Images + GIFs : Deep-Sea Creatures

Continued: Last week we used GIFs to introduce some creatures that live at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico, as captured on this live-stream for the past weeks. Here’s more! 

There’s a lot more photos and explanations where that came from.

Brought to you by: Researchers aboard the Okeanos Explorer who operated the sub; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) who led the expedition; and GIF-extraordinaire Rose.

You know you are a marine scientist when...

  • You own more field clothes than professional clothes.
  • Your Keens are your most valuable pair of shoes.
  • You probably own a wetsuit for every kind of weather and water temperature (guilty, I own 5 wetsuits and a hoodie…).
  • You shake your head when you tell people you work in marine science and they say “so are you a dolphin trainer?”

  • The only fashion trends you care about are new scuba diving equipment.
  • You go full-on nerd when you can access a scientific paper for free.
  • You also go full-on nerd when your research gets published for the first time.
  • Statistics are your living nightmares.
  • Grants, grants, grants, grants…. grants!

  • You have an irrational obsession with the Cousteau family, Sylvia Earle and/or David Attenborough.
  • It’s very hard for you not to buy everything you see at the store that is ocean-related or that has a marine animal on it.
  • You get to spend time at sea or on remote islands with no access to the outside world or the Internet and actually enjoy it.
  • Chances are, you’ve been stung by fire coral, jellyfish multiple times, have had some urchin spines stuck in your leg, got bitten by damselfish or got weird rashes from who knows what was in the water?!

  • You often communicate using dive signs with your co-workers, even though you’re on land.
  • The sound of a biogeochemistry class doesn’t scare you away.
  • You usually have one favorite ocean species and get very fired up when people start arguing with you about it.
  • You have watched Blue Planet at least 20 times.
  • And The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. 

  • Similarly, you know every line from Finding Nemo.

  • You have inadvertently brought back wildlife home from the field, and only realized when you saw a little crab crawling around your bathroom floor.
  • You already have, or are seriously considering getting tattoos related to the marine life.
  • You get ridiculous tan lines in the summer doing field work.

  • One of your most acute fear is that something will get messed up in your tanks and will kill your live animals, i.e killing your dreams of a thesis. 
  • You have gone multiple days without a shower, and sometimes you’ve had to resort to a saltwater shower.
  • As a lady, your coworker are used to seeing you ‘au naturel’, because really, ain’t nobody got time for make-up while you’re in the field.
  • You think you are going to change the world… hey, maybe you will ;)