Today, I meet with my long time friend who happens to work closely with Tamara Mellon (Former CCO/Co-Founder of Jimmy Choo). She suggested we catch up at Sea in the Meatpacking district, and it turned out to be THE perfect suggestion.

Mini Review

During my time at Sea, I quickly drank (aka devoured) two Pomegranate Ginger Martini’s (SO STRONG BTW), Chicken Pot Stickers, and Malay Massaman Curry with Beef. I must say, everything was delivered extremely quickly and was absolutely delicious!

Needless to say, my first experience at Sea in Meatpacking was fantastic, and my inner food cow is anxiously awaiting my return.  

Irina’s Fashion

Fur Coat: Unknown

Top: Rachel Roy

Jeans: J Brand

Shoes: Jimmy Choo (very rare)

Sir Alton Styles


BANGKOK PART 2 - Khao San Road and Pad Thai

Yessssss, we got some Pad Thai! For a whopping 40 Baht each (about $1.05 each) we got those amazing dishes above!

Walking around Khao San Road itself was quite an adventure… The taxi/tuk tuk drivers like to yell and honk and pretty much do anything but touch you. You will be an easy target if you have your backpack, like we did. About 100 people will yell at you, “Where are you going?”, “Where are you staying?”, “Why don’t you want a taxi?!”, ect. This can be even more frustrating when you don’t know where you are going, but try not to let it get you down. This is how these people make money, and with so much competition (it’s low season here now), they have to get your attention somehow. Plus, I recommend taking a tuk tuk at least once! It’s quite cheap and fun :)

After about an hour of walking in the heat on 4 hours of sleep, I caved and got some American iced coffee. I really hate buying American food and drinks when in a foreign country, I like to experience as much of that culture as possible while I am there. But we needed WIFI to figure out how to get to the bus terminal to buy the CORRECT bus ticket (see previous post!), and the American places were the only ones with WIFI signs. However, the coffee came to 120 Baht! That’s 3 Pad Thais :O but still cheaper than Starbucks :P

So, at this point we think we know where we are going and we found our Pad Thai. We are sweating buckets and we have our 12kg backpacks with us, so we decide to just head to the Southern Bus Terminal. We waited and waited and waited but our bus didn’t come. Luckily, another extremely nice old man helped us out and got us on the right bus. In exchange, I taught him the English words “volcano” and “draught”, which he was estatic because he volunteers to help teach students English :)

Also, while we were waiting for the bus, two school girls came up and asked if they could interview me for their English class! I loved it and loved being able to help her out. She even got a picture with me (I’m famous! Hehe)!

Anyways, back to the stuff you future backpackers are dying to know: buying the bus ticket couldn’t have been any easier. You literally walk up to the booth with your destination on it and ask for the next one. The lady who sold us the ticket actually booked us first class tickets, which was a pleasant surprise, since the ticket was only 568 Baht! First class included a bottle of water, a snack roll, vegetable juice, coffee for breakfast, a blanket (the AC was freezing) and a wet wipe in the morning. There was also a movie playing until 12am (we departed at 7:50pm and arrived in Koh Phangan at 7:30am the next morning) and someone hopped on the bus to sell us the connecting ferry ticket (210 Baht) to complete our journey! It was so easy!

So we only had around 12 hours in Bangkok and I can’t say we “made the most of it”, but it is not a very walkable city (and no one had a bus map). Prepare to use taxis if you are going site seeing, and watch out for scammers!

Guide to arriving in Bangkok

Get a taxi. Book a hostel near Kao San Road. The taxi journey will be around 400 bath. Follow the crowd of backpackers walking towards kao san road. The weather is insanely hot, so buy a white tank top and a pair of elephant pants. This will set you back 200 bath (4 pounds). Bargain. Buy a Pad Thai from the street vendors. You will never find cheaper or better Pad Thai than this. Promise.  Tuk tuks will yell at you, asking you where you’re going. This is normal, don’t be scared. It is all overwhelming. Go back to your hostel. Nap the jetlag away. Wake up and go to the common area and find someone to drink a Chang with. There’s always someone at most hostels who are willing to join you for a beer.

Go do some proper sightseeing. Wat pho, the golden mountain, the reclining Buddha. If this is your first time going to Asia, and first country you’re arriving in, you will take loads of pictures and be wicked impressed. You haven’t been templed out yet, which is good. Enjoy it. Be touristy. remember: cover your knees and shoulders.

(tip: don’t talk shit about their king and royal family, it’s against the law.)

Eliud Sanchez Jorge in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand!

Thank you Eliud for the photo!
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Nice gesture from Thailand supporters. It show the level of maturity there, what an attitude. Simply the better team won, well deserved for them. Thailand team is too good, always a wall that really hard to climb. Goodluck in final! Congratulations & massive respect from Indonesia.