This is my morning drink. It’s more than what’s in this cup (which, btw is awesome from @brewdtr). It’s about the conversations and connections that happen over drinks like this, in places like this, in a town like this. Cheers! Shout out to @raleighwhatsup @triangleexplorer. Let’s meetup again soon. Maybe @hopscraftanddraft will be our next place (no coffee served here, unless you like that in a beer). Maybe more IGers will come out. Wink wink @raleighrevealed @igersraleigh @ralrecord @raleighcarrie #igraleigh #raleighnc #raleigh #brewbar #seaboardstation #vscocam #espresso // My kind of town, Raleigh is. (at Brew Coffee Bar)

it’s time to check off another F… Fitness at @O2FitnessClubs! I feel so lucky that I get to work at such an inspiring company that also is in the world of one of my passions. 💪 Health and fitness is something everyone needs, no matter what level you’re at!
You can find me here most evenings taking the Group Fitness classes. I’m usually the girl in bright pink workout pants. 🙊 I love the accountability and encouragement this little community of #O2Seaboard gives me! Makes coming into the gym a bit more fun. Now that the workout is over.. Time for another food stop! Stay tuned!
5. [photo by @NRich14] #O2Fitness #O2FitnessClubs #SeaboardStation / on Instagram

When’s the last time you checked out @18seaboard? Does this fresh tartar entice you? Chef @jbowlesknox is ready to create a meal you won’t forget. And don’t forget to order a glass of the house made Strawberry Sangria!! So refreshing. #eatlocal #SeaboardStation @downtownraleigh (at 18 Seaboard)