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I didn’t realize how misinformed I was about skincare until I started practicing a little witchcraft. I thought that apricot scrubs were good, oil was bad, and that cystic acne couldn’t be treated topically. Oh, was I wrong. About a year ago, I befriended a 30 year practicing witch who had about 14 years cosmetology experience at the time. Having just discovered Paganism myself, I constantly bugged her about both subjects. She taught me some basics and I’ve been using them ever since. They really work. And it’s a nice and easy introduction to spells if you’re looking to get into somethin’ spooky. 

First things first: Apricot scrubs are TERRIBLE. Any facial scrub that has granules you can see is going to put tiny cuts in your already irritated face and make your acne more susceptible to infection/irritation. She recommended using a mixture of coconut oil and baking soda to make a paste that will very very gently remove dead skin without causing redness. People with rosacea should avoid using any type of scrub, even though this one is very mild. Never exfoliate more than 2-3 times a week, and never ever do it two days in a row. When you’re done, make sure you put as much oil as you can in the trash can- rinsing it off in the sink will clog the drain over time. And remember- the thicker the paste, the more coarse the scrub will be. Scrub using gentle yet wide circular motions, timing yourself at about 60 seconds. 

Oil is not bad for your skin! Coconut oil has tiny molecules unlike other oils, so it can penetrate hair and skin better than other oils. Coconut oil is excellent at pulling your natural facial oils out of your pores without stripping moisture. After you use the scrub, use a warm, damp wash cloth to gently wipe away the oil and baking soda. You should always moisturize immediately after cleansing, but I’ve noticed that after using this cleanser my skin doesn’t ususally need it. Besides coconut oil, lavender oil, grapeseed oil, and sweet almond oil are also very good for acne prone skin. Tea tree oil can be diluted heavily and applied to spot treat, but do not use more than once a week in small quantities or it will make your skin itchy and red. Always always always moisturize before putting on makeup by the way!

As for the face masks! I have a face mask recipe that will reduce my pore size by like 80-90%. Seriously. If I used it once a week I’d have perfect skin, but I don’t, so even when my skin is at its worst, this mask still kicks ass. I don’t have exact measurements for everything (or anything really) so please be patient with yourself when making them. But that’s the beauty of this recipe- you can change it to fit your skin problems with a little research and a trip to the health food store. Side note: Do the mask right after you use the scrub. Otherwise it won’t work as well.

The base of the mask is this magical powder called kaolin clay. I buy it in bulk at the health food store and it’s cheap as hell. It’s just a mild clay that turns to putty then hardens in ten minutes. I probably use ¾ cup, maybe even a full cup for a mask. Just depends on how many liquids you want to include. Star out small and add as you go.

After putting a starter amount of clay into a small bowl, I set that aside and start on the liquids. I like to use tea instead of water. I make a teensy amount of hot water then pour it over green tea, rose petals, and calendula petals. Green tea is anti-inflammatory, rose balances pH, and calendula is great for skin. Try to buy organic so you’re not dousing yourself in pesticides. I set these aside to brew. The less water you use, the stronger the tincture, and the less time you need to wait. 

I only have a few essential oils, but if you do a little research, it is super easy to pick out some that are good for skin and are non-comodegenetic (won’t clog pores). I take my little bowl of clay and start adding a few drops of lavender oil, a few drops of grapeseed oil, a squirt of sweet almond, and two tiny drops of tea tree. Other options are ylang ylang (good for oily skin), chamomile (very soothing), and clary sage (for reverse aging and puffiness). I would say maybe 5 oils would be a good maximum, just because you need room for the tea. 

Add the tea by holding the flowers back with a spoon and pouring tiny little amounts into the clay and oil mixture, stirring frequently so that you don’t get it too thin. You want it the texture of Elmer’s glue. If a few petals get into the mask, that’s fine. Some people add loose green tea leaves to their masks straight up, so whatever’s clever. Then just smear the mask on, avoiding the eye area if you used tea tree oil, and leave it on for about 10 minutes. It will harden so if you want to drink anything you should use a straw, and the mask will flake a bit towards the end, so be aware of that. Once the ten minutes is up, just splash wet water on your face to turn it back to glue texture, then wash off with warm water. This may take a while. Then after you dry your face with a clean towel, check out your pores in the mirror! This is my favorite part because there are patches of my skin when I don’t have visible pores at all, and where I do, they are so much lighter and smaller. The essential oils must penetrate the blackheads or something, I have no idea, but it does what no Biore strips or Clean and Clear scrub have ever done before. 

Make sure you moisturize after ! I have really bad acne so I follow up with benzoyl peroxide (doctor’s orders) and a light drugstore moisturizer to keep my pores looking like this as long as possible. I recommend doing this mask once a week at least, but definitely no more that once every three days. And don’t pop pimples! Give these remedies some time and you will see a huge difference. 

One more thing: Rose water. I make my own, but it can be bought at $30 a bottle at Sephora. However, I don’t use mine that often because it’s non-organic, so unless you have the hookup on organic roses, you might want to steer clear. Basically all it is is rose tea. I get roses from my boyfriend frequently, so I hang them up to dry thoroughly and then collect the petals in a burlap bag. Once I have a grocery bag’s worth, I toss them in a pot to boil. There are lots of ways to do this online, but mine is very simple. Just bring petals to a soft boil, steep until it’s dark red, then let cool. I store mine in a massive mason jar in the refrigerator. I leave some petals in there to make it stronger, but you can strain them immediately if you like. Definitely strain them before using the water to make you life a little easier.

I use rose water as a toner between cleansing and moisturizing. It’s cool from refrigeration, which calms any puffiness, and it apparently balances pH. Another cool thing about it is it moistens your face right before you moisturize. Lotion doesn’t always add moisture to your skin, it often just retains what moisture you have. So if you moisturize damp skin, you’ll retain more moisture. Seems weird but it works.

The witchcraft comes in where you want it to. I like to put intention in the stirring; meaning I stir right if I want to embrace good vibes and positive outcomes, stir left if I have something negative on my mind that I want to banish. I think there is magic in the herbs and oils themselves so I don’t get too fancy or chant, but it is totally a thing for people to chant while making these kinds of elixirs. Tumblr is full of awesome little rituals! I just tend to keep it simple. 

So anyways this is basically everything I know about skincare, and it was all taught to me by a woman in her late thirties that looks like she’s 24. Kudos if you read this entire thing! Seacrest out.

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After survivor not amestris, did Jeff Probst ever get that Emma he was hoping for?

You mean the Emmy? Well, anon friend, I’d imagine it went something like this. Hope you enjoy whatever bizarre nonsense this is:


Alfons Heiderich unceremoniously bursts through the doors of Roy Mustang’s office in Central Command. Ed clutches his chest with a start, whirling around on his heels. Beside him is Alphonse in his human form at last, staring at the open doorway in horror. He still hasn’t forgotten what the kid did to him on the day of the Survivor reunion show.

Roy glances up from a pile of paperwork he wasn’t actually doing, but instead doodling a sheep on its margin. “What the hell is Jeff Probst’s assistant doing in my office?”

Across the room, a pencil snaps. Everyone momentarily directs their attention to Riza who had broken it in rage.

Alfons Heiderich. The one who doctored those photos of her using alchemy, thus, destroying her credibility and reputation in the game.

You,” she whispers with an evil gleam in her eye.

Heiderich gulps and steps out of her view. “Anyway…” He wheels in a giant TV on a rolling cart. “Check out what I brought from the other world!”

“How did you even get here!?” Ed demands, finally finding words for this completely impossible situation. “We sealed the portals in the 03 canon!”

Heiderich tilts his head to the side. “Plot convenience, obviously.”

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“My name is Alina, i’m 18 years old and i’m from Germany. Can you make a one shot with Shawn where he talks about me the first time in an interview and how he misses me but little does he know that i’m surprising him and already am in town 🙈 thanks!”

“So, we’re back On Air with Ryan Seacrest talking with up-and-comer Shawn Mendes! We asked you guys to call in questions for Mr. Mendes that he’ll answer right here on air! Are you ready, Shawn?”
Shawn grinned widely from behind his mic in the radio station, rubbing his palms together in his lap. He was still getting used to all this attention and people wanting to hear from him. His little sister used to be the only one who wanted to hear from him—if even that!
“Sure thing, Ryan!” Shawn responded animatedly, not able to contain his excitement.
Shawn glanced down to his phone beside him for a minute, clicking it on to see if he’d gotten any messages from Alina. He already knew he didn’t since no ring had gone off, but Shawn was so eager to hear from his girl that he checked again anyways.
With a small frown, Shawn redirected his attention back to Ryan Seacrest.
“Good afternoon, you are On Air. What question do you have for Shawn Mendes?”
Instantly, a squealing voice rung out.
“Hi Shawn!”
“Whoa,” Shawn mumbled under his breath, smiling again. “Hey there!”
“Hey!” The girl repeated in the same falsetto. “You’re so cute!”
The comment made an already bashful Shawn even more flustered. He was lucky this wasn’t a Televised questionnaire.
“How was it working with Taylor Swift?” The girl continued with a legitimate question.
Phew! He was relieved it was a question he could formulate an answer to. Shawn wasn’t very great with questions.
“Oh, that’s easy!” He laughed, adjusting the headphones over his ears. “Taylor Swift is great. She’s so masterful and original; I’m really impressed with her creativity and composure. She’s definitely, like, my mentor in this business.”
“Yes, Taylor is a great girl.” Ryan concurred himself, grinning as he clicked another listener on air.
“What’s your question for Shawn Mendes?”
“Shawn, do you like Canada or the US better?”
He contemplated the question for a moment, weighing the pros and cons of both of the countries he’s resided in.
“Well, I guess Canada because it’s my home.” Shawn finally agreed on, nodding his head. “But America has brought me so many opportunities, too. I just can’t forget where I came from.”
A few more questions went on like this until they’d reached another musical break.
During of which, Shawn excused himself to go use the restroom.
He clicked on his phone again—sighed when there was nothing from his girlfriend—but continued to browse anyway.
Suddenly, while on Instagram, his phone went off in a short ring.

“ Alina:
Damn, Shawn! You’ve hung all of the notes I’ve written you in your tour bus! ”

Shawn stared at the phone blankly for a moment, confused on as to what it was he was looking it.
Quickly, he finished his business at the urinal and continued to stare at the message.
He slowly began to write a response:

“ How would you know that? ”

Shawn’s heart started to race in his chest at the idea that the love of his life was closer to him than he thought.
Shawn continued to wait in anticipation, his eyes glued to his phone screen as his insides erupted in glee. His fingers started to shake.
Just then, someone ran in the bathroom and barked at him to return within the next fifteen seconds.
Shawn began to object, but the persistent person shouted that he was wasting time.
Shawn frowned, keeping his phone bolted in his hand as he begrudgingly returned back to the headset and microphone.
The moment he plopped down, Ryan Seacrest came alive again and introduced Shawn once more.
Shawn’s eyes were still on his phone, blank with no new messages.
Dammit, Alina! Of course she’d leave him a tantalizing and controversial message only to slowly follow up!
“Shawn,” Another teenage girl rung out in his ears. “Do you have a girlfriend?”
Shawn grinned at the coincidence of the question, biting his lip as he thought about her further.
“Oh,” He giggled, glancing over at Ryan in glee. “Actually, yeah, I do.”
“I thought so! What’s she like?”
Shawn leaned back in his chair, all of his thoughts zeroing in on Alina.
“Hm,” He couldn’t smack the grin off his face. “Her name is Alina, she’s from Germany, and she’s downright awesome. We’ve been together since before I gained all his momentum and she’s still keeping up with me!”
Shawn giggled, continuing in his soliloquy. “Everything she says is the funniest thing I’ll hear all day; Alina has the most beautiful eyes that I can say anything to; she is sweet and passionate to me. I haven’t seen her in three months and we FaceTime as much as we can but it’s not the same. We’ve never been apart so long and I expected us to have times like that, but I never anticipated missing her so much.” He sighed. “I’m so in love.”
“Wow!” Ryan Seacrest burst out in incredulity. “That is quite a declaration.”
Shawn blushed at how much he’d ogled about her, but saw no sense in trying to cover it up.
“I suppose I’m just whipped.”
“Let’s see if any other question can trump an answer like that!” Ryan clicked on another person.
Suddenly, all of Shawn’s thoughts halted at the voice of the caller he was hearing in his headphones.
He gripped onto the headphone, marveling at what he was listening to.
“No way!” Shawn broke out into the biggest and most white gleam he had. “Alina?”
He asked out, but he knew without a doubt in his mind it was her.
Shawn knew every octave Alina had; he could recognize her from any one syllable word to any language. How could he not? Shawn was so in love with her, he couldn’t help it.
“Hey, Shawn.” Alina’s voice was filled with happiness and a little bit of sarcasm.
Go figure.
“Alina,” Shawn repeated her name, closing his eyes and savoring what that name meant to him. “You don’t know how sensational it feels to hear your voice right now.” He broke out into a grateful grin.
“Alright, Mr. Romance,” Alina slyly remarked, as jubilant as ever. “I can’t believe how well you’ve organized everything in this bus of yours!”
“Where are you right now?” Shawn started to laugh, his excitement getting the better of him.
“I don’t know,” Alina responded, laughing herself. “Why don’t you take a guess?”
Shawn let out an exhilarated scream/ giggle, tossing his headphones off his head and shooting up out of his chair.
“I’m real sorry about this,” He spoke to Ryan Seacrest who was watching him in bewilderment. “But I have to go.”
And Shawn couldn’t get out of that studio fast enough, bolting outside and right up to the tour bus like someone was chasing him.
“Alina!” He shouted out, grinning wildly as he booked it to his room; some of his hair had fallen out of place and into his eyes at this point.
As soon as he kicked open the door, he saw his sweet girlfriend leaning against the side of the bus.
“There you are! I’m glad you could get a clue.” She smiled at him and Shawn nearly exploded.
He smiled back, walking up to her where the two met eye to eye. “You sneaky dog, you surprised me!”
Shawn snaked his arms around Alina’s waist, pulling her closer to him.
“I know you love surprises.” She mumbled before he leaned in and gave her the biggest kiss she’d ever had.
*Cancel all plans.* Shawn noted to self, certain he’d be a little preoccupied.
Maybe more than a little.

You know what. I loved Calum’s blond hair. Because Calum loved Calum’s blond hair and I am more here for people loving themselves than I am for salty unwanted opinions on someone else’s appearance.

Megstiel: a Caged Heat theory

So, this is the scene:

MEG: I’ll be pulling for you … from Cleveland.
DEAN: What?!
MEG: I didn’t know this was gonna happen. Bright side: them chewing up my meatsuit ought to buy you a few seconds. Seacrest out.
*Meg tries to vacate her host body, but can’t.*
CASTIEL: A spell, I think, from Crowley. Within these walls you’re locked inside your body.

So, basically, there is supposed to be a spell blocking a demon into their host body.


But later on, when Demon!Christian is torturing Meg on his table, she’s bound with leather straps covered in symbols used to prevent a demon from leaving their meat-suit during the torture.

But, wait… wasn’t there a spell on the whole building for that specific purpose?

Yes, there was.

Or maybe there wasn’t? Cas guessed there was because of Meg, but didn’t know for sure.

Maybe there was no such spell. Maybe Meg pretended not to be able to leave her host body because she didn’t want to leave Cas.

She gave the boys what they expected from her because, fuck, she’s a demon and there’s no way she actually cares for an angel. But she does. And she stayed. For him.

“It’s not that you want Tyler Oakley to be your bestie–he already is!
He’s sassy, he gets your feels for Zayn Malik,and he inspires you to make the world better.(He’s raised more than $500,000 for The Trevor Project, which supports LGBTQ teens.)
The thing is, you’re going to have to share him.Now that Tyler has hosting gigs for PopSugar and MTV under
his belt, this star is making a name for himself in Hollywood.Watch out, Ryan Seacrest!”