Another doodle, I just…I JUST LOVE SEAPONIES. When I was little, every time I went swimming, I’d pretend I was one * u * These two are my favourites, Sealight and Wavedancer. I also love High Tide, Whitecap, and Baby Splasher! 

Sea Ponies and Merponies need to be in S4 D’:


Undersea Visit

Just a cute image I had in my head. Not really sure where it came from but wow playing with these colours is so much fun! hehe
Pastel for the win!

I could have put more effort into this than I did, like shading, but I felt like it was fine enough as it is.
Also I really need to stop designing new characters XD I just had such a cute idea for a sea pony I had to try it! also, product of another drawalong, surprise surprise XD theme: “Underwater Exploration”

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