After the rescue. Sadly Newt is still more interested in the Bowtruckle than Graves but give him time. I’d been thinking after seading @second-salemite‘s fic that one of the things that would really make Newt fall fro someone would be if they loved his creatures.

So i saw this as a sort of therapy for Graves, Newt brings his case and introduces Graves to all the cute little creatures he has. Dougal who is normally very shy is particularly calming with Graves.

-The Tamagochi in Kenmas hands is over 7 years old.
-It is called “granny” because of the granny smith apple.
-originally it was Kuros, but he gave it to Kenma because he find them boring, and Kenma was sead that his first one died after 2 days.
(Kuro sometimes whatches over the tamagochi when Kenma can’t)


thats it! that was the idea ;;;
-kicks myselfe in the trashcan underneath my table-


art by me
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