hiii i want to find some Good Blogs so please like/reblog if you’re a witch and post literally anything witchcraft related (i’m still inexperienced so all knowledge welcome lol) but especially things to do with
- water / sea witchcraft (seacraft ?)
- weather witchcraft
- nature 
- magical / mythical beings ?? ..and working???with them??
- cosmic / space witchcraft ..i know hardly anything about it but it sounds interesting
- witch aesthetics (+ i appreciate water imagery a lot 0:)
- crystals / stones
- tarot
- astrology / zodiac
this is a sideblog and i probably won’t actually follow that many people just cause, but i’ll be using the notes on this post to find people to reblog from, so yeah :> also please leave me alone if ur homophobic/ableist/racist/etcetc/ i refuse to deal with ur nonsense