Globefarers of Catan - Modded Settlers of Catan Board Game

Do you want to make a great centerpiece for your board game sessions? Do you ever look at the surface of your game table and think it’s a little plane? Do you love Settlers of Catan, but sometimes wish it could be a bit less Euclidean? Then wrap your head around this…

This Instructable will show you how to make your very own Catanosphere, so you can have mind-bending battles of territorial expansion over a whole new environment. It’s designed to work with a standard Settlers of Catan game set, and you won’t have to sacrifice any of your pieces to make it. You will, however, need to attach a few magnets to the pieces. OK, actually a few hundred magnets, but I think it’s worth it.


I’m still seeing a LOT of questions throughout my dash about what’s happened with seafarers, and I’ve replied to anyone that’s messaged me personally about it, but I know there are so many people that haven’t been clued in yet so I will do it here on a much larger scale. 

As I’m sure most everyone has deciphered by now, seafarers was not the person she claimed to be. She doesn’t know Sigur Rós, isn’t married to a man named Kjartan, she isn’t the lady in all of those pictures, basically everything about her life is a lie (except that her name is the same and she lives in Boston and takes photos. That’s it). To say the least, we’ve been freaking the hell out. 

It started when I was looking up lopapeysas and found that yellow lopi picture that she’s claimed is her on numerous occasions. (It was her Tumblr icon for a long time, was used as the icon for her accent tag, and she flat out SAID it was her more than once). But when I found it, it sourced back to photos of some other girl. I also reverse Google searched that one yoga picture that she’d repeatedly said was a self-portrait, and, oops. I would have looked for more, but as some of us know, she had a tendency to delete photos of “herself” very rapidly.

I anonymously messaged her about it three different times, asking (nicely as I could under the circumstances), if the lopi picture was her, questioning why the yoga one is all over the internet, and then an even more in-depth explanation of why I was concerned about the lopi one (essentially saying I’d found the real source). The only one she replied to was the yoga one (after I asked about it a second time, this time just saying “did you get my message about the yoga picture?” - my guess is because that way all of her followers wouldn’t know what it was actually about). She told me she “didn’t mind” and that “there was nothing she could do about it since she’d posted it so long ago” and “things spread on the internet.” (MIND YOU, most of the Google hits pre-dated her original post of that picture by an eternity). 

Fishy as fuck, hm?
At this point I still believed everything else about her, I just side-eyed the shit out of her, suddenly realizing that she had, in fact, stolen photos, despite her constantly saying that she hates photo theft, as a photographer. LITTLe DId I KnOW that evERYThing ELSe wOUdl CRUMBLE wITHin THE NExt Few DAYs JESUs CHRISt

THEN, thEN, I decided to look back through her archive again in order to find when she originally posted those posts. SURPRISE, I found this sTUPID conversation she’d had with “Kjartan” about how people were saying her boobs looked small in the lopi picture, and he was essentially just defending her. Red flag off the wall, because that conversation HAD to have been fake, since her own damn husband would know that that photo wasn’t of her.

My best friend Jennifer (who many of you know)(and who was even closer to seafarers than I was) decided to ask her about it up front, off-anon. She asked her what was up with the lopi pic and the weird Kjartan conversation, and Becca (surprise, that actually is her real name)(could have gotten a little more creative with it you’d think) told her that some other girl used to run her blog with her, and would post things she thought Becca might post, and eventually this person just lEFT the blog, and Becca tried to go back and delete all of their posts but missed a few, and she said that she was very thankful that Jennifer was so understanding, etc. etc. THUS clarifying that she took Jennifer for a complete idiot and that she stinks of raging bullshit ✿♥‿♥✿

Shit got REAL when someone found her oh-so-infamously private Facebook. (I should add here, folks, that I don’t want anyone to harass her there. Leave it, as far as life outside of Tumblr goes. Brutally disgusted as I am with this woman, I don’t want to be responsible for ruining her ACTUAL life. Please respect me on this). Same name, signs of her own photography, Iceland, Boston, and even Loki. But the girl in the pictures was NOT her. Which was confusing. And then I used this gr8 stalking feature Facebook has added fairly recently (some people still don’t have it yet??) where you can type in “Photos of ___” and it’ll show pictures of them that don’t even show up on their profile. I found photos of that girl in the profile picture, DEFINITELY not the lady she’s been pretending to be online, no sign of “Kjartan” anywhere (although she does have an ACTUAL husband, that poor fucking man), but there were signs enough that it was definitely the “Becca” in question - photos of Boston and even her own tattoo galore. 

THAT’S when I lost my shit. 

I messaged her this: “Hey Rebecca, I feel like I need to talk to you about something. As I’m sure you can guess, Jennifer talked to me about what happened, and the both of us are still pretty unsure of it. It just seems unlikely that that was the case, and I’m starting to wonder what else could have been lied about. With so much suspicion, someone decided to look around on Facebook and found a profile that has every inclination of being yours, and looked even further to find that you are not the woman in those pictures you’ve posted, your husband is not a man called Kjartan, among endless other things. It hurts me so endlessly to think that you could be someone other than who you say you are. I really wanted to believe all of it, and I really did, but I think myself and many others are starting to see through the cracks. I’m overwhelmingly broken up at the idea that someone I instilled so much faith and trust in could have been lying to us all this time. It especially hurts me to know that everything you said about Sigur Rós could have been false, because it all really meant the world to me. I’m just so overwhelmed and hurt by this situation, it’s hard for me to wrap my head around it. We have a really tightly knit community here on Tumblr, mostly made up of young and hopeful girls, we’ve all really looked up to you, and now learning that you’re probably not who you say you are is absolutely devastating. We don’t know what to believe.”

She started unfollowing a multitude of people, disabled her ask and fanmail, and I went absolutely apeshit. We hinted about it a little online, and suddenly her shitmyicelandichusbandsays blog was gone. (Completely unrelated, but I got three hours of sleep last night, I was so furious. I could not stop remembering little things she’d said to us that in retrospect are absoLUTELY MENTAL in the sense that they crossed EVERY FUCKING LINE THERE IS TO CROSS). I’d decided last night that I wouldn’t post about it all very publicly, I’d just hint at it a bit and then tell anyone who asked me.

This morning in nutrition we were learning about anorexia, and suddenly it just STRUCK me. I remembered that she’d mentioned once that she had had ANOREXIA while “people” (were they even real?) were bombarding her with hate for her “small boobs.” THAT, THAT my friends, is what set me over the edge. I was on FIRE. WHICh is SaYINg SOMETHINg, considering how imPOSSIBLY MAD I’d been last night, I do'nt even know if I’ve ever been that mad before.

I posted this post (that I’m sure most of you have seen) with all fucks thrown to the wind because I wanted her and every one of you to realize what she’d fucking done. This has been going on for YEARS, mind you. I found out about her over tWO YEARS ago. How the FUCK do you keep up a fake persona for that long. WHY, also a good question.

She deleted her main blog, her photography blog, and then, HO HO, SURPRISE, turns out that “elizabethanpoetry” blog (for those who don’t know, it was this man “Tom” from the UK who totally LOVED her and talked about “loving her voice” and they were constantly purring all over each other. Suspicious in the first place, but then this morning I realized that “HE,” JUST LIKE SHE, FUCKING DOUBLE-SPACED BETWEEN EVERY SENTENCE. THEIR TYPING STYLES WERE EXACTLY THE SAME DOWN TO THE FUCKING DOUBLE-SPACING. SHE LITERALLY MADE A SIDE BLOG TO PRETEND SHE WAS LOVED AND APPRECIATED BY SOME RANDOM MAN, TO MAYBE SHOW US THAT SHE WAS WORSHIPED IN HER PERSONAL LIFE AS WELL, DESPITE ALSO HAVING THIS FANTASTIC RELATIONSHIP WITH HER ICELANDIC HUSBAND. WHAT THE EVERLOVING FUCK? Anyway lol that was her too and it’s also gone

Other details I’ve missed: 
-this morning her only post was “My dream of having more followers than posts is finally realized. It’s a good day.” (aka a massive FUCK YOU to me and anyone else who knew. This is before I tagged her in my post and the shit hit every fan in the damn universe)
-Kayla remembered last night that during the fUCKING BOSTON BOMBINGS (IN HER REAL, ACTUAL HOMETOWN, LIKE THAT SHIT IS NOT MADE UP), she was talking about how “Kjartan” had been stopped on the subway because the police suspected him for his accent, and then oh joy, he finally made it home safely. AMIDST THE FUCKING DEVASTATING TRAGEDY. RIGHT IN THE FUCKING MIDDLE OF THE MADNESS, SHE TOOK THE TIME TO MAKE THAT SHIT UP FOR THE ATTENTION.
-she told me so many things about sigur rós that I really instilled so much faith in and in retrospect they all were just things she made up with a little public knowledge and creativity and I am just so heartbroken
-Renee, most of all, was lied to about Kjartan and things he would say to her, and jUST LAST WEEK (check her tag for the fucking proof), she essentially shat on Renee’s face by saying (4give me for paraphrasing) “I KNOW SIGUR ROS AND YOU DON’T HEHAHOHoHOho”
-Jennifer and I and I’m sure many other people trusted her with so much and let her know so many things about our lives and wHOE VEN KNOWS how she managed to get it past us that she waSN’T EVEN REAL and now knOWS SO MUCH ABOUT US


I wrote this on my private blogspot yesterday, and I think it sums it all up quite nicely:
“Beautiful woman, beautiful husband, living in Boston with homes in both Salem and Reykjavík. She met her husband Kjartan in a bar in Reykjavík, and he let her in because the bouncer wouldn’t, admiring her "fantastic ass.” He’s Icelandic, of course, and just so happens to be childhood friends with Kjartan Sveinsson. Through him she became close friends with Kjartan and Orri (and Lukka), and even knows Jónsi a bit as well. She travels the world, has lived in all different places, went to Harvard, was a geophysicist who worked with immense volcanoes, and is now working at a coffee shop and does her own photography. A lovely presence on Tumblr, very intelligent, great to talk to, and always dropping pleasant surprises about the band themselves along the way. Too good to be true, right? HO HO"

HOw the fUCK did she manage to fool sO MANY PEOPEL wITH THIS BULLSHIT FOR YEARS. /////YEARSSSSSSSSSsss////

FUCK her. FUCK. her.

Anyway so now you know (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

seafarer positioning systems on Flickr.

Accommodation at The British Sailor’s Society

28 April 1905

National Maritime Museum, UK

Sailors’ Society is an inter-denominational Christian organisation providing pastoral care to seafarers.

The Society was formed on 18 March, 1818, as the Port of London Society. Following mergers with two other societies, the name was changed to The British & Foreign Sailors’ Society. In 1925 it was changed to The British Sailors’ Society.

more on wiki

-Official website

I have headcanons about elves and their maritime traditions.

Yes, it’s time for another Pike Nerds Out At Length About Elves post.

I think that the high elves (and now blood elves) have a longstanding, solid seafaring tradition.

Let’s think about it:

  • Quel’Thalas is surrounded by ocean on three sides (and Quel’Danas, a major part of Quel’Thalas due to the fact that it houses the Sunwell, is an island.)  It seems logical that they would have developed a strong navy early on.
  • Elven destroyers and their crews, said to be particularly skilled, contributed greatly to the Alliance war effort in the Second War.
  • Several blood elven (and high elven) ships can be seen in World of Warcraft in many expansions.  Blood elven ships play a major role in the offensive on the Isle of Thunder.
  • In the Horde Garrison shipyard, blood elven crews cut the amount of time a mission takes in half, which would suggest considerable expertise in the art of sailing in particular.  (compare to the bonuses other races have, which mostly revolve around things like scavenging for items, getting extra gold, and so forth.)
  • As seen in the screenshot above, fishing is not seen by the Silvermoon City guards as a dirty or strange profession (the way they view mining, for example).  Clearly the elves have taken advantage of the bounties given to them by the seas and rivers for generations.  I’d reckon that seafood is a major part of elven cuisine.

Conclusion: Elves aren’t just good at magic and archery, they’re also really damn good at sailing a ship.  The sea has been a part of their lives for millennia.  This also opens up a lot of really neat roleplaying/character building ideas.  Elf pirates?  Oh, no doubt there are several.  They probably have legends and tall tales regarding an infamous pirate crew on a ship named The Black Firehawk or something.  Elf fishermen?  Elf boatbuilders?  Elf whalers?  Yup.  The possibilities are endless!

aisu10 asked:



So basically Miranda and a few other people were like the Mystery Gang and figured out over the course of several days that Rebecca is a photographer from Boston who is in love with Iceland and Tom Hiddleston, but everything else that she has ever said was a lie. Kjartan Páll Sigurjónsson (her supposed husband) does not exist as far as we’re concerned, she does not know any of the members of Sigur Rós personally, and she never even studied at Harvard. Hell, all of the pictures of “herself” that she posted were stolen from other sources (they Google searched them all, apparently).

So yes, all of those conversations I had with Kjartan were not real (cry cry cry). Miranda has a really in-depth/angsty post on her blog concerning the situation, so yeah, check there.