alannah; character bio

» NAME:  Alannah Ailíse Caireann Corvaine

» HEIGHT: 5 fulm, 2 ilm

» SPECIES: Midlander hyur

» GENDER: Female

» NATIONALITY: Thanalanian

» NAMEDAY:  16th Sun of the 5th Umbral Moon

» RESIDENCE: She owns a house in the Goblet and keeps quarters at her Free Company’s home in the Lavender Beds. 

» MARITAL STATUS: Unmarried, in a relationship.

» ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good

» DRINK: Dandelion tea, wine

» FOOD: Meat stews, homemade bread

» SNACKS: Coerthan carrots & almond cream croissants

» PET:  A single blue assassin fry fish named Frydo

» COLOR: White, black, mint green

» FLOWER: Peonies & desert saffron

» SEXUALITY: Demisexual, leans hetero

» BODY TYPE: Slender with slight curves

» EYE COLOR: Seafoam green

» HAIR COLOR: Deepest brunette with white streaks (not dyed)

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