you sooo much! I love your fics)

The Bet

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Elain was determined to win the bet Azriel made with her.

According to him, she couldn’t go an entire day without touching him. Every day she found some kind of way to make contact with him, whether it was holding his hand, cuddling, or kissing. Elain couldn’t deny the fact that it would be hard, especially when he was making sure she lost.

When they had woken up this morning, the first thing Elain did was try to hug him, but he had quickly pulled out of her reach and wagged a finger in the air, causing her to pout.

Now, Azriel was in the kitchen, shirtless, cracking some eggs into a pan on the stove. Their townhouse was slowly getting more organized and complete, and Elain smiled as she took in the space around her. They had only been living in it for a few weeks, but she enjoyed having her own place, especially with Az.

He turned his head to look at her over his shoulder with a smirk that made her toes curl. “Still think you’re going to win?”

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