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The museum I work for focuses on a Native American tribe. We get people who come in all the time and claim they're of native descent (mostly looking for discounts). The other day two different people made some ridiculous claims. One boasted she was descended from "the famous Princess Sea Berry of your tribe!" (I've never heard of her???) and another claimed that she was the cousin ofa Princess Pale Moon and how she sold "discounted native artifacts" in front of our museum (which is also false).


Okay I know everyone wanted to keep the song “Unstoppable” in the movie and believe me its a damn shame it was cut, but I think that the song ”More” NEEDED TO BE IN THE MOVIE BECAUSE HOLY SHIT IS IT HEARTBREAKING AND MAKES ME CRY LIKE A LITTLE BITCH! 

- It explains that Moana was given her name by Grandma Tala meaning “Ocean” and not given by her dad that wanted her to stay away from it 

- It hurts because she’s talking about the one person who truly supported her in everything Moana believed in 


- Just the evolution of the song is amazing it goes from Moana recognizing all that her grandmother has taught her and how she wished she could stay and guide her

- Then it becomes extremely powerful as she is determined to lead her people as a true chief and fufill her duty to the sea and her tribe 

- Marcy Harriel does a beautiful rendition of the song I mean the way her voice breaks makes you bawl and how strong she belts out just makes you shook 


- I’ve memorized the entire lyrics and it’s in the soundtrack and movie to me because I don’t give a fuck it didn’t deserved to be cut 

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hi what about an avatar au featuring lances beautiful shoulders and hunk being the kickassest handsomest earthbender ever

Most of the time, living above the Little Water Tribe market was terrible. It always smelled like fish, haggard old tradesmen guffawed under his window at unspeakably early hours, and there no excuse to give his mom for forgetting the blubbered seal jerky when the vendor was just across the street. But on certain days, when the breeze off Yue Bay blew away the unsavory smell and the sky was clear, Lance loved to hang over his apartment balcony people watching. There was no better place to absorb the Water Tribe bustle he had so sorely missed after his parents moved them out of the Southern capitol. 

That day was one of those perfect days. The breeze pulled at the fold of his tunic, promising an exciting day; the sun was just warm enough to kiss his shoulders but not enough to make the woven band that wrapped around his upper arm itchy and uncomfortable, like it did in the dead of summer. 

More importantly Lance had a great view of the sea prune stand, where the ancient owner, willingly called ‘Old Man Noanok’ by the neighborhood, was directing Hunk to unload the big earthen crates of sea prunes. Water Tribe father, Earth Kingdom mother, earthbender by chance, Hunk was something of a celebrity around the Little Water Tribe. Everyone’s mom loved him, because he put away five flavor soup like a pro; everyone at the docks loved him, because he could do the manual labor waterbending was no help with. 

Lance would call out and say hello in a minute, but for the time being he sat back and appreciated the view. Even though Lance was sure the guy could lift a whole trolley if he tried, Hunk was concentrating carefully on bending each crate, his jaw set and fists clamped shut. His arms, tan and glistening in the sun, practically burst from his tunic. When he set down an empty crate he leaned back, pulling at the fold of his green tunic to fan himself and dragging one of those gorgeous arms across his forehead. Truly, Lance thought, a sight to behold. 

Just as it crossed his mind, another player entered the scene. Tall-ish, lean but muscled. Slick black hair, finer that Hunk’s thick locks, pulled back into a bun. As far as Lance could make out from the balcony, handsome, sharp features. Fire Nation- odd, in this area, but Lance didn’t mind. Couldn’t mind, really, with that face.

An interesting development; he was approaching Hunk. There was some complicated looking handshake, then Hunk pulled the guy into a sweaty hug. They knew each other? Lance squinted, leaning further over the railing.

“What the spirits-

It was Keith! Keith, the firebending brat Lance had totally, definitely (really) kicked the crap out of at the bending gym the other week, and the week before that at the earth soccer pitch, and the week before that at the noodle shop. The guy who had been his nemesis for months now- but Hunk was hugging him? And worse, Lance himself had just thought he was hot? That friend-stealing, firebending son of a-


Hunk looked over just in time to see Lance falling head over heels over his balcony. It was a good thing he only lived on the second floor.

A rather good linguistic map of Europe. Seen in red, the Basque are the sole remnant of the prehistoric Atlantic European megalith builders who once stretched arguably from Crete to Scandinavia. They now only remain on the western reaches of the Pyrenees and the eastern Cantabrian mountain ranges in northern Spain and southwestern France. The Indo-European speakers on the other hand seem to have originated in the Caspian Sea region of Eurasia, spreading out in all directions in a series of waves beginning as early as 4000 B.C.E., with a final phase around 400 CE known as the great migratory period of the Huns, Germanic tribes and Alans - which brought the Roman Empire to it’s knees. -H.J.N.

okay but like the fire nation attacked the northern water tribe by sea……..the water tribe has like hundreds of waterbenders…….why didn’t they just all join together and make a whirlpool and sink all the fire nation ships before they even got to the gate??? or a tidal wave??? like there are so many ways they could’ve sunk those ships because they’re literally sitting on the element that the waterbenders can manipulate and yet they are just chilling behind their gates like “oh shit that’s a lot of ships!!! we should sharpen some more axes!!!”

Legendary Creatures [D]

See the rest of the alphabet here.

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If gems have to be made, not born, who do you think made the Diamonds?

*cracks knuckles* All righty, gather round ‘folks because it’s time for Clockie’s theory of Gem origins. I may have touched on this in past posts but I’ve been meaning to scrap and refresh my theory repository so this is a nice place to start.

What follows is heavily speculative but hopefully my logic should be pretty straightforwards. If askers want to come and pick at/question individual bits, we’ll go with that. 

This theory does tie into the Blue Fusion theory pretty heavily.

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Frjarsland  -  Pronounced (Feh-yarl-sl-land) Frjarsland is a proposed confederation of tribes and prepper groups in the eventuality that the SHTF. “Western civilization is following the same track as Rome did. As of current, we have entered into a technological Golden age at the same time we entered a social and spiritual age of decadence.” - Grumpyvikingwithagun

It will be a constitutional conglomeration but the constitution is still being drafted by the founders. It will have a central council to settle disputes between tribes but will not have a federal government. Each tribe (Tribe being defined as a group of no less than 50 people working under their own chosen leadership) having its own chosen representative participating in the central council of Frjarsland.

Individual tribes will be autonomous, in charge of their own military, policing, and economies, even controlling what faith or religion (if any) they practice, as well as the traditions and culture they adopt. Currently a Celtic, a Viking, a Sea, and a Mandolorian tribe have been discussed. Tribal Banners like the one bellow are encouraged.

Citizens of Frjarsland will receive the same training as basic American Infantry so that at the very least each citizen will have the basic knowledge of how to shoot, move, and communicate. Acting as a secondary defense force and making citizens of Frjarsland hard targets against crime with specialty training being available depending on aptitude, tribal affiliation, and job field. Feasts and festivals, and inter-tribal competitions will be common place in order to hone and showcase tribal skills.  

The official military of Frjarsland will be an all-volunteer force with each tribe providing volunteers for the defense of Frjarsland as a whole instead of their individual tribal territory. Since this is a dystopian military; function over form is the rule of thumb with relatively loose uniform standards.

Seeing as Moral is important to all military matters, the Frjarsland military will have a thrash metal war band (complete with dystopian flamethrower guitars).

Retrofitted civilian boats will serve as the Frajsland Navy.

Power Armor is currently in discussion for R&D by the Science bureau with a soft launch date of 2020.

As this is a SHTF survival network/plan it is important to note that the members of Frjasland are not in any way advocating the actual overthrow of any nation or state, and are not involved in or advocating any illegal behavior. And that members of Frjasland who are near each other should help aid and train each other in their own individual SHTF plans and preps…

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Other than size and magic, how else did Yulean humans differ from Earth Humans? Like any weird anatomical things?

Hmmm well I’m trying to make them more….longer looking in their body shapes
Yulean humans have sharp canines.
They can have colorful eyes and hair like red, purple, green ect…
The Tropical tribes have luminescent markings on their skin,
The Kanari Tribe or sea people (not mermaids)
They have webbed hands and feet, gills, and bristle like hair
Just little stuff like that

Now sleep the mountain peaks and the ravines, ridges and torrent streams, all creeping things that black night nourishes, wild upland beasts and the race of bees, and monsters in the gulfs of the dark-gleaming sea; now sleep the tribes of the long-winged birds
—  The Lyric poet Alkman, on the stillness of a Spartan night

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Are we sure the Alamarri were being called across the sea to Tevinter? Or beyond Tevinter across the Volca Sea?

Told his tribes a tale of treasure, over sea to north it gleamed,
Whispered words to drive the droves to golden city where he dreamed.
Counseled quick in dreams alone,
Voices wiser man ignores,
Pushed the tribes until they screamed,
Heed the dreams and cross the Waking.

The Saga of Tyrdda Bright-Axe only mentions the Waking Sea. “Cross the Waking, eat the gilded city’s fill.

That doesn’t rule out crossing the Volca Sea too - there’s nothing that states how far north they were meant to go, and Tevinter doesn’t actually exist at this point, the specific destination is left vague - but I don’t have any thoughts on what lies across the Volca Sea. I’m more interested in the idea that this is the same call the Tevinter magisters heard, but over a thousand years earlier.

The magisters weren’t told to go north as far as we know - they were only told to “open the gates” according to the Canticle of Silence in WOT2, which also describes them as being south of Minrathous when they pierced the Veil. And the call to the Golden City described in that canticle sounds awfully similar to the call of the local Old God Archdemons.

The call of the Old God filled the High Priest’s heart,
Consuming all his waking hours and turning his dreams
To ash and bones.

And if Tevinter (or the area that would become Tevinter) was the destination, then the Alamarri being called to cross the Waking Sea all the way back in -1815 Ancient makes me wonder about Andraste, similarly divinely inspired to lead the Alamarri across the Waking Sea and into Tevinter.

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National Geographic May 1977 Malaysia

Grisly trophy is displayed by an Iban, or Sea Dayak. His tribe gave up head hunting after World War II, and many Ibans have settled in towns, gone to school, and become aggressive businessmen. But a few, like these, tread the paths of their forefathers, revering the heads and offering them food. Otherwise, some believe, the heads will eat their owners.