Yui Appreciation Week Day 6: Favourite Pairing!

Well if Day 4 didn’t make it obvious, my favourite pairing’s AyaYui! Okay so Ayato’s route is my very first route, and I’m not sure if it’s my weakness for amaenbo characters or my extreme bias towards Midorikawa’s deep voice. (Though it might be more of the former since my bias extends to ALL OF THE SEIYUU IN DL)

Might also have to do with Ayato being the most PAINFULLY OBVIOUS that he’s in love like a hormonal 14 year old. Another reason I why I enjoyed the anime. :3

Although AyaYui’s my bias, I like pretty much all the pairings in DL (barring Carla and Shin until I get my shit together and save enough money), so I’ll be posting a little bonus later!

Almond  & Lemon Baked Trout

Another recipe for seafood lovers! A lot of my friends have asked me ways to cook whole fish. From a Chinese background, at home, we make whole fish usually by steaming it with ginger and green onions and lastly adding some extremely hot oil on top with soy sauce. We also pan fry whole fishes as well, but it really depends on what kind of fish we use and how fresh it is.

This recipe can be used (should be used) with not-so fresh fishes. Trout is a good choice. I also like to stuff the stomach with herbs to get rid of any unwanted flavors from reminiscent in the stomach.


  • 2 trouts
  • ¼ cup almonds
  • 1 lemon
  • salt & pepper
  • olive oil
  • 4 sprigs basil leafs
  • 1 cup corn starch


1. Prepare the trout if it hasn’t been cleaned. Wash thoroughly with cold water and pat dry.

2. Brush a little bit of olive oil onto the trout fish. Careful not to brush too much, or the fish will be too oily. Then sprinkle and pat on a generous amount of salt and pepper to the fish. Then pat on some corn starch.

3. Place the basil sprigs into the stomach of the trout. Add in a small amount of salt and pepper.

4. Heat about 3-4 tbsp of oil in a shallow pan. When the oil is hot enough, place the trout in and fry both sides for about 5 minutes each. (Or when the sides brown)

5. Place the trout onto a baking pan. Sprinkle some almond slices on top and a small amount of lemon juice. Then bake for about 15 minutes at 300′C.


- Jikook at the beginning
- Taehyung and his dad are so cute
- “Go?” Hahahha At least the guy in the bus understood him
- Tae used translator app to communicate
- He ate at TGIFridays with the cameraman
- Norwegian Constitution Day
- They are fascinated with locals wearing traditional clothes
- They look “super tourists”
- Jin, Jk, and Jhope rode a cable car
- RM and Jimin hiked all the way to the top while dancing Fire
- Cable car team lost their ticket but was given back to them
- Norway is such a nice country
- Faith in humanity restored
- So they danced to Fire
- Cable car team and hiking team met at the top and ate ice cream
- Jungkook is taking photos everywhere
- RM lost his bag and rapped about it
- But the crew had it all along
- They met Taetae at the bottom
- Vkook fondling each other lol
- They ate separately: seafood lovers and meat lovers
- Why is it so short?
- Why is there no commentary?