Weedy seadragon - ink drawing by John Turnbull
Via Flickr:
Phyllopteryx taeniolatus



scott.portelliI often get asked what are my favourite animals that I have spent time with. So Thought I would share my top 10 favourite wildlife to get up close and personal with. Number #7on my list is The rarely seen Leafy Seadragon. They camouflage themselves to look like the surrounding kelp


A zen moment with a leafy seadragon #oceananimal #thisisreal #camouflage #seadragon #dragon #fish #newenglandaquarium #boston #massachusetts

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The Saint Seiya Illustration project is finished \(;u;)/

It was a lot of screaming and crying and too many roses/backgrounds in general. Everyone who follows me on Twitter has seen my suffering during that time xD I’m happy and sad that this project is now finished. There were a lot of unfinished doodles of other characters as well but for some reasons I couldn’t finish them. Forgive me haha 

Anyway, the suffering is over. I’m never going to draw roses again and I still hate backgrounds more than anything else.


Behold the leafy seadragon! #seadragon #phycoduruseques #dragons #fish #oceananimals #camouflage #newenglandaquarium #boston #massachusetts (at New England Aquarium)

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Chirrut’s never been on an ocean planet before Scarif, never been off-world before Eadu, but he liked the salt smell and the feel of actual warmth from the sun, underneath the blood and metal, despite some of that heat surely being fire.

So after the battle is won, and their Rogue team is a thorn in the Rebellion’s side as opposed to the proud lapel bloom they had once been, they request some- shore leave, as it were.

They ask for somewhere tropical, to rewrite their sensory memories.

Cassian sleeps, at long last he sleeps, in the shade of K2’s new body, ignoring the complaints about sand and rust.

Jyn and Bodhi play a raucous game of volleyball: Jyn is far too competitive and Bodhi runs away from the ball every time she smashes it with fearsome glee.

Baze floats in the gentle shallows, because feeling weightless is something he hasn’t allowed himself for decades.

And Chirrut- well, Chirrut can’t swim (where on Jedha would he have learnt? the kyber salt pools were waist high at best) but he wades in after Baze anyway, bare chested with the skirts of his new robes hiked to upper thigh, because he’ll be damned if he misses an opportunity to conquer something new. Plus Baze is enjoying himself, and Chirrut likes to enjoy Baze enjoying himself.

Swimming is a lot harder than he’s been led to believe. He swallows a lot of seawater, but by the time Baze drags him back to the beach, Jyn has shyly produced… a buoyancy aid.

“What does it look like?” he asks, croaky and delighted.

“A Corlassian seadragon,” says Baze, voice wavering from panic turned to mirth. “A pink one.”

They float together, hands clasped so that Chirrut doesn’t drift away.

“Oh,” he sighs, “it’s like being swept up in the Force. Surrounding us, warm in its current. Why didn’t you ever take me swimming somewhere?”

Baze snorts, fond. “Like you would have left your beloved sand. Besides, you say that of everything. Dust storms are like the Force. Fresh soup is like the Force. Sex is like-”

Chirrut dunks him, and paddles away laughing.

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In the vein of service dogs and ESAs, somethings been tugging at my mind a while. A girl in my uni has an ESA that she supposedly fought the school to get allowed in, but it barks and is unruly and she let's people play with it in class. No one really likes it it's that bad, it'll bark and the consensus is "it's that damn dog again". I just feel like it's either undertrained, or she wanted to have her dog with her at school. It gives a different girl with a service dog with a vest a bad rep.

That’s frustrating. However, there aren’t behavior requirements for ESAs the way there are for service dogs. If they’re allowed in classrooms, that’s the jurisdiction of either the college or the individual professor, and there’s nothing to say that they have to behave a certain way because it’s the choice of whomever made the exemption. If he’s unruly, I would hope the professors make her leave him in her dorm during classes - but if they don’t care, it’s technically fine according the rules. Service dogs, because they’re given public access by federal law instead of simple leniency, have much stricter behavior requirements. 

“Thought I really lost you that time, Blondie.”

She scoffed, dabbing her fingers at the fresh bandage around her head as she watched him do the same to the arm that wasn’t held in a sling. “Says the guy with a broken arm and a gash along the other. If you ask me, between the two of us, I should be saying that to you.”

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