So the joke is going around that this character in the new MLP movie has “Bad OC” syndrome, and it’s really starting to get on my nerves. I’m just like ???

FFS people, just because she’s redish and dark doesn’t mean she’s a black and red Mary Sue God-Alicorn. I mean first off, she’s maroon, fuscia, and purple with a seaform green accent; that a very good color scheme.

Sure, she’s got a broken horn and scar, but this is THE pony movie, so of course the stakes are gonna be a bit higher and that’ll be reflected in a new character design. And I mean, are characters NEVER allowed to look badass? It’s not like she has an edgy-grim dark demeanor or anything. She just looks like a cool action girl whose been in a major scrap or two–scarcely different than than the future designs from the S5 finale that so many people loved.

And guarantee you that was way darker and edgy than the movie will ever be.

I don’t know man. I get the impression people are over-reacting to a false perception, because this character’s design is vaguely peripheral to the much maligned black-red OC.

I’m a professional artist (or at least an aspiring one), and I’ve seen some bad OCs designs, most of which don’t have any black or red in them; Black-Red OCs are frankly a small minority, only made infamous by being the single largest category (while others follow no particular grouping).

And on the inverse, I guarantee you that I and just about every other aspiring professional artist who draws ponies could made a pretty awesome OC using mostly or only black and red.

My point is, don’t mistake a common symptom of bad character design (black red colors) for the actually underlying problem of bad character design (which is usually far more varied).

Tempest Shadow’s design is just fine–stop being a bunch of tryhard cynics and lighten up already.

(EDIT: I get that some people are more light-hearted in their derision of this character, but I still find it annoying since there are people who definitely fully mean it)


PEARL CUBED, MY VERSION! Seafoam Pearl^3! (White+blue+yellow=light green!) I love her attitude. It seems that in my vision, she forms for the purpose of chewing out YD (YP: AT LAST!!), poofing, and bubbling her. 

Our Pearl loves Steven so much that even with Yellow Pearl and Blue Pearl in there, Seafoam Pearl loves Steven just the same. And it spreads to the other two pearls even after disbanding. 

(YD may have taken Seafoam’s rainbow bow/crest, but Seaform got the Clod’s gem! And a seat on the throne.)

Karaoke Night

Ryou looked into the mirror, unsure of himself. Was he too dressed up? Button downs were casual right? It was a solid color… it should be fine. He had jeans on, that made it casual… maybe? He bit his lip, turning to the side. Was the seaform shirt and unflattering color?

“Do I look alright?” His questioning eyes turned to his friend. “I mean, um… I don’t go our too often, I don’t want to seem uptight…” Clever cover.

“I need to brush my hair…” Was the next thought that came to mind. “Or should I put it up. Oh, Yugi. What do I do?”