I want my fellow tumblr users to stay safe

I want you guys to know the full effects of a Seabear attack and how to prevent it.

To keep a Seabear away:

-Play the Clarinet
-Wave your flashlight back and forth really fast (flashlights are their natural prey)
-Stomp around (They take that as a challenge)
-Ever eat cubed cheese
-Wear a sombrero in a goofy fashion
-Wear clown shoes
-Wear a hoop skirt
-And DON’T EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER screech like a chimpanzee

During a seabear attack:

-Draw an anti-sea-bear circle in the dirt around you (Seabears can not enter these circles, so you will be safe as long as you remain inside them)

-Run away from the Seabear
-Limp away from the Seabear
-Crawl away from the Seabear
-Make the Seabear hate you
-Draw an oval
If any of these actions are done it will result in the Seabear mauling you.

So please I beg of you to spread the word to keep everyone safe and aware of the dangers of a Seabear attack and what to do to prevent it. Please, think of the children.

I Miss You, Even When You’re Around. An Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind-inspired mix.

// I Sing I Swim - Seabear // Sweater Weather - The Neighbourhood // Bloom - The Paper Kites // Daydream - Tycho // Welcome Home - Radical Face // Our Deal - Best Coast // Junk Of The Heart (Happy) - The Kooks // Together - The xx // Polish Girl - Neon Indian // Better Together - Jack Johnson // R U Mine? - Arctic Monkeys // 

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Image by Nan Lawson.

Young Boys
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Sin Fang
“Young Boys”
Flowers, 2013

The only thing that bums me out about Sin Fang’s Flowers is that I didn’t discover it earlier this year. Because there’s something about this album that sounds like it would pair perfectly with a lush and colorful spring, filled with rain showers and flowing creeks and absolutely every bud and petal and bloom that the record’s title could ever possibly conjure in your imagination.

Sin Fang is the solo endeavor of Sindri Már Sigfússon, better known for his one-man project turned seven-piece Icelandic indie-folk act Seabear. (Seabear’s one of those bands that I would probably be a little bit more into if I weren’t experiencing bear band fatigue when they came knocking on my ear drums.) It sounds a bit like Jónsi from Sigur Rós decided to join Animal Collective - which makes even more sense when you consider the fact that Flowers was produced by Alex Somers, who has produced for both Jónsi and Sigur Rós and has also been Jónsi’s long-time creative and romantic partner. Flowers is lush, baroque, deeply layered and experimental pop, while still being richly melodic and accessible. The kind of album that lends itself to headphones and repeat listens so you can allow yourself to be fully immersed in the world Sigfússon created. But the kind of album that, to be frank, avoids crossing the line into the realm of total weirdness.

Flowers opens up with “Young Boys,” which is also the first Sin Fang song that I heard.  It serves as a great introduction to the album and the artist, both because of its strikingly catchy melody, and also because it eases you into Sigfússon’s vocals, which are rather distinct and could pose a potential obstacle in later tracks if you don’t let yourself warm up to them first. But while “Young Boys” stands alone as a gorgeous single, I highly recommend consuming it with the album as a whole. Flowers isn’t just a soundtrack for your afternoon at work (though it does make a lovely soundtrack for your afternoon at work) - it’s also a place that you should let yourself visit. Eyes closed, with headphones on, I can’t remember the last time an album so vividly sparked my imagination and allowed my mind to paint and illustrate and animate, Fantasia-style, the colorful springtime other-world where Sin Fang resides.