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volcano_grad Part 1/8 - Beneath the Surface: Exploring Our Global Seafloor 🌐🌏🌎🌍 See why exploration of our deep oceans is so important in this day and age!
GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans) is an international organisation of ocean mapping experts who are striving to achieve their final goal of mapping the entirety of Earth’s oceans by 2030.
The Forum for the Future of Ocean Mapping last year brought together research institutes and organisations across the globe to create a massive international collaboration to achieve this goal.
This video highlights why this is important, who is working on it and how we are going to achieve it.
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(Video sharing courtesy of GEBCO)


Scanning The Ocean’s Surface To See What Sits Below

Scientists have used satellites to peer through the oceans’ depths and see the shape of the Earth’s seafloor in unprecedented detail. 

Their work, using instruments aboard the CryoSat-2 and Jason-1 spacecraft, has revealed thousands of previously unknown submarine mountains across the globe. They revealed their findings in a report published today in the journal Science.

The insight into the undersea world, which remains 80 percent unmapped, came through the use of the satellites’ altimeters. These sensors transmit microwave energy pulses to the sea surface and analyze how long it takes for the signal to return. With this, scientists can understand the bulges and troughs in the ocean’s surface that relate directly to the seafloor topography beneath.

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