Three of the most common sea glass colours.

From West Coast Sea Glass
“Emerald green is one of the more common colors of sea glass. It originates from mass produced bottle glass that commenced production in the US in the early 1900s.
“Seafoam green sea glass often originates from vintage soda bottles. Many pieces can date back to the late 1800s. That is when the Coca-Cola bottling company began manufacturing their famous, distinguishable light green bottle. By the early 1900’s America saw a surge in mass bottle production. And Coca Cola was one of the front runners. By 1909 over 400 bottling plants were functioning in the US.   
“Aqua blue is the sea glass color that seems to be diminishing the fastest especially along Pacific and Caribbean shores. Some glassware that it can commonly originate from is canning jar and electric insulator glass.  Both are items that are almost never used or produced for use today.”


Hey guys!

It’s beach-combing season again, so I am currently taking commissions for sea-witch related items!

  • Wands - I can make a wand to suit your personal specifications, let me know how long, what kind of markings, decoration, including pearl beads, seaglass, shells, ribbons, feathers or wooden beads, and I will create a piece especially for you. Prices are reasonable and I will always be as flexible as I can to suit your budget. 
  • Seaglass - Small bag of mixed seaglass (amber, white, blue and green) - £8, I can also prepare bags of all one colour, either white or green. Perfect for spells, charms and craft-making.
  • Shells - Mixed assorted bag of seashells - £5
  • Driftwood - Mixed box of driftwood - £5

All items perfect for sea/water-witchery, especially for land-locked sea or water witches, and anyone with an interest or love for the sea. 

Please message me or email me at: sophiyashaw@gmail.com to request an order!

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