Clive Standen, star of History Channel’s “Vikings”, speaks out against the continued barbaric slaughter of pilot whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands

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Greenpeace Fail. Sea Shepherd Win.

So I went into town today, to complete the monotonous task of shouting at people that work in banks, becuase the bank(s) in question have messed up my account(s) again. [I don’t know what its like where you come from, but in Sussex, UK…banks seem to make a habit of being twats with your money. Santander and Halifax in particular].

Anyway, after moaning at bank workers (resisting the urge to call them wbankers) I was walking through the Town center, feeling rather good about myself. When I noticed all these people wandering around in bright green T-Shirts and accosting innocent shoppers. I tend to do my level best to avoid these annoying charity representatives, as once they latch on to you, they are like leeches…and you cant get rid of them.

Then I noticed the shirts said ‘Greenpeace’ and I started to care a little less about avoiding them. Eventually one of them stopped me 'Excuse me madam, are you interested in joining Greenpeace?’ I told her I am an avid supporter of 'Sea Shepherd’ she didnt have a clue what I was talking about, so told her 'Captain Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shephered, was co-founder of Greenpeace, but got kicked out of the charity for being too much of an activist. He started his own charity, 'Sea Shepherd’ which actually acts on important issues. Instead of just taking pictures for the press, and shouting at people. I suggest you learn a little more about the history of your own charity, before trying to promote it to other people.'  She then proceeded to ask me questions about 'my’ charity. Oh the Irony.

Sea Shepherd 1 - 0 Greenpeace

For those of you that don’t know, Greenpeace and Sea Shepherd are virtually enemies, after the history of Greenpeace involving Paul Watson.

Oh if only one of her yuppie mates had stopped me further up the street…I would have made it my mission to convert them all to Sea Shepherdom.