Photograph by @paulnicklen taken while #onassignment for @natgeo 40 miles off the West coast of British Columbia. A lone male orca breaks the surface’s tension on a rare calm morning. We are packing up our boat to continue to search for marine life that exists in the deep blue water somewhere between the Western seaboard and Japan. Please follow me on @paulnicklen to see more images and stories as they unfold throughout the summer and fall. With @cristinamittermeier. #nature #orcas #wildlife @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #beauty #keepexploring #letsexplore #love #follow #instagood #photooftheday #picoftheday #instagramhub #keepitwild #blackfish by natgeo

The greater siren (Siren lacertina) is a very alluring lady indeed. These two-legged amphibians can attain just more than three feet of length and live along North America’s eastern seaboard from Washington, D.C. to Florida!

I am proposing that we change our concept of ‘Gaeltacht’ from a geographical one – one of scattered semi-Irish speaking districts, mostly on the western seaboard– to one of an Irish-speaking community wherever that community may reside. With the definition Irish speakers living in the existing Gaeltacht would remain in the Gaeltacht: those who did not speak Irish would not. The same criteria would apply to all Irish citizens living in Ireland, irrespective of whether they lived in West Belfast, Dublin, Cork or wherever. In short, think of people rather than places.

Dónall Ó Riagáin, The Concept of the Gaeltacht: Time to Revisit?

Thank god someone in this country acknowledges the importance of moving away from the antiquated idea of a spatially bound Gaeltacht is doing more harm than it is good. Gaeltacht policy is actively harming speakers of the language throughout the country, and constant refusal to responsibility for it is driving the current standard of Irish into the ground. 

puddinpop63 asked:

Can ya name a few of your favorite Harley cosplays?

I sure can!

Classic will always be up there, because come on. Its classic Harls! You just can’t beat that outfit, haha. 

My second favorite is DCUO Harley Quinn, because I adore all of the minor changes to the classic look that make it a “post apocalyptic” version of Harley. Just because ol baldy brings upon the mass destruction of the Eastern seaboard doesn’t mean Harls will ditch her look. She’ll just… modify it as time goes. Robin’s cape, the tally marks on her arm and the GCPD badges pinning part of Plastic Man’s suit to her are some of my favorite touches. Plus the level of alteration matches DCUO Joker perfectly and I firmly believe that any changes either makes in their look should be reflected in the other’s. They always match.

I love my Mad Love and Dr Quinzel costumes, too. And Hooray for Harleywood. And Amusement Mile. And basically all of them shhh I really love Harley. Ugh so many. More pictures under the cut so’s I don’t clog up your dashboard!

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#152-Chikorita, The Leaf Pokemon ***By Request for anon***

Chikorita is a Pokemon that lives in warm grasslands, and especially large beautiful fields, Making the Coastal Plains, on the Eastern seaboard a perfect habitat for this rare starter Pokemon. A brilliant aroma is emitted from Chikorita’s leaf which is used to calm the anger of Pokemon. Also, it can be used to sense the temperature and humidity of the air and is usually longer than the Chikorita’s body.

the year is 2075. the internet has finally run out of relatable content. on all social media across the world, posts simply stop being made. zombie-like posters stare dazed and dead at their computer screens, unable to cope with the fact that they simply cannot create original relatable content anymore. wars begin to break out in major cities all around the eastern seaboard. hundreds of miles away, a frantic intern scrambles into the office of an ancient, decrepit bill gates. the only sound in the room is the whir of the machine keeping him alive.

“sir,” he says, “we’ve run out of content. what do we do?”

bill gates sits for a long, quiet moment. his eyes shut tightly. his machine continues to whir.


“unplug me” he whispers, in a ragged, broken voice. “unplug me”


- Thomas Eakins - Mary Macdowell standing in profile at shoreline, 1881 (via) Credit Line: Charles Bregler’s Thomas Eakins Collection, purchased with the partial support of the Pew Memorial Trust

- Mary Macdowell, 1880’s Photographed by Thomas Eakins (via)
Credit Line: David Hunter McAlpin Fund, 1943

Source : Reflets dans l’eau
Politics is a House of Cards, Chapter 8
The higher Regina Mills climbs on the political ladder, the more enemies she makes. As the President of the United States, there's no one left on earth that she believes she can trust...except Emma Swan.
By Organization for Transformative Works

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Months passed.  Winter descended upon the city and storms with common names and uncommon snowfall strafed the eastern seaboard.  The gardens and south lawn were frosted over, then buried beneath inches of fresh snow, but it was warm in the residence.

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Bella! Bella! Bella!

Bella-Boo is my new furry kid. She’s half-Boxer and half-German Shephard. She can be a bit hyper, but she’s all sweetness. She just wants loving. And grub and water! That’s where I come in! My latest “adopted child” on the Eastern Seaboard!

Aside from Bella… We have been really busy around here… And I haven’t been able to get on a “big computer” to do my favourite fictional character list! I tried about three times to execute this fun task from my phone - but tumblr kept freaking out and dumping my drafts! I remain a meme virgin! I’m hoping I’ll be able to pop my cherry this coming weekend.

Although my nephew - RJS3 - is being “induced” - or “introduced” - into this crazy world on Sunday! Yeah… He’s being named after my father and brother… I am the only Jew in the family - so, the whole naming the baby after living people is not an issue. Although if family gossip holds true - there could be some familial Jews down in Argentina. Oy! Tangent! But… The nephew is actually being named after his great-great grandfathers in a sense. So, yeah, there’s kind of that major thing happening….

We will also be moving into “our” area of the house this Friedegg… A little separation should do everyone some good… It’s been pretty cool. But some definition of boundaries is not a bad thing.

OK! Just got a Vanilla Gorilla request to assist with some more cjeaning. He’s been an ace spic-n-span man! But I think he requires my slightly better eyes for the nooks and crannies!
Save Alexander Hamilton!
The author of the definitive bio of the first Treasury secretary says he deserves top billing on the $10 bill.
By Ron Chernow

The figure obviously ripe for reevaluation is Andrew Jackson on the twenty-dollar bill. For all his populist achievements as president, which were considerable, he was as hostile to the world of modern finance as Hamilton was prophetic. Where President Jackson owned a hundred slaves, Hamilton was an abolitionist who co-founded the New York Manumission Society in the 1780s. And where President Jackson oversaw the forced removal of Indians from the eastern seaboard in the infamous “Trail of Tears,” killing an estimated four thousand Cherokees, Hamilton lent his name and prestige to the creation of an academy in upstate New York designed to educate native-Americans.

So, yes, by all means, let us have a debate about the political figures on our currency and, yes, let us now praise famous women. But why on earth should we start that debate by singling out and punishing Alexander Hamilton, who did so much to invent our country and is finally enjoying his long-awaited moment in the spotlight?


FDR and Lafayette

During June-July 2015 a replica of the Hermione, the French frigate that brought the Marquis de Lafayette to the United States in 1780, is visiting 12 ports along the Eastern seaboard.  

The ship’s journey is sponsored by The Friends of Hermione-Lafayette in America, a non-profit education and cultural organization. The North American tour, which began at Yorktown, Virginia, and will conclude at Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, celebrates the Marquis’s indomitable spirit. The Hermione will visit New York harbor from July 1-4. You can learn more at:

The Roosevelt Library is joining the celebration of the Hermione’s tour by presenting this display of Lafayette-related items from our collection. President Roosevelt greatly admired General Lafayette. In a 1934 speech marking the centennial of his death, FDR proclaimed, “we cherish his memory above that of any citizen of a foreign country. It is as one of our Nation’s peerless heroes that we hail him, just as his beloved France enshrined him in the Pantheon of her immortal sons.”

Come see these items on temporary display in the “Behind the Scenes” area of the Museum:

Marquis de Lafayette, ca. 1776. This pastel portrait depicts Lafayette at age 19. He wears the red and blue uniform of a 2nd Lieutenant in the Regiment of Noailles. The French Government presented this portrait to FDR in November 1937.

Jean-Auguste Dubouloz, Le General Lafayette, 1825. This lithograph commemorated Lafayette’s famous 1824-1825 tour of the United States. Washington, Franklin, and other departed American patriots appear as guardians of the General during his visit.

Washington and LaFayette at Brandywine and LaFayette. These prints are part of a series by Arthur Szyk titled “George Washington and His Times.” Szyk created the series to mark the 1932 bicentennial of Washington’s birth.