Here’s a submission from Laura Seabrook. She wrote a small blurb to go with it.

Neeta the mechanic is guiding Octobriana, Jenny Everywhere, and Miss Victory out to their new assignment.

Their mission is a recon of enemy territory, only that territory is on another planet! The planet codenamed Doppelganger appeared from deep space last month. Astronomers were astounded to find that the continents and oceans of Doppelganger matched those of Earth closely. Was there also life there, and what would it be like? The race is on to beat Nazi Germany to find out!

You can read her webcomic Seconds here.

Week Six

Hi guys! We’re so sorry for the delay; things got a little hectic for us, but we’re back! Since our last update, we had 24 new prompts and 2 new fills


Untitled, Kane/Toews/Seabrook, spitroasting | COMPLETE

Playmaker, Kane/Toews, feminization | WIP – second fill!

We really want this to be a place where everyone feels comfortable to stretch their writing legs; if you’ve been wanting to try your hand at writing in the Blackhawks RPF fandom, or if there’s something a little more “out there” that you want to write/prompt without attaching your name, this could be a great forum for that. :)

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or feedback.
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“What year is it?” Dr. Martinez asks, and Patrick can hear the concern in her voice.

“2015,” he answers, but he’s not confident in his answer at all any more.

There’s a look shared between his parents and the doctor, and he knows that look. He’s seen that look more times than he wants to count. It’s the Patrick Kane Has Fucked Up Again look. This time with a side helping of concern.

But Jonny—Jonny looks like he’s in pain, and Patrick doesn’t understand why.

“Patrick,” Dr. Martinez says after a pause, “what’s the last thing you remember?”

In which Patrick Kane wakes up in November 2017 and doesn’t remember the last two and a half years of his life.

fineshrine // rowan + nic

With his legs propped up on the table, Rowan leaned back against the couch. The rest of the house had cleared from the Common Room hours ago, only Rowan and Nic remaining before the crackling fire. The book in front of Rowan was blessedly one of leisure, well worn by years and years of reading as, spine cracked with every rainy, lonely night at the Seabrooke manor. The Charms essay sat on the table in front of him, trapped in its third revision, abandoned in favor of the quieter words. Muggle literature didn’t always click with Rowan, but Dickens in all the purple prose and sheepish characters was his default, the book down to its bones. 

But his attention was elsewhere. The chilly silence was a combination of the odd hour and the bits of shattered trust. “Messi,” he said quietly, “when have I ever made a decision without thinking about it?” He fiddled with the leaves of the book, building his argument. Darcy was an undeniable public relations disaster- what else could he say to alleviate years of poison? “I know what I’m doing,” he insisted. The silence was an alive, buzzing thing in his ears. Rowan glanced at Nic. “Messi? Are you awake?”