Today, I meet with my long time friend who happens to work closely with Tamara Mellon (Former CCO/Co-Founder of Jimmy Choo). She suggested we catch up at Sea in the Meatpacking district, and it turned out to be THE perfect suggestion.

Mini Review

During my time at Sea, I quickly drank (aka devoured) two Pomegranate Ginger Martini’s (SO STRONG BTW), Chicken Pot Stickers, and Malay Massaman Curry with Beef. I must say, everything was delivered extremely quickly and was absolutely delicious!

Needless to say, my first experience at Sea in Meatpacking was fantastic, and my inner food cow is anxiously awaiting my return.  

Irina’s Fashion

Fur Coat: Unknown

Top: Rachel Roy

Jeans: J Brand

Shoes: Jimmy Choo (very rare)

Sir Alton Styles


to any lovely tumblr people willing to share their wisdom, myself and cosmoranger are looking to travel south east asia early next year for around 2 months and we would appreciate any handy tips / amazing place recommendations / advice in general if anyone’s reading this and have been before!

our main questions are

  • (most importantly!!!) where are best places to go?? we are both beach bums and are looking to visit most beautiful beaches, islands, sea caves, diving spots etc…big cities etc are not appealing as don’t think we will have time and its not a high priority so yeah
  • money saving tips - i.e. could we include a visit to bali without it costing a bomb 
  • how do travellers carry their money? is there a cash card system to use which will lessen the risk of card cloning? i’m assuming carrying large amounts of cashdolla is a really stupid idea so any tips on that would be great
  • general advice on what to do with our time would be AMAZING

if anyone does actually read this and respond THANK YOU!! 



Location: Chiang Mai
Number of dishes made: 7
Number of dishes eaten: 5 (not too shabby hehe)
Price: 900 Baht (for the full day), US$30

This was one of my all time favorite days that we spent in Thailand! We started off by visiting a market (after we were all picked up from our separate hostels - included in the price) and learned all about the ingredients that are used in Thai food. The chef started making jokes right away (shrimp paste is nicknamed “Bangkok smell” haha) and quizzing us on what the different ingredients were. I love learning and being in school, so I was acting like a complete Hermione Granger, calling out all the answers :)

After we learned some ingredients, we headed to the school to start our first dish - Coconut chicken soup for me! Everyone was free to chose whatever they wanted, and she instructed us all together. This was awesome because you got to see how everything was made, and since you get the complete recipe book to take home, you can recreate them all!

While the soup cooled, we made our noodle dish - Pad Thai for me! The chef was very instructive, telling us to put certain ingredients on top of other ingredients to get the flavoring correct. After everything was complete (and the Drunken noodles were lit on fire), we got to try our dishes! Let me tell you, either her recipes are amazing or I should have been a cook instead of a scientist…

I couldn’t finish my Pad Thai (it was around 11am), so they boxed it up for me to take home. Next we were on to the curry paste! I chose Khao Soi (a traditional northern soup curry), but all the curry pastes were from the same basic ingredients. We each got our own mortar and pestle to grind and pound the ingredients into a paste. It was a great arm workout! I still wasn’t that hungry and the curry was so spicy that I passed on eating my dish, and just slurped some of the noodles out!

Now it was about 12:30pm and the half day class was finished. After they left and we took a break for coffee or tea, we went on to make our last 3 dishes, starting with the appetizer. I chose spicy glass noodle salad and it was the most delicious thing I have ever made. Norma chose the spring rolls, and even let me roll one to practice! We quickly gobbled that up and it was on to our rice dish and dessert…

I chose sweet and sour vegetables, but we were so stuffed we all asked her to just pack it up and move straight to dessert (which we can always make room for). For this, I chose banana in coconut milk, which was exactly what it sounded like. Everyone else chose sticky rice, which is delicious but way too sweet for me. The banana in coconut milk was good, but when making it myself I think I will leave out all the extra brown sugar… It was really sweet!

When we left (rice and Pad Thai in hand), I felt so accomplished! We even got a certificate saying we completed the course. This was probably the best 900 Baht I have ever spent :)

Good friends step out of the booth just so you can get a good picture of just the food. 🍜🍚🍛🍱🍵 And doesn’t get mad when you over order because you may have underestimated the dish sizes LOL 😂😅 #TooMuchFood (at Sea Thai Restaurant)

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