Mermaid Sighting at Symbiosis Gathering

I always wondered if each nation has their own proper way of doing burials. For example, do they usually cremate bodies in the Fire Nation and burn candles in remembrance. Maybe in the the Earth Kingdom they bury bodies in the ground like we do but plant trees/flowers on top of their graves as a sign of being one with the earth forever. What about placing bodies in a boat and send it drifting off to sea in the Water Tribes. And maybe the Air Nomads place bodies in the mountain side and sing traditional songs and let the wind carry the sound, echoing for miles around. Just a thought.

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Are we sure the Alamarri were being called across the sea to Tevinter? Or beyond Tevinter across the Volca Sea?

Told his tribes a tale of treasure, over sea to north it gleamed,
Whispered words to drive the droves to golden city where he dreamed.
Counseled quick in dreams alone,
Voices wiser man ignores,
Pushed the tribes until they screamed,
Heed the dreams and cross the Waking.

The Saga of Tyrdda Bright-Axe only mentions the Waking Sea. “Cross the Waking, eat the gilded city’s fill.

That doesn’t rule out crossing the Volca Sea too - there’s nothing that states how far north they were meant to go, and Tevinter doesn’t actually exist at this point, the specific destination is left vague - but I don’t have any thoughts on what lies across the Volca Sea. I’m more interested in the idea that this is the same call the Tevinter magisters heard, but over a thousand years earlier.

The magisters weren’t told to go north as far as we know - they were only told to “open the gates” according to the Canticle of Silence in WOT2, which also describes them as being south of Minrathous when they pierced the Veil. And the call to the Golden City described in that canticle sounds awfully similar to the call of the local Old God Archdemons.

The call of the Old God filled the High Priest’s heart,
Consuming all his waking hours and turning his dreams
To ash and bones.

And if Tevinter (or the area that would become Tevinter) was the destination, then the Alamarri being called to cross the Waking Sea all the way back in -1815 Ancient makes me wonder about Andraste, similarly divinely inspired to lead the Alamarri across the Waking Sea and into Tevinter.

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