The last nine days of Tour de Fleece 2013 were spent spinning this same yarn. I made it over the finish line with another skein finished! It’s still somewhat damp so I’ll measure it properly later, but for now it’s about 3.5 oz of Navajo-plied fingering-weight BFL/seacell blend. It drapes beautifully and has a nice sheen – it’ll make a splendid shawl.


Look who got his second personal wig. Prick.

The other wig I made him was okay, but- …too short. Plus I didn’t liked the parting line and the position of it. Even now its a bit too centered, but oh well. I still have a big roll of soy fiber left xD

On a side note, I LOVE the color. Its a perfect blond, and not white-blond like the seacells fiber. And its soft and fluffy and easy to style and- I would be so freaking happy if the fibers would be a bit longer <<“ But oh well, can’t have anything at once.