seafood taco

Hello!  I’m Cesar Reyes Pinguino!  You can all just call me Pengee.  Brian and I wanted to try again with making up something using avocados and black beans.  When Brian’s father heard that we planned on making tacos, though, he wanted some too.  Now Brian and I were under a bit of pressure to do really well!

Brian and I started by brushing two tilapia filets with lime juice and shaking on chili powder, black pepper, oregano, and cumin.  While baking the filets in the oven, we heated and stirred two cans’ worth of unsalted black beans in olive oil and cumin on a stovetop, sliced two avocados as thin as we could, and chopped up fresh cilantro.

When the filets were done baking, we cut them up into short strips.  For each whole-wheat tortillas, we first scooped the beans onto the tortillas then laid the avocados on the beans.  Now we laid on the pieces of tilapia then sprinkled on crumbled reduced-fat feta cheese.  Finally, we sprinkled cilantro on top before closing up each taco.  We made six tacos in total for us and Brian’s father.

Something came up so Brian’s father couldn’t come home until much later.  Unfortunately, when he did eat one of the tacos, he wasn’t very thrilled.  Did we do something wrong?  Will we have to try again later? Do these tacos still look good to you?